{3 Quick Steps} How To Remove Makeup More Efficiently in 2023?

It is very important to remove makeup after a long tiring day from parties, weddings, festive occasions, or the workplace. If not removed properly, it can cause extensive damage to the skin during the night while sleeping.

At night one must take proper steps to clean the skin as it renews itself while sleeping. When the makeup is not removed or the skin is not cleaned correctly, one is preventing the renovation of the skin. 

Some of the majorly prominent beauty products which are highly used currently are blush, foundation, mascara and lipsticks. However, these makeups can be harmful to the skin’s health.

Unhealthy products and habits can cause oiliness and dryness. All makeup products are oil-based and contain a high proportion of aldehydes, ketones, and phenols. 

When it stays on the skin for a long period, it clogs the pores and leads to problems like acne breakouts and blackhead appearance, premature ageing, age spots and wrinkles, and flaky or scaly signs of dryness on the face.

If the skin seems too shiny, your skin is oily, and the makeup products certainly harm the cells. 

The skin of the face is exposed to UV rays, grime, and pollution daily. Makeup tends to have sticky residue and dirt particles on it and can make the skin dull and dry causing serious imperfections of skin diseases that are difficult to treat.

It is always advised to wash the face and remove all the makeup before going to bed, as at night, a hormone called melatonin helps in the growth of cells; when the skin is free, this process is done faster and healthier without any problems.

Here are some easy and simple steps that one can follow to remove makeup and dirt from the face very easily.

These tricks will help the skin rejuvenate and let it breathe freely in the air, and one will wake up with refreshed and happy skin the next morning.

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Remove Your Makeup in 3 Steps

STEP 1 Eye Makeup Removal

  • Eye makeup can be stubborn and difficult to remove sometimes. To remove such a thing requires oil-based remover with the gentle and soothing qualities of cleansing water. Cleansing water works great for every type of skin, and one need not scrub or pull the eyes to remove the makeup.
  • Just put some cleansing liquid on the cotton pad and keep it on the eyes for 20 seconds without scrubbing the eyes. The wipe will make the makeup easy; with a little rubbing, all makeup will come off the eyes. 
  • One should always remove the makeup of eyes in a downward motion; getting rough with delicate eye skin can cause wrinkles and fine lines and even irritate the area. 
  • To clean the underneath lashes, use the clean side of the pad and wipe it in an upward stroke. This will remove all the mascara and kajal from your lashes.

STEP 2 Foundations and Face Makeup Removal

  • Take some amount of your daily cleanser and apply it using a circular motion while massaging the face. Use fingertips to spread the cleanser all over the face, including the hair.
  • Follow this process for at least 45 seconds. This will help to remove all the long-lasting foundation from the face.
  • Take some wet facial wipes or a wet silky cloth and wipe the face to remove any left foundation and blush from the skin. Also, make sure to clean the chin, hairline area around the ears and neck portion. 
  • Use any mild and good moisturizer; spread it all over the skin, including hairline, ears, and neck. This procedure will make skin supple and soft and prevent the dryness of the skin.

 STEP 3 Removing Lipstick or Lip colour

  • Apply a generous amount of petroleum jelly over the lips. One can use olive oil or coconut oil in place of petroleum jelly. This step will help in two ways – it will remove the lip color easily and moisturize the lip and make them soft and pink.
  • After five minutes, press the cotton pad against the lips and wipe out the jelly in a circular motion. While removing the jelly, the lipstick color will also come along without making the lips dry, rough, or chapped. 
  • If there is any tint left on the lips, try exfoliating the lips using a toothbrush. For exfoliation, one can try a mix of honey and sugar by gently applying it using the toothbrush in a circular motion and then after some time removing it by using a cotton pad. 
  • This exfoliation will make the lips rough and chapped. Just apply petroleum jelly or any natural lip balm to make them soft and pink again.


The skin requires its treatment every day as every lady uses makeup products that are oil and chemical-based, making the skin dull and full of acne and blackheads.

It is advisable to clean and treat the skin using products containing a minimum amount of chemicals. The skin is an extremely important attraction factor, and it requires a lot of care to make it soft to touch and glowing in appearance.

To make this happen, one must provide sufficient nourishment and attention to it. Many women extensively spend large sums of money on beauty products, which promise to provide beauty and smoother skin.

One can take care of their skin without paying a hefty price on such a product. Following simple steps like removing makeup, applying moisturizer, and taking the right amount of sleep and diet will make the skin look better, younger, and beautiful. 

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