Kewra Water Uses & Benefits: 5 Best Kewra Water Brands in India For 2023

What is Kewra Water?

Kewra water, also called kewda or keora water, is broadly utilized in desi cooking as an aroma enhancing specialist.

It is wildly celebrated to impart an alluring smell to customary North Indian dishes, be it zesty biryanis, super cold sherbets, delectable rasgullas, and creamy paneer sauces and even meat delights from Mughlai cooking. 

It is extracted from the concentrates of the pandanus flower. This high scented pith additionally presents fantastic advantages for skin health.

Having large amounts of skin-sustaining mixes, cell reinforcements and phytonutrients, kewra water supplies a cooling impact to condition the face.

And other than helping skin diseases inferable from its calming qualities. 

Kewra water is sweet-smelling water produced using refined kewra (pandan P. odoratissimus) blossoms and is utilized in treats and appetizing dishes in the two India just as Southeast Asia. 

Ordinarily called kewra or kewda in Hindi, the little estimated tree bearing numerous branches is experimentally alluded to as Pandanus odorifer, having a place with the Pandanaceae family and named as “Ketaki” in Sanskrit and “Kaithai” or “Thazhai” in Tamil.

Also called fragrant screw-pine or umbrella tree, the plant creates splendid white blossoms in summer, with a reasonably pleasing scent.

It is found in the Ganjam district of Orissa and various other districts of India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Australia.

All About Kewra Water

Kewra Water Uses

  • Kewra water uses can be so many. It depends on you which dish you would like to use. For ages, most people in India and abroad have been using kewra water in preparing authentic non-vegetarian dishes. 
  • Besides this, kewra water is also used in preparing sweet dishes. 
  • It is used in many vegetarian recipes also.
  • Apart from using kewra water in food and dishes, it is also used as a beauty product. Not many know about this property of kewra water. 
  • It is used as an excellent toner. However, it doesn’t smell sweet like rose water but is used as a face toner. 
  • It tightens open and enlarged pores. 
  • When mixed with any face pack, it gives a radiant and fresh glow to your face. 

Kewra Water Benefits 

Purifies The Pores

Kewra water is naturally blessed with a filtering property to dispose of any waiting residue particles on the skin attributable to contamination, climate and other ecological components.

Delicately scouring your face with a q-tip spotted in touch kewra water guarantees that any excess soil is cleared away from the outside of the skin. 

Cures acne

Offered with plentiful mitigating specialists, kewra water is a great natural item to battle skin inflammation, dry skin, stripping in psoriasis, dermatitis and rosacea., which cause unremitting torment, tingling and scarring on the skin.

The cooling highlights of this bloom based emulsion further mitigate disturbed skin, noticeably bringing down redness, growing and reestablishing fine skin surface. 

Rejuvenate Skin Cells

Kewra water acts as a toner for your face. Its work is to shrink the size of the pores back to their original.

Due to the accumulation of dirt, dust, and sebum, the pores on your face open up or enlarge.

Hence, kewra water is used as a toner to minimize the size of the pores. Subsequently, it revives dull and depressed skin from the inside, giving a new and young appearance. 

Leaves Your Skin Hydrated and Moisturized

Loaded with hydrating essential oils and plant removes that contain a natural ingredient called humectant.

This implies that kewra water leaves your skin nourished and replenished when used as a toner.

This leaves your face hydrated, nourished and moisturized. The results can be seen effectively when mixed with any face pack. 

It Has Anti-Aging Properties

Kewra water contains immense stores of phenol and carotenoid cell reinforcements. These successfully dispense with the poisons, free extremists and different deposits from the external just as interior, more profound layers of skin.

It does some incredible things in limiting wrinkles, barely recognizable differences, hanging in the skin, to amazingly switch the age-clock and uncover young, dynamic skin.

Kewra Water For Biryani 

Biryani and other authentic non-vegetarian dishes are incomplete without a dash of kewra water in them. A perfect Biryani is complete only with the fragrance of kewra water in it.

Kewra water for cooking biryani is a common thing in India that enhances the taste and flavour of biryani. Its aromatic fragrance makes this dish authentic and delicious.

You will see the difference in taste when you sprinkle some in it. This aromatic water enhances the taste of all kinds of biryanis made. 

Kewra Water Online 

This aromatic water is available easily everywhere. You can buy it from any retail grocery store at a very reasonable cost.

And if you wish to try some good brands, you can get them from an online store. 

9 Best Kewra Water Brands in India

Kewra Product BrandShop
Urban Platter Water (Kewra (Pandanus) Water)Buy on Amazon
Food Essential Kewra (Pandanus) WaterBuy on Amazon
KAZIMA Kewra Water For Face Care & Skin CareBuy on Amazon
PURAMIO Kewra (Pandanus) WaterBuy on Amazon
Naturevibe Botanicals, Kewra WaterBuy on Amazon
MR. KOOL Food Essence Kewda, Pista FlavorsBuy on Amazon
Foodfrillz Kewra, Rose & Kesar Food Flavor EssenceBuy on Amazon
Nawab’s Secret 100% Natural Premium Kewra WaterBuy on Amazon
Allin Exporters Kewra WaterBuy on Amazon

We have shortlisted 5 brands that manufacture the kewra water and have given a detailed review below.

5 Best Kewra Water Products Available Online in India 2021

1. Basic Ayurveda Kewra Water 

Basic Ayurveda Kewra Water

Basic Ayurveda Kewra is an ayurvedic formulation in the form of water. It is fundamentally a creation of fluids acquired post refining from the pandanus bloom.

The item is a straightforward fluid, practically like rose water. It encourages cooling and cell reinforcement impact. It is helpful on account of urine-related issues and also beneficial in bad breathing. 

Product Features 

  • Serves as a coolant and cell reinforcement, the water has therapeutic utilization 
  • It assists with battling regular issues like an awful breath 
  • Provides a cooling impact 
  • It helps to treat pee related issue 

Why do we recommend it? 

In our opinion, basic Ayurveda kewra water is homegrown water made out of natural ingredients with no side effects results. You can use this keora water for preparing desserts to snacks.

It is additionally helpful in wellbeing-related issues like urine and terrible breath. So it’s an absolute necessity to have in your kitchen 

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2. Ganpati Herbal Kewra Water 

Ganpati Herbal Kewra Water

Ganpati Herbal Kewra water is a concentrate that is refined from a flower known as pandanus which grows in the tropical Asian region of the world.

It is similar to water just like rose water. Manh people use Ganpati Rose Water Has as A Flavoring Agent to impart Aroma To Your Food.

Not just Ganpati herbal Kewra water is used in food, but it can also be used to get beautiful Glowing Skin When Used With A Face Pack Or Glycerin.

This kewra water helps to cleanse your skin and remove all the dirt and germs. Through its astringent action, It can also moisturize your face By replenishing Its essential fluids. 

Product Features 

  • Can be utilized in puddings, pastries, food, and sweet arrangement 
  • Removes soil and pollutions proficiently 
  • It is useful in Open shut pores 
  • It is a Khadi Certified Product 
  • 100% Pure Rose and Kewra Water 

Why do we recommend it? 

This kewra water can be utilized for all reasons including cooking, outside applications, and in drinks too. It offers value for cash and has an extremely gentle aroma which is acceptable.

There may be particles of white tone at the base, which is an indication of purity, not to be misconstrued for dust. 

3. KAZIMA Kewra Water 

KAZIMA Kewra Water

This Kewra water has a satisfying and relieving smell. It is generally utilized in assembling fragrances and aromas.

By the massage of this water, you feel extremely relaxed and quiet from your pressure and melancholy.

This water oil is utilized in setting up an assortment of dishes to add more flavour and taste to them.

It is additionally utilized in the creation of cold beverages, mocktails, and substantially more food things because of its colourful taste and sweet smell.

Use in cooking purposes for fragrance-based treatment and perfume products. 

Product Features 

  • It is a pure normal kewra water 
  • Kewra water is a concentrate that is refined from pandanus blossoms 
  • Kewra water is a straightforward fluid, practically like rose water. In spite of the fact that pandanus trees develop wherever in tropical Asia 
  • Kewra water is still basically a northern Indian seasoning that isn’t utilized elsewhere. In western cooking, kewra water makes a fine option in comparison to flower essences like rose or orange pith 

Why do we recommend it? 

It is accessible for a very low price and dissimilar to most brands of Keora water, it is in reality better. You can utilize it in food or beauty products as it has a stunning fragrant aroma.

On the off chance that you are searching for simply natural ingredients, and Considering its low cost and the nature of the item, we accept that this kewra Water is a brilliant buy for your kitchen 

4. Allin Exporters Kewra Water

Allin Exporters Kewra Water

Extracted through the refining of pandanus blossoms, Allin exporters kewra water is for the most part colourless to marginally yellow in shading.

It has a sweet, perfumed, and fruity flavour that is like rose water.

This Kewra water has been generally utilized in Indian and Asian cooking for enhancing pastries, drinks, and non-veggie lover dishes.

Allin Exporter Kewra water is broadly commended everywhere on the globe because of its fantastic cancer prevention agent properties that are useful for accomplishing delicate and sound skin.

Famous for fantastic purging and conditioning properties, this kewra water is ideal for use as a toner, facial cleaning agent, or face pack diluter.

It rejuvenates the skin by opening up the pores so that nutrient-rich organic serums, moisturisers and creams can be absorbed deeply into the layers of the skin so that you get the glow

It is similarly ideal for including dishes to upgrade their flavour and fragrance. 

Product features

  • Allin exporter Kewra water is fragrant water produced using refined kewra blossoms and is utilized in pastries and some appetizing dishes in the two India just as Southeast Asia. 
  • This Kewra Water’s flower aroma gives a quieting impact, hence helps in mental unwinding. Gives a Great Aroma when utilized in Cooking. Particularly Great with Spicy food sources like Biriyani, Haleem and that’s just the beginning. 
  • Works Great as Body Coolant when in-took – Soothes sore throats, Contains cell reinforcements. Kewra contains various incredible cancer prevention agents, which can help shield cells from harm. 
  • Kewda or kewra scent is fundamentally removed from male flowers. Male kewra blossoms have a rose-like sweet and fruity aroma. Just the male blossoms are utilized to remove aroma. 

Why do we recommend it? 

Allin exporter brings you Pure Natural Kewra Water that is in Edible Grade and which can be utilized for all reasons including cooking Indian dishes, sweets and can be used in drinks too for aroma.

This kewra water is made utilizing the Steam Distillation strategy to Prepare Kewra Water. You can utilize this water in getting ready dishes from deserts to snacks.

It is likewise valuable in health-related issues which makes it an absolute must-have product in the Indian Kitchen. 

5. Dabur Keora Water 

Dabur Keora Water

Keora (now spelt as kewra, kewda, or kevda) essence is removed from a type of tree known as Pandanus odoratissimus.

The Dabur Keora Water is fragrant essence water that is for the most part utilized as a flavour for food varieties, yet like rosewater or orange bloom water is extraordinarily adaptable.

You can utilize it to add a delightful aroma to your beauty products, hair oils, or massage oils.

You can blend Dabur Keora Water into beverages to add an outlandish flavour and fragrance. 

The most widely recognized utilization of Dabur Keora Water is in making pastries, desserts, puddings, or heated products.

You can add it to cakes, biscuits or frozen yoghurt to grant a dazzling flavour or use it in kheer, ras malai, rasgulla, rabri, jalebi and other Indian sweetmeats.

It is additionally regularly used to add flavour to rice in biryani or Nasi Pandan – Malaysian style rice which is generally set up with glue produced using the leaves of the tree. 

It is accessible at an exceptionally ease and not at all like most brands of Keora water, it really has the substance of Pandanus Tectorius. You can utilize it in food or makeup as it has a beautiful fragrant aroma. 

On the off chance that you are searching for absolutely natural ingredients, the Dabur Keora Water will probably not fulfil your needs. 

Product features

  • It is a superior quality Keora water and gives ideal flavour to your dishes 
  • It is utilized as a seasoning specialist in making flavoursome Biryanis 
  • Adds flavour to your number one sweets Sherbet, Ras Malai, Rasgullas 
  • Dabur Keora Water gives the exceptional flavour one gets in desserts purchased from merchants – which individuals discover hard to duplicate at home 

Why do we recommend it? 

As we would like to think, the Dabur Keora Water is an astounding thing to have in your kitchen.

It is a staggeringly adaptable ingredient and can be utilized in the readiness of dishes going from pastries to stews, flavours, or meals.

Thinking about its low cost and the nature of the item, we accept that the Dabur Keora Water is an excellent purchase for your kitchen. 

How To Make Kewra Water at Home

Think of kewra water as you would rose water and orange flower water – as something which gives a gorgeous scent and sophistication to a dish rather than as flavouring. Mix well and cover.

I am sure you all have heard of pandan leaves, a prevalent ingredient used in South East Asian countries. Kewra is said to have excellent antioxidant properties.

But if you say that you would want to prepare kewra water at home, I would suggest that it is not that easy to prepare this fragrance water at home.

It is better to buy it rather than get the flowers and the leaves from which the essence is extracted.

So the best thing is to buy kewra water rather than searching on YouTube to make kewra water at home.

Kewra Water Side Effects

There are no side effects to it. Just a few to that are again not too harsh that you would be removing this essence from your dish. 

  • If the quantity is more, the taste of your dish will be spoilt. Only a few drops are needed to maintain the flavor of the dish. 
  • If you want a particular brand that might not be available easily in retail stores. 
  • The fragrance is quite challenging if compared to rose water. 


Kewra water is the same in appearance and taste as Rose Water, however, it is unmistakable in its fruitier enhancing, making it an incredible backup to your dishes.

It isn’t only utilized for a specific dish, yet all things considered, adding Kewra Water to both exquisite and sweet dishes can have an intriguing, flavoursome outcome and ought to be a staple thing in your kitchen.

Kewra Water benefits your cooking as well as your general wellbeing and prosperity, which reiterates why it ought to be a significant, vital piece of your kitchen. 

Not exclusively does the water have natural cell reinforcements, the smell of this water additionally has a quieting impact and can give mental unwinding.

Because of the restorative properties that are available in Kewra Water, many use it as a wellbeing drink by adding drops of kewra water to the common beverages they consume every day.

You can enjoy these advantages yourself by buying kewra water from the recommendation we mentioned above and making a firm addition to your kitchen.

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