How To Wash Cloth Diapers? All in One Guide 2022

When your infant is home, changing his cloth, diapers, and other clothing will automatically become a part of your daily routine. Parents nowadays prefer to use cloth diapers as they are eco-friendly and cost-effective.

However, you need to wash these diapers carefully to avoid causing an infection in your child. These are some tips to make sure your baby’s cloth diapers are cleaned correctly.

Best Ways To Wash Cloth Diapers of Babies

  • Separate the dirty diapers from the clean ones. Keep them away from regular laundry.
  • Before washing the soiled diapers, you should review the instructions.
  • Would you please make sure that your washing machine is not overloaded? Consequently, the diapers cannot be adequately cleaned.
  • Select a good detergent. There shouldn’t be any solid additives or fragrances, and they should be mild. Your baby’s skin may become irritated by them.
  • To eliminate the foul odour in your washing machine, add baking soda or vinegar.
  • It could also be a good idea to add a small amount of an antiseptic liquid that is gentle and safe for your baby’s skin. A wide variety of these are available and are reasonably priced.
  • If the diapers are badly stained, soak them in a water mixture and oxy-bleach for several hours. You can use this to remove tough stains from your baby’s skin without causing too much harm to its skin.
  • Ideally, you should begin with a cold wash and then do a regular wash and rinse in hot or warm water. However, make sure that the water is not overly hot; otherwise, the cloth diapers can be damaged.
  • After rinsing your diapers, you need to ensure that they are detergent-free. Once you take them out, the diapers should smell fresh.
  • The temperature settings for a dryer should be configured according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • It is, however, recommended that the cloth diapers be hung out to dry on a clothesline in the sunlight in order to eliminate any foul odour and bacteria.

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Here are a few tips on how to wash cloth diapers by hand:

  • Dispose of the solids in the toilet and spray whatever remains with a mini-shower, sprayer or faucet.
  • You should rinse the dirty diapers under the faucet and soak them in a bucket of cold water containing mild detergent for 1 hour.
  • Baking soda, vinegar, or liquid antiseptic can be added to the water to eliminate odours and bacteria.
  • Once the diapers are entirely wet, brush the soiled portions of the diaper with a cloth brush gently.
  • Please make sure the diapers are completely detergent-free before you wash them.
  • Hang them up to dry in the sun.

Diapers Need to Be Dried

  • It is necessary to dry the diapers after they have been washed. The following tips will help you dry your cloth diapers:
  • Before using a dryer, check the cloth diaper instructions for the recommended temperature setting.
  • Cloth diapers should be dried on a clothesline in the sun to get rid of bacteria and odours. The sunlight also enables the diapers to become whiter. The option is also eco-friendly.
  • Too much sunlight can cause diapers to become stiff. The best time to dry them out is early in the morning or late in the afternoon when it is not too hot.

How to wash cloth diapers correctly.

If you are washing cloth diapers, take care not to make these mistakes:

  • Don’t throw them into the washing machine if they still have solids on them.
  • Use of bleach, fabric conditioner, and whitening products should be avoided. The chemicals can harm the clothes as well as irritate your baby’s skin.
  • Dryer sheets should not be used when putting diapers in the dryer. In addition to reducing the function of cloth diapers, dryer sheets usually contain chemicals that may irritate a baby’s skin.
  • A sun-drying method should not be overlooked. When diapers are dried on a clothesline in sunlight, they can be less stained and odorous and kill the bacteria.
  • Rinse the diapers thoroughly so that there is no soap residue left on them. Otherwise, it can cause rashes on the baby’s bottom.
  • Do not overfill the washing machine with too many clothes since the diapers will not be adequately cleaned.
  • Soiled cloth diapers should not be washed together with regular laundry. Diapers should be washed separately.

How to Choose the Right Product

Always read the label of the products you choose to wash the cloth diapers thoroughly before using them. Make sure the detergent you choose does not have strong fragrances.

Germs can be removed by using baking soda, vinegar, or antiseptic liquid with the detergent.

Products you should avoid

Be sure to avoid detergents containing harsh chemicals, dyes, enzymes, bleaches, and other substances that might cause an allergic reaction to your baby.

Fabric conditioners should not be used for cleaning cloth diapers because the residual particles which contain chemicals may irritate baby’s skin which may lead to rashes

Do not use strong bleach, as this may damage the cloth diaper fibres.

What Is the Optimal Washing Frequency of Diapers

It is recommended to wash the diapers every other day. Throughout the first month of a baby’s life, he or she can go through 10 to 12 diapers a day. 

Babies between the ages of 2 and 5 months need to be changed eight to ten diapers each day, while babies between the ages of 6 to 12 months need to be changed at least eight diapers each day.

Therefore, we should always be sure to keep between 20 and 24 cloth diapers in stock and clean them on alternate days.


Diapers made of cloth are better for babies since they are gentle on the skin and allow the skin to breathe. Also, they prevent diaper rash in infants.

Follow all the tips above, and you’ll see that washing reusable cloth diapers is very simple.

This is an excellent way to keep your baby’s skin healthy and save you a lot of money while also being environmentally sound.

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