Mother Dairy Cow Ghee Review-India 2023

Mother Dairy offers milk and milk products such as Milk, Ice creams, Ghee, cultured products, and Paneer across the country through its sales and distribution networks.

It also sells edible oils, frozen vegetables, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as processed foods such as jams, fruit juices, pickles, and other condiments.

Mother dairy cow ghee is the purest ghee from India’s largest and most reputed dairy brand. It has a fantastic flavour because of its natural scent and rich granular texture. The brand is well-known for its aroma and is popular among Indians.

Mother Dairy Cow Ghee Review

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Mother Dairy Cow Ghee has a rich flavour and scent that is similar to that of traditional ghee.

Allow the seductive aroma of Mother Dairy Cow Ghee to transport you back in time. Recreate the specialities and everyday delicacies from your favourite nani, daadi, buas, and Chachi’s ghee-filled kitchens.

  1. Plenty of health benefits- This bag of pure ghee, which comes from a well-known and respected Indian brand, ensures that you get plenty of health advantages from everyday intake.
  2. You can enjoy the benefits of healthy digestion, weight loss aid, reduced inflammation, enhanced bone strength, diabetes prevention, lowered cholesterol, decreased glycaemic index, improved eyesight, good intestines, and sharpened brain by putting this ghee in your diet.
  3. 100% natural- Although ghee is readily available in the market, you may not always be able to obtain pure ghee. You may face health problems if you consume contaminated and trans-fat ghee.
  4. This brand ensures that you get nothing but genuine, pure ghee with this product. It is free of artificial flavours, colours, and preservatives. There are no hazardous industrial trans-fats here, either.
  5. Cow ghee is prepared by clarifying 100 percent organic butter from cows and tastes and smells precisely like homemade ghee.
  1. The goodness of Vitamin A- It is necessary for a variety of body activities, including healthy vision, a strong immune system, and optimal organ function.
  2. Vitamin A in our Mother Dairy ghee maintains bone health, minimises acne outbreaks, and many more benefits.
  1. Offers energy- Ghee from Mother Dairy contains medium-chain fatty acids, which are easily absorbed and utilised by the liver, making it a more healthy energy source than most carbs consumed today.
  2. It is a fantastic source of energy for growing children, and pure cow ghee gives them that energy. Every dish made with Mother Dairy ghee has a decadent flavour.
  1. Keeps your digestion in check- Swap out unhealthy options like hyper refined cooking oil and butter for asli ghee, which aids digestion and provides a surge of energy to start the day.
  1. Better nutrition, better immunity- Ghee is high in vitamin A, D, E, and K, as well as omega-3 fatty acids, and helps with immunity, heart health, joint health, and more.
  1. No preservatives- The quality, purity, and flavour of the ghee are never compromised. Ghee from a mother dairy cow is FSSAI approved, making it safe to eat.
  1. How to consume- Drizzle ghee on bread, parathas, chapattis and other items. Alternatively, use it to make a smoky tadka in veggies, curries and dals. It can also be used as a home treatment for radiant skin.

Other features

  • Better aroma
  • Better granules and smooth texture
  • Natural color
  • Ghee is processed using hygienic techniques to provide maximum food safety and purity.
  • It comprises of a rich granular texture
  • Mother dairy ghee is purely vegetarian
  • The product is really cheap
  • No preservatives or color are added to the product
  • It has a bright yellow tint, similar to that of homemade ghee.

Advantages of Using Mother Dairy Cow Ghee

  • Mother Dairy Cow Ghee is unadulterated, high in vitamin A, and free of the dangerous trans-fats that hurt the body.
  • Good for Intestinal Health- Cow Ghee is one of the highest quality food sources of butyric acid, making it an excellent choice for supporting intestinal wall health. Butyric acid is the predominant source of energy for colonic cells.
  • Because it is made up of short chain fatty acids, ghee is easily absorbed by the body.
  • The benefits of beta carotene, which functions as a powerful and potent antioxidant that neutralises free radicals in our bodies, gives Mother Dairy Cow ghee its deep yellow colour.
  • Source of good fat- Ghee from a mother dairy cow is one of the most popular carriers for oleation, which is the process of consuming oil over time.
  • This aids in the removal of fat-soluble poisons from the cells and initiates fat metabolism, a process in which the body begins to burn its own fat for fuel.
  • The fortified product is thought to be suitable for human consumption.
  • Mother dairy cow ghee reduces down the ageing process.
  • It improves metabolism and decreases harmful cholesterol.
  • Consumption on a regular basis improves physical and mental strength, allowing for a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • It keeps the body healthy and fit while also increasing its potency.

Why Choose It?

Ghee has traditionally played an essential role in Indian culture. Pure ghee makes every recipe delicious and healthy, from everyday foods to delectable sweets.

This product is also high in vitamins and minerals, which adds to the list of advantages. In keeping with tradition, Mother Dairy has created clean, healthy ghee that improves the flavour and aroma of any food.

This Mother Dairy ghee is 100 percent natural and has an enticing scent that transports you back in time. The product has been strengthened and is considered safe for human consumption.

Your meal will be enhanced by the taste and scent of Mother Dairy cow ghee. Ghee can be used to make sweets like halwa, as well as to temper beans or dal and to grease parathas and rotis.

The pleasant aroma, yellow colour, and gritty texture will remind you of homemade ghee. Cow ghee is considered the best for human consumption in Ayurveda. It offers all of the additional health benefits that come with being a dairy product.

It’s a nutritional powerhouse. Ghee from a mother dairy cow aids in the development of intelligence and memory. It increases the body’s energy and helps to cleanse it.


It turned out to be the best after observing the product. The ghee is of good quality, as evidenced by the aroma. It is free of industrially hazardous trans-fats.

The best part about this product is that it goes with any type of food. Mother dairy cow ghee is also known as Rasayana, a diet that promotes lifespan and rejuvenation.

Consumption of mother dairy cow ghee boosts mental and physical stamina. It also assists in relieving issues such as constipation, gastritis and other additives.

Food safety is determined by the quality of cow ghee. Mother dairy cow ghee is free from preservatives such as trans fats, salts, dyes or other additives.

Also, there are no other harmful chemicals mixed in the product. It’s high in vitamin A, which is important for body growth, immunity, vision, and bone metabolism.

Given all of the benefits and natural ingredients, the price of ghee is justified. There are various other advantages to the product. Furthermore, it increases metabolism and facilitates absorption. The product does not contain any preservatives.

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