L’Oreal True Match Foundation Review 2023: A Super Blendable Liquid Foundation From LOreal

One of the unique products of LOreal company is foundation cream and since the product launch, it has generated craze among women to use this foundation.

The beauty of the face needs some recognition and LOreal foundation is a true match for your skin. It comes with instant flavour in a blended liquid with vanilla rose.

Foundation cream is applied to the skin to show the beautiful colour of your face. Want to purchase L’Oréal foundation?

Have a look below we have provided all information and review about this foundation cream.

LOreal Foundation For Medium Skin Tone

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LOreal True Match Foundation Review

LOreal True Match Foundation Review

You might be wondering why you need to purchase LOreal foundation. Does it have any benefit? Face makeup is the first thing that you need to deal with.

Full of complexion and flawless skin will give you confidence within. Given below are some of the pros of the LOreal True Match Foundation.

The product specifications

The LOreal foundation cream comes in various shades and solutions. It is designed in such a way which you can use to look beautiful as always. Apply the foundation perfectly with the following conditions.

Pros of L’Oreal True Match Foundation

For Glowing skin

The matte is the best foundation cream for glowing skin. The one who is dealing with dry skin can use LOreal’s true match foundation for good reason. The long-lasting cream with a hydrating formula and broad-spectrum sunscreen.

It will give air-light texture with full coverage and a radiant finish. Shake the foundation before using it. Apply it with a makeup blender in a rolling motion within.

Types within

With the matte finish for oily skin and cream foundation for dry skin, you can choose a variety of foundations. The matte foundation of LOreal is also available with better benefits.

The long-lasting oil-free matte finish will give you the perfect texture of your skin. You will never look dull or flat by applying this product to your skin.

Try to apply it in dabbing motion for getting better results. The flawless makeup on your face will cover your look which will be long-lasting.

For Mature Skin

The LOreal true match foundation for anti-aging or matured skin will give you benefits. For matured skin, the LOreal foundation will hydrate the skin along with vitamin B & E formula.

L’Oreal is one of the best and favourite blended foundations for old-age people. It will cover all the dark circles beneath your eyes and check.

For Full Coverage

The LOreal foundation comes with a full coverage package. The complexity or beauty looks with long-lasting formula will give you a better feel.

Foundation of full coverage can be applied on legs, neck, face. The imperfect skin tone will get perfect with the help of LOreal true match foundation’s full coverage.

With Primer

Foundation should be applied after applying a base. The base is the primer that you apply to your face. Applying primer will minimize the dark pores and lines on your face. It is one of the best specific ways to give your skin smooth and even texture.

With Blender

Using a blender apply the foundation in its way. Applying with a finger is not hygienic and perfect. A sponge blender will give you a better and easy application for its way. Blender can provide simple and easy steps with the desired level of coverage.

With powder or spray

A face makeup look is incomplete without powder or spray. A powder is a well-versed product you can apply along with the foundation.

This is an essential step to be followed to make your face looks better. Partial use of powder and foundation will change the structure of your face.

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Cons of L’Oreal true match foundation

Few people might appreciate the product and few might not. Those who appreciate getting positive results and those who reject get trouble effect. Foundations contain a lot of chemicals that harm the skin type.

Problems like irritation, itching usually occur at old age. Hence your skin requires proper makeup which is skin-friendly.

Clogged pores

Suppose you apply L’Oréal foundation on daily basis then you might get problems related to clogged pores. Acne or pores will not let your skin breathe properly and hence bumps around your eyes will be seen.


Aging will be critical in phase if you don’t protect your skin from sun rays. After you apply the makeup make sure you use the sunscreen. The damage on the skin will have wrinkles, age spots and will result in premature aging signs.

Dry or oily skin

The foundation product is not suitable for dry or oily skin. Those who have dry skin experience extreme dryness. Similarly for oily skin, they experience too much oil production. L’Oréal foundation denies and hence it does not suit the skin type.


Breakouts occur due to improper sleep, diet, and under certain medication. In this case, acne-prone skin will have to face frequent breakouts.

Applying less makeup will make your skin healthy and reduce blackheads. According to the expert, acne-prone skin should use a limited amount of makeup.

Allergic Reaction

L’Oréal foundation is a product that is related to one of the brands. The brand will have chemicals involved in it and hence it will have an allergic reaction in your skin. Due to the harmful chemicals, you will get uncomfortable and itchy skin.

Colour Change

Applying foundation every day has certain side effects. But without makeup, your skin will be great. Pollutions, sunlight can we can the skin and change its color. 10 hours long-lasting foundation will darken the oxygen supply of your skin.

Eye infections

The dark circles around your eyes are due to excess use of makeup like foundation, concealer, or mascara. The severe harm to your eyes will lead to infection. It is always advised to use proper makeup and avoid harmful chemicals.

Dark circles usually occur if you trigger the eye makeup more. Long-lasting makeup will have an eye infection. Avoid your skin from sun rays and get your eyes protected.

When you should avoid wearing makeup?

Applying foundation cream is good but there are certain circumstances where you need to avoid makeup. Have a look below.

  • During workout – The one who is a fitness lover and make-up lover should know the difference. During workouts, it is always recommended to avoid using makeup. You need to breathe properly while workout and hence avoid the makeup.
  • Expires – Try to use the labeled product. In short, we can understand the makeup which is already expired will create damage to your skin. It will give bacteria and skin infections.

Bottom line

L’Oreal’s true match foundation is one of the best and unique products. Get it from the online store and make your skin glowing and beautiful. It can be applied to every skin type.

It has certain advantages and disadvantages which you need to know before applying it to the skin. Apply in the right quantity and right direction so that you can maintain healthy skin.

Avoid too much foundation on your face and remove the makeup before going to bed. No other foundation can replace this game when LOreal foundation is on the way. Get proper reviews from online stores and buy them on the better node.

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