Peps Mattress Review: Spine Guard 6-inch Queen Size Spring Mattress 2022

When you wake up in the morning, you feel groggy just because your mattress doesn’t give you the comfort you want the most. I know how it feels when you’ve so much workload on your head but don’t have the energy to complete it.

At night, your old mattress sounds very lousy that ruins your sleep. Also, the poor mattress doesn’t have the quality so that they damage easily and are unable to handle heavyweight.

In the market, there are so many mattress brands available that can fool you with their marketing gimmicks. These lousy brands have one motto is to make you fool and steal your hard-earned money with marketing gimmicks.

After thorough research, I find that most people struggle to find the best mattress for their comfort. Are you too?

So, if you want to improve your sleep you should choose the mattress according to your comfort. I know most people don’t know which mattress is the best for them?

Foam mattress or a spring mattress? Which brand to choose? These types of questions are popping in your head. Don’t worry.

In the past, we had always tried to provide you best product and we review the product after a lot of research. You are going to see our best review on Peps spring mattress.

This review is based on the latest research and we already examined the product with our co-workers. So you don’t need to worry about trust.

We would suggest you read the how-to choose mattress section before the review so you can clear all your confusion. Remember this is based on the latest research.

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Peps Spine Guard 6-Inch Queen Size Spring Mattress Review

Peps Spine Guard 6-Inch Queen Size Spring Mattress

Peps mattress is one of the best mattresses available today. Undoubtedly, the Peps Spring mattress ensures quality sleep at the night. Peps are providing ultimate comfort with their mattresses.

Also, Peps mattress is leading the industry in a finer way than others. The world-class mattress made by peps makes your house luxurious. We are going to mention all the specifications of the peps spine guard spring mattress.

1. Product Size 

The size of the mattress is the most important factor to be considered. Some people mistake choosing the right one for their bedroom and bed size. This is the reason why people feel uncomfortable sometimes.

Peps Spine Guard 6-Inch Queen Size Spring mattress is best for medium size. The dimensions of the Peps Spring mattress are Length (198.1cm), Width (152.4cm), and Height (15.24cm).

This is the queen-size mattress, one of the most basic sizes, having an 80 inches long and 60 inches width. A Queen bed is adequately huge to serenely rest two individuals while likewise leaving space in your room.

The prevalence of queen mattresses gives you an assortment of alternatives that make this sleeping pad size moderate and generally accessible. The extra length and width of the queen size help your room to stretch out and extra space.

2. Material

With the memory foam material, Peps mattress provides you with the ultimate comfort that forces you to sleep more in the night.

The memory foam mattress is a type of cool foam that absorbs the redistributive body heat and thus maintains the body temperature for a comfortable sleep.

Memory Foam supports all kinds of sleeping so whether you are a stomach sleeper or a back sleeper, memory foam is perfect for you.

3. Technology

It’s not that kind of technology that you are thinking of right now. This technology is related to mattresses only.

Peps Spine Guard Spring Mattress is made up of Bonnell spring technology that gives the perfect support on your back. It also helps to reduce the problem such as back pain.

In the 20th century, the mattress industry introduces us to the Bonnell spring technology.

Bonnell Spring technology, in the 20th century Bonnell spring introduced through spring mattresses, this is the most developed designed item in solace fragment and utilized in center development of the sleeping mattress.

Bonnell coil has springs that are interconnected with a mesh of metal to make the spring system. Peps mattress is made by using border wires in the core construction of the mattress as it holds the spring alignment.  

Moreover, this mattress can be used by all age groups and it helps to keep your back aligned and gives you comfort.


  • To provide a warm and gentle feel, it is made with polar fleece fabric.
  • To shape the body pressure and enhance comfort, it is made with memory foam material.
  • To support your back aligned, it is made with Bonnell spring technology
  • It ensures marvelous middle support


  • It ends the back ache and provides comfort to your back
  • It ensures a restful sleep at the night 
  • Value for money 
  • Trusted brand with great service


  • The Peps mattress is covered in white. It needs an additional expense to purchase another top cover. 
  • It retains little heat but if the mattress is used in an AC room, that won’t be a big deal. 

Things To Keep in Mind Before Buying a Mattress? 

How to buy a perfect mattress? This is a very basic and important question to ask. If you are also thinking about how to choose a mattress then you are going well. Most people don’t know that how to choose a mattress for their bedroom.

Today, we are going to share some parameters that help you to decide the best mattress for your bedroom.

1. Sleep Position

The first parameter is sleep position. You have to define your sleep position and choose the perfect one for yourself.

If you are a stomach sleeper and slide sleeper, you should use a memory foam mattress because you will get a decent cushion to the stomach and shoulders in the memory foam mattress. After using this, you’ll not feel stressed out.

If you are a back sleeper then a spring mattress is better for you. The back sleeper should always prefer a spring mattress due to its ability to provide spinal alignment during sleep.

2. Body Type

Now let’s take over to body type!

Body type is also very important to talk about because some people are dreaded about their body weight and mattress sustainability. If you are heavyweight, a spring mattress can be the ideal choice for you.

That is because springs maintain the shape of the mattress. And if you are using foam mattresses regularly, there is a high chance of sagging. Springs reduce the chances of sagging and can handle the heavyweight easily.

But, if you are not so heavy and have a decent weight then you should buy a memory foam mattress. For an average weight, a memory foam mattress should be used.

3. Temperature sensitivity

In the hot summers, the mattresses retain the heat and it can be very uncomfortable for you. Likewise, a memory foam mattress retains the heat in the hot summers but it will be better if you are buying it in winter.

Usually, the spring mattress maintains a neutral temperature thus it neither gets cooler nor warmer. You should check the climate, you are living in, thus choosing the mattress.

4. Transfer of motion

If you are sleeping on one side of the memory foam bed and there is some kind of motion or sound on the other side, then that motion is not going to transfer to your side.

Because memory foam doesn’t transfer the motion, it provides the least transfer of motion.

Unlike, spring mattresses have a lot of bounce and thus transfer energy all over the bed. If your partner moves more than usual, you should choose a memory foam mattress.

5. Durability

Imagine you have bought a mattress but if it goes lose its comfort in a short time then it is of no use, if this happens then the expensive mattress is of no use.

What happens all the time is that some mattress loses their comfort very shortly and some are long-lasting. That’s why you should always find a mattress that has long durability such as a peps mattress.

Usually, memory foam mattresses are more durable and long-lasting. With spring mattresses comfort decreases after more use, as the spring mattress becomes less uniform and more prone to sagging.

6. Support

The memory foam mattress supports more than a spring mattress. Those with severe back pain should use memory foam mattresses. Because memory foam supports the natural curvature of the spine keeps the spine in alignment.

If you are a person having backaches, a spring mattress is not recommended for you. The person who is suffering from back pain should not use the spring mattress because it can be more dangerous and harmful for that particular person.

7. Bounce 

You will find that the spring mattress has more bounce than memory foam. The memory foam mattress is more shock-absorbing which means they return comfortably to their natural position, rather than springing back quickly.

So if you don’t want more bounce then you should use a memory foam mattress.

8. Price

The most important factor is here price. You have to examine your price first and then go choose the mattress.

Usually, the spring mattress is less expensive than memory foam. Don’t forget that the peps spine mattress is very affordable and value for money.


Well, sleeping peacefully shouldn’t be so hard and it isn’t. You should go and buy a Peps Spine Guard Spring mattress and make your every night comfortable.

This article is based on the latest research and our honest review. So, are you going to buy Peps Mattress? Tell us in the comment section.

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