JSB HF05 Ultra Leg Massager For Pain Relief Review 2022

JSB HF05 Ultra Leg Massager is the best foot and calf massager. It is certainly because the product offers you the choice of self-kneading your legs and feet at home.

Other than this, you don’t need to put resources into costly masseurs in salons or specialists any longer. No additional fixing arrangements and sitting tight for your turn.

Right off the bat, how about we start with the JSB brand history and what they dominate in.

It would be fascinating to recognize the reality about the JSB leg foot massager machine that its massaging ideas work on historic Chinese reflexology for easing tensed muscles.

This kind of therapy truly assists you in maintaining a distance from stress and fatigue. In addition to that, foot massagers make sense genuinely appropriate, and you ought to be conscious of acupressure factors in the sole of the feet.

The JSB HF05 leg foot massager is basically designed to furnish digital simulation on the critical stress factors at the aspect of the soul; it helps you loosen up after a long hard day.

You don’t want to sleep after popping some painkillers in your meal pipe. Also, this foot massager is notably eco-friendly since it consumes minimal energy during its operation.

It comes with rubber kneading pads that can, without problems, squeeze your feet after a tiring day or if you are doing a discipline job going from one vicinity to some other place.

A mild vibration rubdown of The JSB HF05 Leg Massager can, without difficulty, assist loosen up your legs and sound sleep.

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JSB HF05 Ultra Leg Massager Review

JSB HF05 Ultra Leg Massager for Pain Relief in Foot & Calf

Product Features/ Description

  • It will Auto Shut Off: On completion of 15 minutes, this machine will shut down immediately. This is due to the ideal time for a massage is 15 minutes. So one should not panic if you’ve not switched off this machine.
  • It offers Foot Reflexology Massage: The foot massager gives pressure alleviation to stressed muscles and restores the body, causing you to feel new with its delicate back rub.
  • You can appreciate doing your number one action at home, like perusing or watching the TV while getting a foot massage.
  • Does Scraping Massage on Foot Sole: At the point when you see your friends and family experience the ill effects of foot torment, you need expert assistance.
  • A massager which can hold the foot and lower leg muscles like JSB HF05 Ultra can successfully duplicate a back rub specialist’s hand rub.
  • The vibration highlight adds esteem as it improves blood flow and eases tired foot muscles.
  • It is powered by 4 Independent Motors: JSB HF05 Ultra draws its power from four free substantial engines which are made to give better execution and last than years. Individuals can utilize the back rub program, all things considered: older, housewives, working people with sitting and standing positions.
  • It has Kneading+Vibration+Heat+Foot Roller Massage: The kneading pad of the Massager gives shiatsu back rub to the calves and helps in managing the sensory system of the legs and the general blood course.
  • The leg massager machine for home additionally gives help in sciatica-related leg torment too. It’s anything but a pressure reliever for the legs.
  • Use While Sitting or Reclining: One can utilize their JSB HF05 Ultra leg Massager to help with pain while sitting on a seat or leaning back on a couch as the Massager can be leaned back up to 45 degrees.
  • Doorstep engineer visit facility: In all metro urban communities and close by towns. In non-metro urban areas, it allows loose pick and drops administration for the assistance of items.

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Some other warranty related and essential features are:

  • JSB HF05 Ultra Leg Massager helps Leg and Foot for Pain Relief Effectively Massage Foot Ankle and Calf simultaneously.
  • The mode of operation is Kneading with Rubber Pads.
  • Available colour for JSB HF05 Ultra Leg Massager is Blue-White and Red-Black.
  • The power utilized in JSB HF05 Ultra Leg Massager is 60 Watt.
  • The size available in this Massager is 40*40*41.
  • 3 Modes of Vibration + 3 Modes of Kneading.
  • Item weight is 12 Kg 200 grams.
  • The material used in this Ultra Leg massager is Rubber.
  • For the power source, corded electricity can be used.
  • It has a 1 Year JSB National Warranty.

Why is Leg Massage Important?

If your feet are throbbing following a difficult day, a foot massage can give you much-required relief.

Be that as it may, it doesn’t simply feel better. Exploration shows that it has medical advantages, as well. Indeed, even a short foot back rub can ease pressure and advantage you up.

That is something worth being thankful for because cutting pressure and boosting energy raises the chances you’ll settle on solid decisions like practising and eating right.

An effective foot massage initiates your sensory system, which builds feel-great cerebrum synthetic compounds like endorphins.

In one investigation, individuals who got foot rub after a medical procedure to eliminate their informative supplement had less torment and utilized fewer painkillers.

That is not all, however. Foot knead your dissemination, which assists with recuperating and keeps your muscles and tissues solid.

That is particularly significant in the event that you have medical issues that add to helpless flow or nerve harm, similar to diabetes.

Massaging your feet likewise allows you an opportunity to check for different issues, similar to wounds, corns, and ingrown toenails. If you have helpless dissemination, checking your feet for injuries is a smart thought.

Benefits of Owning a Foot Massager Machine

One doesn’t need to visit a spa or recruit a back rub specialist to get yourself a remedial foot rub.

Because of innovation and splendid personalities, they have concocted powerful foot massagers that are additionally moderate. The greatest advantages of possessing a foot massager are straightforward!

You can encounter the numerous advantages of this exceptionally old practice in the solace of your own home.

You can easily use a foot massager while enjoying your favourite shows on TV. It will likewise save you many dollars from standard excursions to the spa or back massager specialist.

Having the option to self-massage at whatever point you need is one of the numerous advantages of claiming a quality foot massager machine.

Also, executing a self-foot rub into your medical services system will improve your general wellbeing.

A decent foot massager is the best answer for drained, throbbing feet.

Try not to trust that issues will happen—by using a foot massager; you can keep away from a lot of future issues and agony.

Few benefits of using foot massager for overall health:

  1. It is beneficial for the heart and improves body circulation: A foot massage can fundamentally help blood flow, particularly in the lower furthest points. It is likewise useful in decreasing varicose veins and, in this manner, improving the look of the legs and thighs.
  2. It helps relieve plantar fasciitis: A foot massager will help in calming the torment brought by plantar fasciitis, just as impact point torment. By essentially utilizing a foot massager, many foot conditions can be lightened and improved. If you are encountering ongoing or extreme torment, it is basic that you look for the exhortation of experienced medical care experts.
  3. Promotes healthy sleeping: A nice foot massage would give you ultimate relief; it would become easier for you to sleep with no shortcomings. No pain or discomfort on your legs would hurt you in any sense.
  4. Fights off depression: Reflexology and foot massage are known to be the primary factors responsible for fighting depression. Massaging specific points on your feet would help you relieve any symptoms associated with depression.


  • It is easy to use: The JSB HF05 Ultra Leg Massager machine is made so that it may very well be utilized by any client. It’s anything but a simple interface to utilize that is cherished by housewives and the older.
  • It is eco-friendly:  You don’t need to stress in the wake of popping a few painkillers. This leg foot massager is eco-accommodating and burns through a negligible measure of power by giving you one more motivation to go for this item.
  • JSB HF05 Ultra Leg Massager gives a special vibration: It gives you a gentle vibration that is something you will slowly fall in love with when you use it the very first time.
  • Modern Technology is used: Modern-day innovation has profited us with different leg massager machines in India. It’s anything but a troublesome decision to make once you are totally prepared for what you precisely require.
  • The JSB HF05  Leg Massager is properly intended to give electronic incitement on required pressing factor focuses along the edges of the sole and help you to unwind following a debilitating day at work.
  • Reflexology Foot Plate: The JSB HF05 Ultra leg Massager has a reflexology footplate to ease foot pain.


  • Doesn’t Cover the Upper Calf: The JSB HF05 Ultra Leg Massager does not cover the upper calf.
  • No Airbag Massage: The JSB HF05 Ultra Leg Massager does not have a facility for Airbag Massage


The JSB HF05 Ultra leg, foot, and calf massager isn’t just required for relief from discomfort; however, it’s anything but a massager that gives a refreshing inclination.

You can get a total leg to knead in the solace of your home and keep in mind that doing your number one exercises. Leg torment has become a serious normal issue today, and it’s anything but consistently in view of an ailment.

Now and again, an undeniable degree of movement like representing quite a while or latency in view of sitting on a seat the entire day in the workplace likewise causes ongoing torment in the legs.

The Massager can be utilized while you are sitting easily on a seat. You can choose the kind of back rub you need and for what part of your leg. JSB gives a doorstep administration to its clients and furthermore gives nearby support of its items.

The after-deal administration of JSB is pretty much as productive and proactive as the outreach group.

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