Tips To Appropriately Dressing Up a Newborn Baby in 2022

Can’t quite figure out why babies wear onesies?  Or what does a sleep sack do? Check out our mini fashion guide for newborns.

Newborn babies are adorably helpless and delicate. Parents who have just become parents are especially cautious when it comes to their young infants.

It’s normal to worry about everything from cradling a baby’s head to burping them after they’ve eaten.

One of the biggest concerns for new parents is how they should clothe their newborns and how they can keep them comfortable.

No matter what difficulties you are facing, we are here to help you out! Whether you’re wondering how to dress your baby without fuss or wondering how to keep a newborn warm at night, we’re here to help!

This guide will explain everything you need to know about dressing a newborn, from how they should dress to what they should wear depending on the conditions.

It’s a great tool to use during your baby’s nap time or when creating your registry. After learning some good tricks on how to choose proper clothes, you will feel much more confident when shopping for your little ones!

Baby’s Daytime Outfits

Baby-wearing is more of a matter of common sense than style. You can improvise from here by following these basic steps.

  • Shirts or onesie for the beginning- There’s nothing more common for a baby than a onesie: they’re perfectly tailored for the delicate needs of a tiny person who’s just learning how to put on clothes.
  • Consider these bodysuits as ideal base layers for newborns. They’ll remain in place for a more extended period and prevent your baby’s back from being exposed.
  • Also, the snaps at the bottom mean you don’t have to undress your baby before changing the diaper completely—this makes things easier for parents and more comfortable for their babies.
  • Wrap-style shirt or kimono with long sleeves. Particularly handy for newborns in their first weeks.
  • It’s easier to dry off the umbilical cord stump of your baby when the shirt snaps across the front of it since it doesn’t have to be slid over their heads, which many babies dislike.
  • Put in footies- The bottom of these pants has built-in feet, eliminating the need for baby socks or booties.
  • Those tiny kids at the supermarket are very good at kicking off socks, which invariably fall somewhere between aisle one and the cashier’s desk.
  • When you go out to shop baby clothes, you must keep in mind that you buy a slightly larger size; this way, baby feels comfortable wearing it and also it lasts a little longer and become less bulky as the baby grows.
  • The footies can then be turned into pants if you’re not planning on keeping them by cutting off the foot portion and hemming the bottom.
  • Add layers- Depending on the season, the baby should wear multiple layers and wear them thickly. Summer calls for a lightweight onesie.
  • In addition to providing comfort, long sleeves protect newborns from accidental scrapes and the environment at large, given that their immune systems are so immature. The majority of babies do not need a coat in winter.
  • Don’t take mom’s clothes into account, as her fluctuating hormones could have an effect, as well. People can layer a tee over the onesie if they are comfortable having a shirt inside.
  • Add a soft sweater over the onesie and tee if people are wearing sweaters. Don’t overstuff your baby in layers in the winter, as many people tend to overburden them. Flushed cheeks, fussiness, and a sweaty back are signs that the baby is overheating.
  • Cover the baby with a blanket- When a baby is lying on her stomach. However, a veil will help keep her warm and cozy in a stroller, a car, or while nursing.
  • It is essential to cover up [a baby] as soon as it leaves the hospital, most of all to keep out germs. In summer, a thin blanket will do fine. As the weather turns chilly, opt for thicker clothing.
  • Wrap the baby up from feet to neck, secure it and ensure that it doesn’t flap in her face. If you plan to go out for some time in the winter, consider putting the baby in a coat.
  • As an alternative, dress baby in extra-warm layers and a thick baby bunting or (if you’re strolling).

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A Guide to Car Seat Dressing

In mild weather, it’s not too tricky to put newborns in car seats. The little ones don’t need anything more than a onesie with a blanket over them once they buckled in. If it’s hot outside, pants or shorts can help prevent a pinch caused by buckles.

How about in winter, when baby is dressed in his puffy new snowsuit from Patagonia? It is not advisable to wear any bloated clothing while riding in the car.

The extra space between the baby and the coat can be detrimental during an accident. It is imperative to remove the straps and place a blanket on top of them.

Baby Sleeping Outfits

Sleeping babies require less stimulation. Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) could occur since babies can wiggle out of their mittens and hats at night.

She needs to wear a onesie underneath her blanket if she is comfortable being swaddled. It is also possible to find long-sleeved onesies with built-in mittens if she is prone to scratching herself. If your baby does not enjoy being wrapped, try a sleep sack.

Is it better to stick with natural fabrics?

It is unnecessary to buy only organic clothes, but natural fibers like cotton or bamboo can help regulate your baby’s body temperature since they are breathable.

Before wearing, it is recommended to wash clothes in a machine since harsh chemicals and dyes are absorbed into the fabrics during manufacture.

In the early phases of parenting, likely, you aren’t sure whether your baby has sensitive skin.

Therefore, it’s wise to save colourful outfits decorated with characters for older babies. It doesn’t seem necessary to buy the cute Mouse-shaped outfit when the child is new and rarely outside. Clothing should be soft and straightforward.


In the newborn phase, clothing is relatively straightforward, but we can’t guarantee that anything else will be clear! Whenever possible, gather the necessary newborn outfits and appropriately dress the baby.

By practising these tips and staying aware of the weather, you will become more adept at predicting changes.

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