Samantha Geballe: An Expedition of Self Portrayal Photograph Artist & Her Weight Loss Journey

Today in this extremely competitive world, a perfect body has engrained our minds to see ourselves in a specific body shape.

Those who are unable to do so are seen as unfit for society. Samantha Geballe also fell prey to these biased remarks of body shaming. What is new to her story, isn’t it just a story of a fat kid? The answer to this very question is no.

Samantha Geballe is a brave photographer who is keen to make people feel comfortable in any body shape and one can love oneself regardless of what others make of their appearance.

Samantha Geballe weight loss photography

She does it by portraying herself in her pictures, mostly naked. She was only a 10-year-old girl when she developed a severe eating disorder. she started gaining weight since then and when turned eleven,

She was overweight which people surely never appreciated which made her feel bad about herself too. She has not seen herself in the mirror for a very long time due to the pain that came with the weight.

After her gastric surgery in 2013, she felt different and picked up the camera and shoot pictures to escape the world and its judgments for her body. Samantha Geballe continued to do so and won worldwide recognition, won awards, and the heart of many individuals.

Later on, her work is being featured on many digital platforms. Moreover, She has helped her partner in coping with her downtime and helped her deal with her situation.

She continues to inspire people across nations through her Women Shopping blog, a Pinterest account, Instagram page, and youtube channel.

Samantha Geballe said an inspirational quote in her interview with Sarah Hadley, “PUT ONE FOOT IN FRONT OF THE OTHER.NO MATTER WHAT. NO MATTER WHAT.” she also added that she learned great life lessons at a very young age for which she is grateful.

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Things get sorted with time, and it just takes consistent efforts to overcome those inopportune pain and wounds.

Her pictures are depicting fear, anger, other emotions which she constantly feels due to the viewpoint of herself and others for her body.

Samantha Geballe is a stellar photography artist in LA, California. She pictures herself as the model in her photos for self-portrayal art pieces.

She has worked on the project ‘self untitled’ which earned her great recognition for her artwork. She also won an award ‘PhotoNOLA review price’ in the year 2016.

Samantha Geballe was born and brought up in the small town of Woodside on the outskirts of San Francisco.

She was phenomenally talented from her childhood days, as she used to portray art in various forms.

Even though her family had always been an art enthusiast but her interest in arts was an inbuilt talent not hereditary.

She says that her inspiration for photography comes from light and shadows. She uses different concepts as a connecting joint with the people in the world. She portrays most of her pictures with dim light and shadows, showing various deep emotions

Through them. Samantha Geballe spends less time verbal communication and acknowledges her art as a better way to express herself and form connections with others.

Samantha and Beginning of  Vulnerable and Bold Self-Portrayals

Samantha Geballe weight loss photography

She has shifted to Los Angeles in the year 2006 for her treatments for almost two years. And after treatment, she decided to stay in LA for some more time.

Meanwhile, she explored street arts on the streets of Los Angeles and began to notice art in every corner of the gigantic city.

From the day she explored them, wanted to document the art pieces around the city. She started capturing the art and eventually realized photography is her passion.

Capturing photos make her feel at ease, she felt a sense of peace in curating these pictures, and at that moment her journey as a phenomenal photographer started.

Samantha Geballe explained in an interview that her interest in self-portrayal pictures developed during an assignment for the portraiture seminar of her art teacher.

She admitted that she felt uncomfortable asking someone else for their pictures as it felt like intruding in their personal space. Hence, She opted for self-portraiture.

At the end of the first-day assignment self-portrayal pictures, her teacher was unsatisfied and pushed her to do something better than that.

The next day she did her first nude portrayal photo and she believes it is a breakthrough photograph for her and her extreme photography journey started on that very day.

Samantha and Her Project ‘Self Untitled’

She always felt that a body is a great communicator. She used her body to give voice to her emotions and to connect with another emotional being.

She uses mostly uses her naked body for self-portrayal photographs for visualizing different concepts and symbolism.

Samantha Geballe still continues to create nude pictures for her projects even after her body transformation, as she thinks it is her to self portray her true self to her audience.

One of her recognized projects includes ‘Self-Untitled’ which is divided into two parts of the series.

In the ‘self-untitled’ she has shown the journey of acceptance of her body and the ways people discern the person who is different from others. Some of her project pictures were included in the F-stop magazine.

Samantha Geballe weight loss photography

In the first phase of her project, she expresses her vulnerability and that it is perfectly fine to become comfortable with our flaws. She also expresses her creativity to connect with society and as healing.

Samantha Geballe portrayed herself as fearless and in various emotions to spread the intended message for her audience.

She just doesn’t talk about obesity in this series rather she focuses on the true perspective of her own self for her body irrespective of the way people see her body.

Moreover, She explained to her audience that “regardless of appearance, everyone has been made feel small at some point.

My hope is to generate a relationship and others through my work, and I ask you as a viewer to look for similarities and not differences.”

Her self portrayals are not just about obesity rather she shows that it is sometimes alone, dark,  lonely in tough times, and the dilemma of the lowest phase in our lives. 

In the second phase of ‘Self-Untitled’ she felt more positive to see her body, she always wanted to see the real self hidden behind the barrier of clothes which she felt ashamed of. And Samantha Geballe positively achieved that with this project.

Samantha Geballe makes her naked pictures, edited them, and eventually seeing herself vulnerable without any shame and that her more confident about herself, more connected with herself and with others.

She connects at a deep level with people through self-portrayal.

And she told one of the interviewers that ‘self-untitled’ is a project she wants to continue for as long as she can. She is very passionate about this project because this makes her connection with society.

The happiness is not guaranteed with the weight loss’

Her journey for photography started when she was not happy with her life. She was agitated due to body-shaming and the world seeing her differently.

Samantha Geballe had eating disorders since she was eleven years old. She felt empty and alone even when there are people around her.

Samantha Geballe weight loss photography

And to escape from all the pain and fear she has been making pictures since 2006 and did it very enthusiastically.

The photography keeps her going and brings more peace to her. In her nude photographs, she expressed herself better in those difficult times.

After her gastric bypass surgery in the year 2013, she underwent extreme weight loss, her half of fat was gone and she felt different.

In one of her interviews in the year 2016, she admitted that she saw herself in a mirror for the first time and realized the damage she did to her body due to her eating disorders.

Now she feels content for the fact that the journey of self-realization is more important to her inclusive of the pain and reward she earned.

Samantha Geballe discovered a way to express herself to the world and now with her pictures she connects with the world better.

She feels her vulnerability helped her to cope with life better and eventually lead her towards the healing of her internal wounds.

She realized that her new body shape brings a bunch of benefits. But she feels that her weight loss did not provide her the happiness.

It was rather difficult for her to see her body into a size she has not seen since she was eleven.

It took him a great amount of time to accept her body and she wants to share her journey through pictures with people to give them hope who are struggling with the same dilemma.

Samantha Geballe and her achievements

She chose a way to cope up with her life through her capturing pathway. She never realized that it will bring her fame and great recognition to her art.

In the year 2014, her project ‘self-untitled’ was awarded the first prize by international photo awards under the category of self-portraits(people).

Also in the year 2016, she was awarded a cash prize of $1000 and a solo exhibition for her portrayal at Orleans photo alliance gallery, a marketing consultation with Mary Virginia Swanson, and a feature on the Lenscratch website.

Samantha Geballe weight loss photography

She appeared for a lot of interviews afterward and gained quite good recognition in the photography industry and her art impresses people on social media platforms too.

She currently performs underwater photography, photography based on concepts and emotions. She

Samantha and Her Partner in The Portrayal

She initially did portrayal by herself, not included anyone in her photographs or any projects.

But lately, she has welcomed her partner in her portrayal projects. Her partner was always stayed by her side even when Samantha Geballe went through the extreme weight loss transformation.

She made the pictures for a project that started four years back with her partner. She portrayed the emotions her beloved was going through and wanted to help the miserable situation she felt for herself.

Samantha Geballe said that in an interview that her partner has dislocated her arm in a severe injury which made her feel helpless. She felt that her partner was in the same situation as she was a few years back.

In an attempt to encourage her partner to accept the truth, to overcome her pain and sadness she decided to create a project with her. Also, the project includes the emotions they feel in their relationship and the kind of arrangement they had with each other.

A Young Capturish With an Extraordinary Sense of Art

Samantha Geballe and her childhood were filled with various forms of art. And with the years she grew her curious mind got more inspiration by making pictures. She started indulging in photography and wanted to do something great with her skills.

Samantha Geballe weight loss photography

She has learned great photography skills from her and self-portrait art in Los Angeles after her gastric bypass surgery. She started covering every street of art in the initial stages and went on with nude self portrayals.

She has developed an extensive knowledge right shadow, lighting, and location for the best quality pictures over time. Moreover, she has appreciable videography skills with the impeccable talent to express emotions through her photographs.

Her photographs speak her story and express her fearless and brave transformational journey.

Samantha Geballe has learned to cope with situations through her pictures which is what made her a phenomenal photographer who is inspiring people to not give up on their life.

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