JSB HF64 Kneading Type Full Back and Neck Massager Review 2023

A good massage is something that instantly rejuvenates and lifts your mood. Whenever you feel low, tired, or too messed up with something; a few minutes massage break can do wonders.

And, that too at any place and anytime! Yes, you heard it right. JSB Healthcare brings you this professional JSB HF64 Kneading type Full Back and Neck Massager which is portable and can be used in home, office and car with the help of a 12V car adaptor.

The Massager is mainly designed for people suffering from chronic back and neck pain due to cervical spondylitis.

It offers Shiatsu massage that functions with the body’s energy flow and can make you feel relaxed. This Kneading type JSB HF64 Back Massager Machine also provides a vibration massage to the hips which can relieve muscular stiffness and improve blood circulation.

It generates soothing heat while applying kneading massage to a specific area and instantly provides comfort.

The JSB HF64 Back Massager Machine is fitted with 3D rollers to massage areas like the neck, upper, and lower back effectively. Anyone can use this Massager as the headrest height can be adjusted to cater to individual requirements.

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JSB HF64 Back Massager Machine for Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief Review

JSB HF64 Back Massager Machine

Shiatsu Massage For Back and Neck

The Massager provides Shiatsu massage which is a kind of finger pressure massage, to help in reducing stress and give relief from back, neck, and shoulder pain.

This massage technique uses acupressure therapy to release tension and bring a perfect balance to the body. So, you feel more relaxed, both physically and emotionally.

Kneading Massage For Ultimate Comfort

The Massager Unit provides kneading massage in which pressure is applied to the deep tissues.

This massage helps treat stiff muscles and increase flexibility. The Massager is provided with 4 kneading infrared massage heads and 2 kneading neck massage heads to function properly.

Heat Function For Kneading

The Back and Neck Massager has a heating function to relieve pain on stiff and fatigued muscles. And, this heating along with the kneading massage can help the muscle to relax by improving dissemination.

Seat Vibration Massage For Blood Circulation

The Massager is featured with a seat with 3 vibration massage settings. This seat vibration massage can improve blood circulation in the mid, lower, and upper back areas of your body, to reduce muscle pain effectively.

Spot Massage For Back

The JSB HF64 Back Massager Unit offers a spot massage facility for some specific zones on the back. This kind of massage gives you instant relief during a long drive or after sitting for long hours.

Back Roller Massager For Back & Neck

It is provided with 3D back rollers and a roller cover. These back rollers give you the feel of human hands and provide ultimate comfort to all the massage areas like the neck, lower and upper back.

Auto-Off Facility

The Back and Neck Massager has an auto-off facility after functioning for 15 minutes. It is also provided with full function wired remote control and the roller speed and strength can also be adjusted from the remote.

Durable and Compact Design

The Massager is available in polycarbonate construction which ensures the durability of usage. It is a compact unit that can easily fit any chair or car seat.

Back Rub Feature and Infrared Capacity

The JSB HF64 Back Massager Machine is available with a tapping back rub facility to help in releasing tight muscles so that you feel lighter and your muscles are relaxed. It is fitted with a back rub handle so that you can reach the target massaging zones easily.

The Massager has an infrared capacity that can decrease torment, warm up the body and elevate dissemination to the focused-on massaging zones. It offers tapping massage with infrared light warmth to ensure long-term comfort.

It is designed with three tradable heads to increase your comfort and relieve tensed muscles.

Benefits of Using This Back & Neck Massager

  • Provides Shiatsu massage for the back and neck area
  • Kneading massage facility
  • 4 kneading infrared massage heads and 2 kneading neck massage heads
  • Seat vibration massage for proper blood flow in the body. Features a seat with 3 vibration settings
  • Soothing Heat function
  • Spot massage feature for targeting specific points on your back
  • 15 minutes auto-off facility
  • 3D rollers to relieve work-related stress and muscle stiffness
  • Neck Rollers can provide neck and shoulder massage
  • The height of the neck massager is adjustable as per the user’s height, by using the wired remote. The roller speed and strength can also be adjusted from the remote.
  • Made using polycarbonate
  • Ideal for use in home, office and car using 12V adaptor (included)

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How It Works?

Full Back and Neck Massager helps in relieving muscular pain and relaxing tired muscles in the neck and back region.

Before using the JSB HF64 Back Massager Machine, you need to place it on a high back chair or car seat and connect the power cord to the electric supply or car 12Volt adaptor respectively.

Then, sit down comfortably on the chair and press the POWER button on the remote.

You can choose the region of your back where the rollers will move between full, upper, or lower back region. And, when you press one of these 3 buttons, the back roller will start moving up and down in your chosen area.

You can also turn on the heating function and back rollers by pressing the back heating button.

To enjoy neck massage along with the back massage, press the neck kneading button.

The JSB HF64 Back Massager Machine can rotate the neck rollers in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. To change the direction of the rollers, press the neck kneading button again.

This Massager is suitable for people of different heights. You can adjust the roller position up or down by pressing the UP or DOWN button, placed just below the neck kneading button.

The unique spot massage option which you can use to target specific regions of your back.

When you long-press the UP and DOWN button on the remote, the rollers will move in the desired direction and when you leave the button, the rollers will focus on the back point of your back.

Comes with a strong seat vibration feature and you can TURN ON the seat vibration by pressing the SEAT button.

This Massager has got 3 vibration speeds which you can switch between by repeatedly pressing the SEAT button.

You can use the back massage, neck massage, and seat massage simultaneously too.

Key Specifications of The JSB HF64 Back Massager Machine

  • Weight: 7.8kg
  • Power source: AC
  • Power consumption: 48W
  • Power required: 230-240V
  • Massage type: Back, Neck and Shoulder
  • Massage method: Kneading, Heating, and Vibration
  • Colour: Black

Why Choose It

  • Ideal for relieving pain in the lower or upper lumber area
  • Helps in stimulating natural blood flow to the back and neck
  • Offers an effective solution to people with long sitting hours or long drives
  • This JSB HF64 Back Massager Machine Ideal for those who travel frequently in cars and also used when you work for long hours in the office

A Body Massager can indeed be very useful to de-stress your body and mind, in today’s hectic world. And, when it is available as a portable device that is professional and cost-effective too, you would want to have it.

Still, there are some points you need to take care of while buying it. So, kindly go through some of the advantages and disadvantages of this Massager and decide accordingly.


You can experience kneading massage, Shiatsu massage, and vibration massage, in this single Back and Neck Massager. These techniques can loosen up stiff and painful muscles as well as improve blood circulation.

Its compact design allows you to carry it wherever you go and offers relaxation during long working hours or travel.

Provides neck massage with a height adjustment facility to suit specific requirements.

The JSB HF64 Back Massager Machine is easy to use. Hence, you do not need any other person to help you with the massage. You can do it yourself.

You get a professional massage every time and that too at the comfort of indoor as well as outdoor places.


Though, it may be alluring to use this Back Massager regularly to obtain physical and emotional well-being; always make sure that you are treating muscle pain only. If the pain is due to a bone fracture or a clot, then consult a doctor first.

As the Massager can perform kneading, Shiatsu, and vibration massage simultaneously, some users may get confused. So, you need to get a clear idea before using the unit.


Kneading type Full Back and Neck Massager is available on Amazon And, when you see the positive output from this investment, it feels justified.

 The Back and Neck Massager is manufactured by JSB Healthcare and is provided with 1 Year JSB National Warranty by the manufacturer from the date of purchase. And, you can be assured of their after-sale service too.

JSB Healthcare also offers doorstep engineer visit facilities in all metro cities and nearby towns. And, in non-metro cities, they provide free pick up and drop service for servicing of products.

Be it neck pain due to long working hours in the office, or a sudden cramp in your back muscles, you can try this JSB HF64 Back and Neck Massager as your massage therapist, anytime, anywhere!


Maximum working hours of this Massager?

It offers 4-5 hours of smooth functioning

What is the kneading intensity of this Massager?

It performs with a soothing medium intensity

How do the back rollers actually work?

The back rollers move up and down. And, while doing so, they also rotate on their axis to provide good coverage on the back.

Can I use this Massager only for back heating and vibration without roller functioning?

No. It is not designed in such away.

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