Learn How To Calm Down And Soothe Your Crying Baby Gently

Babies crying 2-3 hours a day and getting fussy are quite common during the first three months. They tend to be more conscious and awake at night times. New parents have to comprise their sleep till the little one develops a healthy sleeping pattern. Generally, babies do this because they respond to the new surroundings they are living in after coming out from the mother’s womb.

If your baby is crying constantly for 3 hours and more in a day, you can consider it colic pain. Colic is a more specialized pattern of crying than normal. Babies suffering from colic are healthy but will keep on screaming or crying spells with a high pitch for hours together. This will happen at regular intervals of time, generally in the evenings, which makes the parents very difficult to handle and soothe the baby.

Any good pediatrician in India will recommend you use KOLIK Gripe Water for your baby. KOLIK is helping babies with its natural, safe, effective, fast-acting, and gentle relief properties to overcome colic, cramps, hiccups, and more issues. Particularly, if your baby suffering from an upset stomach it provides quick relief within minutes as it includes natural fennel and ginger inside.

Along with colic pain, there are several things that you need to care about while your baby is crying frequently. Some of them include:

  • Hunger – The digestive system of babies is small and they need to be fed every four hours.
  • Tired – Babies don’t have any time sense that it is day or night. As they wake up many times for breast milk or formula, they may get tired and cry to rest with their mother.
  • Burping –  Being burped often helps babies get rid of the air they swallow during feeding from their mother.
  • Overstimulated – help your baby by keeping minimum stimulation at night. You can use a night light or a low-voltage bulb so that you can put them to sleep more quickly.
  • Wet diaper – Often changing the baby’s diaper, and caring over rashes, if any, helps them to stop crying
  • Fever – If your baby is too hot, immediately check the baby’s body temperature with a thermometer and decide to consult a doctor.

Don’t get frustrated and yell at your baby or don’t hand over your baby to a servant or a caregiver. Never shake your baby for a crying reason. Understand that your baby is not able to express or communicate that undergoing pain and discomfort. Shaking your baby forcefully or throwing the baby on any rough surface by caregivers will cause other health risks such as abusive head trauma or shaken baby syndrome which leads to brain damage.

As a parent, keep your attention on the baby and try to soothe gently with a good quality gripe water like KOLIK that is having anti-gas properties even if your baby suffering from gas pain or any other stomach pain. Your crying baby needs so much patience, love, and affection to fulfill all the needs and develop a good sleeping habits.

Dr. Chase Pediatrics is manufacturing original and alcoholic-free KOLIK gripe water for a century. Any podiatrist in Canada will recommend this natural English remedy to babies giving ½ tablespoons for newborns, 1 tablespoon for 6 months, and 2 tablespoons for above 6 months.

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