Streax Hair Serum Review-India 2022: For Instant Shine & Smoothness of Your Hair

In this article, we will discuss the Streax Hair Serum Review in detail so that you get all information regarding this product.

A few factors have been greatly ignored in a world where air quality, food, and lifestyle are flourishing because of the rapid growth in technology.

The disadvantages of growing technology and industrialization greatly impact people’s health and nutritional needs.

The increasing pollution in the air, the adulterated food, and the harmful rays surrounding humans all the time have caused great damage to the body in multiple ways.

One major problem in today’s world is surely hair-related problems. People are facing severe hair fall and thinning of the hair. The chemicals present in food and the toxins present in the air have continuously deteriorated the hair strength and quality.

There was a time when natural ingredients combined with a little awareness were good enough to treat all the hair-related issues.

Still, today, the world requires an effective range of hair care products that can eventually help minimize the problems. There are many shampoos and serums available today in the market. All the products have different compositions and applications.

Streax Hair Serum is one hair product that has been in the limelight because of the multiple advantages it offers to all hair-related problems.

This is a detailed and informative review of Streax Hair Serum. It covers all the necessary facts about the Serum and investigates if it is really helpful in hair-related problems.

Streax Hair Serum Review

Streax Hair Serum Review

What is a Streax Hair Serum?

Streax is the company’s name, which mainly focuses on products that can be essentially used in hair-related problems.

Streax focuses on developing world-class products with no compromise in quality. One of the best products to revolutionize the world of the issues filled with hair-related concerns,

Streax introduced Hair Serum which has been vitalized with Walnut oil to provide the natural shine to the hair and restore their strength, mainly using organic ingredients with no side effects.

It is primarily designed for dull and frizzy hair. It provides a natural shine and gloss to such undernourished hair to bring back its charm. It actively helps make the hair smooth with the help of Vitamin E and other essential nutrients.

Streax has established a benchmark in hair-related products with the widely accepted ISO quality production process.

The Serum is deprived of any chemicals harmful to the skin or hair. Chemicals like sulfate are majorly used in chemically treated serums.

Still, Streax Hair Serum has been meticulously composed of organic ingredients that can help your hair to regain the silky smooth touch and shiny texture.

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Streax hair serum is mainly made up of natural ingredients to fit all types of hair. The ingredients are known for their qualities which largely benefit in reducing hair fall, promoting hair regrowth, and restoring the shine and thickness of the hair.

The main ingredients that are used in manufacturing Streax Hair Serum are:

  • Walnut Oil: Walnut oil contains a heavy amount of omega-three fatty acids. Fatty acids help in preventing scalp damage and infections.
  • They also play an important role in accelerating hair growth. The new hair that grows from this Walnut oil is stronger and thicker than the existing hair.
  • This oil also prevents thinning of hair and thinning of hair results in weakening their roots with the scalp, leading to accelerated hair fall.
  • This oil promotes strength to the scalp and roots of the hair to stop them from breaking. It is great for protection against heat and dust.
  • Vitamin E: This Vitamin is widely known for its antioxidant properties. It helps to remove the dullness and frizziness of the hair. It promotes the strength of the scalp and prevents breakage of hair.
  • Vitamin E also plays an important role in preventing pesky split ends. Vitamin E has natural properties which provide the hair with elasticity and shine. It also maintains better blood circulation, which improves hair health.
  • Better blood circulation keeps the scalps healthy and oxidized to regain their strength. The antioxidant properties greatly help in removing toxins and impurities from the hair.

How to Use Streax Hair Serum?

Using the Streax Hair Serum is an easy and simple process that can be explained in three simple steps:

1- Take a small amount of Serum out of the bottle on the palm of your hands. Ensure that you are not using an insignificant large amount of Serum. It should always be in proportion to the density of your hair.

2-Apply it evenly through damp hair. Use soft hands while applying the Serum to spread it on your hair evenly, resulting in proper absorption of the Serum in the roots and to the scalp.

3- Get it applied to the entire length of your hair. Complete the full length of your hair while using the Serum so that it can have even and equal benefits at all segments of your hair.

Applications and Features

The Serum has been observed to provide multiple benefits for hair-related problems. The primary features and applications of the Serum are:

  • Instant shine and smoothness: The Streax Hair Serum helps your hair get rid of dullness and dryness. It provides instant shine and smoothness to the hair and remains the same all day. It leaves a natural glow and smoothness to the hair without being grassy
  • Enriched with Walnut Oil: Walnut oil plays a vital role in fixing hair-related problems. It helps to fight against the dirt and pollutants in the hair and restores the hair’s natural thickness, putting an end to hair fall problems eventually.
  • The Streax Hair Serum provides a shiny look with the help of Walnut Oil.
  • Frizz Control and Easy Styling: It helps control frizz and dry hair. It is recommended to use this Serum before blow-drying and styling your hair to get an admirable look.
  • It also serves as a good application before straightening your hair to minimize the effect of heat on the hair.
  • All-day shiny hair: The Serum with the richness of Vitamin E can hold the natural shine and luster of the hair all day long. The effect of the Serum is very long-lasting, which ensures great quality of shiny and smooth hair all day long.
  • High-quality products: The quality of the Serum and the ingredients used have been well tested and processed in the manufacturing process.
  • Streax provides high-quality products. It is adhered to Indian BIS quality standards to ensure that the products are standard and are monitored by an established authority.
  • No chemicals involved: The Streax Hair Serum is vitalized with natural ingredients and does not contain harmful chemicals. The organic composition of the Serum makes it fit for all types of hairs.

Customer reviews

The hair care product has widely received positive reviews from customers. There are no major complaints that can be brought under notice.

In many studies, it can be seen that the Serum has provided the desired outcome and has been able to fix hair-related problems.

The Serum has also received appreciation from hair care experts and nutritionists for the organic composition and absence of any side effects.

This easy-to-use Serum can be used by any age or gender, resulting in the same benefits. Therefore it has been positively accepted by a large number of users.

Based on the reviews from experts, the Serum has a great scientific composition which is highly beneficial in hair-related problems.


The fair reviews and expert suggestions have shown that the product is fit for use. Many more features of this Serum make it more fascinating and full of utilities.

The ease of access in purchasing the product, the easy steps in using the product, multiple advantages, and scenarios where the Streax Hair Serum is helpful all conclusively states that it is one of the finest products in treating hair fall problems, accelerating hair growth, providing shine and frizz-free hair.

The natural ingredients present in the Serum are also a major factor in the wide acceptance and admiration of this Streax Hair Serum.

Since it is fit for both genders and has no age restrictions, it has become fairly popular in recent times. Overall, it is a good solution for hair-related problems.


Can I use Streax Hair Serum before straightening my hair?

Yes, it protects the hair from the heat while straightening.

Can I use this product to accelerate hair growth?

Yes, vitamin E extracts and walnut oil helps in accelerating hair growth.

Is it useful for growing new hairs instantly?

No, growing new hair is a time taking process. It can help in hair regrowth but cannot do that instantly.

Where can I purchase it from at the best price?

It is available in retail shops, but you can check online websites that offer the Streax Hair Serum to get more discounts.

I have colored my hair recently. Am I eligible to use this without any side effects?

Yes, you can use it on colored hairs. It does not have any side effects because it does not contain chemicals.

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