7 Ways To Keep Fit and Healthy at Home During Pandemic (Covid-19)

Fitness is a state of health and well-being, more precisely, the capability to perform different tasks like sports, occupations and daily activities.

The goal of physical fitness is commonly achieved through proper nutrition, physical exercise, and appropriate rest. Regular exercise and physical activity help one in promoting strong muscles and bones.

It improves respiratory, cardiovascular health, and overall health of a person. Staying active and fit can also help you sustain a healthy weight according to BMI, reduce the risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and reduce the risk of some cancers.

Staying at home these past few months, some people have gained weight whereas some people lost weight. Even in a pandemic staying fit is easy. 

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Before discussing the tips, let us discuss a few reasons why fitness is necessary:

  • Reduce the risk of a heart attack 
  • Manages the weight better 
  • It lowers blood cholesterol level 
  • Lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes and some other types of cancers 
  • Lowers blood pressure 
  • Promotes stronger bones, muscles and joints and lowers the risk of developing osteoporosis 
  • Lowers the risk of falls 
  • Recovers much faster and better after hospitalization or bed rest 
  • Makes a person feel better and provides more energy, a better mood, makes them feel more relaxed and promotes better sleep.
  • Daily exercise helps in blocking the negative thoughts and also distracts you from daily worries. 
  • Regular exercising with other people provides an opportunity for increased and improved social interactions. 
  • Increased fitness makes your mood much better and improves your sleeping habits. 
  • Exercise changes the levels of chemicals in a person’s brains, such as serotonin, endorphins and stress hormones, making you stay relaxed, calm and happy. 

Now let us discuss some simple tips on staying it a home

1. Walk for 30 mins: 30 mins of brisk walk daily can do the miracle that you couldn’t do in the past few months.

You can walk on the terrace of your house or your local parks, whichever way you are comfortable with. Daily walks help in increasing your life expectance, reduce the risk of heart and respiratory problems. 

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2. Exercise effectively: Exercise is one of the most significant parts of staying or becoming fit and healthy.

Experts across the world commend that you should set an aim to be more active for at least 30 minutes per day.

Try setting up your exercise the same way that you plan other appointments and commitments; this way, it will be more likely to stick to it.

Putting the exercise in calendars will also give you the least excuses to skip a workout. 

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3. Create a workout plan: creating a workout plan refers to putting up the names of exercises and the number of sets you are supposed to do.

You can change the plans each week according to your comfort. Workout plans make it easier to work out as you can focus on a particular body part for a week or even two body parts.

Workout plans are effective and efficient. They save your time, energy, effort and they also make you habitual to the exercise. 

4. Create workout groups: joining a workout group or gym also helps to motivate you to work out by seeing other people progress.

If you involve your friends in your exercise routine, you’ll see a positive impact on your results as well as the results of your friends’.

Finding a workout buddy can help with accountability while cancelling the classes.

If you plan an activity with a friend of yours, you are less likely to cancel the plan because if you were only cancelling on yourself, you wouldn’t be answerable or feel bad if the other person cancels.

Joining an online workout session is also helpful for those who can not go out or if there is a lockdown and all are obligated to stay home. 

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5. Eat right: Eating right has a lot of benefits for health. It helps you maintain a healthy weight and help you reach your BMI, improve your skin, make it glow, and give you more energy to stay energetic all day.

One of the best ways to recommend eating a healthy diet is to cook your food and try to include all the necessary nutrients required.

Information says that people who cook their meals are more likely to consume lower sugar levels and fats in their diet.

Cooking with fresh fruits and vegetables also helps you eat a lesser quantity of processed foods, which naturally have high sodium levels.

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6. Healthy sleeping patterns: After having to spend an entire day altering between the meetings, stressful situations, food habits and running errands, it has become essential to unplug from this busy schedule and recharge your energy.

Therefore following a healthy and proper sleeping routine becomes relevant and thus very important.

Practice on setting up a particular time to go to sleep every day and cover upon at least 8 to 10 hours of sleep every night to let your body refresh and revitalize from the daily trauma and stress caused due to work, the ideal time to sleep is 10 pm to 6 am.

The more the number of hours dedicated to deep sleep, the more it brings health and happiness into daily life. It re-establishes body health! 

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7. Yoga and meditation: Yoga is one word for self-care, healing, exercising and everything in between that creates a fit for you. Yoga is an art that helps in connecting the mind, body and soul in a string.

Studies have shown that yoga and meditation done together is indeed a powerful addition to health and fitness as it simplifies living and heal a person from the inside.

Furthermore, it also brings an excess of hormonal changes, bodily changes and positivity in life.

It also assists in better healing from diseases and ailments inside a persons’ body. All those who practice yoga are better at fighting stress, depression, or any other types of mental health issues.

 By doing yoga, you can have a healthy immunity system, hormonal balance, body strength and flexibility.

Meditating helps improve persons’ brainpower and makes their thoughts fall in line with health, which further makes them fit and happy.

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Staying or becoming fit at home is very easy and can be done by following these few little steps. A person can walk and work out at his house.

Taking online yoga and meditation classes helps gain both mind and body fits, which further promotes healthy living. ‘if you have a healthy life, you have the world’ is the mantra for a happy life.

Taking out an hour a day for oneself is the first step to fit life and it also promotes self-love. Staying fit and loving your own body promotes a healthy mind.

A person who loves his body is the person with a healthy life.’ no matter how fat you are or how thin you are, if you love your body, you take care of it well and try to make it fitter. So, love your body and love yourself. 


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