(5 Reasons) Why is Now The Right Time To Switch To Organic Sanitary Pads?

A woman has to go through a lot. She is most sensitive throughout her periods. The severe cramps and overall weakness she has to endure are topped with the constant trouble of rashes, itching, and changing sanitary pads after every 3-4 hours to avoid infections.

The vaginal place is the most unprotected all through these 3-5 days, and the synthetic sanitary pads accessible in the market don’t assist the scenario either.

Many females make an intelligent choice by switching to organic hygienic pads made from plant-based fibres, natural places and biodegradable.

Disadvantages of Using Synthetic Sanitary Pads

1. Use of synthetic pads will cause cancer:

Use of pads every month, and even though there are solely low ranges of exposure to chemical contaminants observed in the materials of such pads.

They are prominently going to accumulate inside your body and stress out your reproductive health. These cancerous chemical substances found on the synthetic pads could be the reason for cervical cancer.

The dioxin existing in the menstrual pads can cause ovarian cancer. The fibre prevalent in your notable absorbent pads can lead to cervical cancer. Sanitary pads are no longer made of cotton. However, they’re made of cellulose gel. 

2. This leads to complications in pregnancy:

Pads having scent neutralizers or deodorants as every girl hates the odour of blood. It’s understandable.

Also, it is advisable to endorse no longer scented female hygiene merchandise because they can be irritating.

However, sanitary pad companies brought some chemical substances in the scented pads that can be the reason for problems related to a baby’s embryonic development.

Also, it is no longer endorsed to use scented female hygiene merchandise because they can cause irritation. They can also cause yeast infections, which can lead to different fertility complications.

3. It is harmful to the environment:

Cotton is not naturally ultra–white. Because most women opt for basically white to make the experience they’re placing on something fresh and clean, sanitary pad businesses use a chemical known as dioxin to bleach the cotton.

Unconsciously, we are paying a very excessive charge for being neat freaks. Such groups might also argue that the pads include deficient levels of dioxin.

Based on research, brief exposure to dioxin can cause skin darkening and altered liver function. A female would possibly be using 6,000 sanitary napkins in her lifetime.

When dioxin accumulates in the physique, it can cause serious health dangers and illnesses such as immune system damage, diabetes, hormone dysfunction, pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian cancer, and others.

4. Use of synthetic napkins Causes vaginal infections and bacterial growth:

Prolonged use of sanitary pads in a day means an overgrowth of Staphylococcus aureus bacteria in your vagina.

It’s typically referred to as toxic shock syndrome. Some signs of toxic shock syndrome are dizziness, fever, and diarrhoea.

The toxins released through the microorganism can honestly cause an unexpected drop in your blood pressure which is unsafe because the brain fails to get an adequate blood supply.

Your pad is made of artificial substances, which can reason blockage of wetness, which encourages bacterial growth.

Some girls might also assume it’s common to have such allergies and itchiness, which is a misconception. This is one of the reasons why some females experience extreme allergic reactions and yeast infections.

5. Synthetic pads use harmful chemicals:

The squeaky white sanitary pad is dangerous. The chemical is known as Dioxin to gain the look of purity?

The WHO labels dioxin as a pollutant and carcinogen which does not degrade in the surroundings. The consequences it can have on the human physique is much more severe than simply superficial infection and allergy.

Dioxin is a chemical used to bleach the cotton and cellulose timber pulp to provide it with white colour.

This chemical no longer gets eradicated from the product on which it is used and finds its way to your physique and surroundings when you use a sanitary pad containing this cotton.

Dioxin finds its way into your fat tissues even at low doses and proceeds to pose several fitness threats.

Dioxin is a potent carcinogen. Though the publicity to dioxin in sanitary pads is deemed insignificant via product makers, the nature of dioxin to get gathered in your body has the potential to cause cancers like cervical cancer and ovarian cancer.

The vaginal mucous membrane is extremely permeable and can absorb chemicals like Dioxin without delay into the bloodstream.

This endocrine disrupter can alter the ratio of estrogen and androgen in your body, ensuing in reproductive problems.

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How To Encourage Girls To Use Organic Sanitary Pads?

Nonetheless, women in rural areas use sari cloth, husk, rags, plant leaves, mud, ash, or newspapers throughout their period. Once their cycle is over, they wash these clothes and reuse them next month.

This is now not solely unhygienic however is additionally extraordinarily detrimental for the vaginal area.

The fabric is already contaminated with cleaning soap and detergent and microorganisms from being put to dry outdoors with the aid of the time it’s geared up for the subsequent month’s usage.

70% of ladies in India go through reproductive tract infections, and 23% of college ladies drop out of college as soon as they begin menstruation. Menstrual hygiene needs to be made a need for each girl.

With the availability of newer, safer, and technologically superior natural and biodegradable pads, girls should make a skilled change to guard their bodies.

So ladies, make the change now and be accessible as a woman and as a member of this planet and child of this environment.

Why no longer make the first change at home and, most importantly, to your body? Your physique is constantly your first home and then the environment.

Swap organic sanitary pads, natural pads that are organic and biodegradable, and see how your physique thanks you.

The top sheet will be smooth and comfortable, you will now not be hampered from performing your day-to-day tasks, and first-class of all, it will be simply every other ordinary day that you will no longer dread the damage from plastic pollution. This will be a win for you and the environment!


We hope this content helped in giving you entire knowledge about the pros of organic sanitary pads and the cons of synthetic pads.

Having an excellent diet is very important to get a regular menstruation cycle. Keeping our vagina healthy and safe is very important and we can’t risk it by using products that may harm our vaginal health.

The alternative is very healthy and safe as organic sanitary pads are also beneficial to nature. Not only the synthetic pads lead to difficulties in pregnancy, they also cause many harmful diseases.

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