How To Prevent Kajal From Smudging? [A Step by Step Guide]

No matter how flawless you look or how perfect your makeup is, it would help if you still put kohl onto your eyes. Something is missing if you do not use kajal. Who doesn’t love dark eyes prepped up with kohl?

Some prefer doing it boldly, while others use it lightly.
A kajal dash can make you look more splendid and prettier even on a ‘no cosmetics day’.

But imagine that you get raccoon-like eyes each time in the wake of applying it.

And swear on it, most of us do not even get to know that the kajal is smudged and you look horrible. You have horrendous looking eyes with “dark circles” of dark kohl.

You should follow a couple of essential hints and deceives to put a stop to it. Continue perusing to realize how to stop kajal from smudging and have very much characterized eyes for the day.

Yes, even the kajal application has significance to it from the time of the Victorian Era. But today, the girls apply it only for fashion.

Kajal or kohl has been considered the most famous eye beauty care product around the globe.

It has generally been utilized by ladies (once in a while, even men and youngsters) in the Middle East, Mediterranean, South Asia, and Africa.

The essential utilization of kajal is to form to characterize the eyes for a radiant and hypnotizing look.

In any case, the conventional arrangement of the item elaborates various remedially dynamic fixings alongside galena (the super fine type of extraordinarily handled kohl stone), which added to its remarkable therapeutic properties.

Kajal keeps eyes spotless and cool while reinforcing the eye muscles and improving vision.

Routine use of the item may likewise shield the eyes from contaminations and other eye sicknesses like blepharitis, waterfall, conjunctivitis, and so on.

In ancient ages, people used to put kajal on newborn babies and toddlers to keep them safe from evil eyes and negative energy.

Tips To Keep Your Kajal Budge-Proof To keep It Free From Body Sweat and Oil

It is imperative to keep the zone around your eyes liberated from oil. On the off chance that your eyelids are sleek, odds are your kajal would smirch.

You can attempt the below-given tips:

Before applying kajal, wash your face and wipe it off. You may even use some ice 3D squares to forestall the perspiring of your face and territory under your eyes.

Then again, you may utilize cotton cushions to absorb chilled water and spot the coolness all over.
Take some cotton fleece or an earbud.

Wipe your eyelid completely. When all the oil is gone, apply kajal. Dab and pat some face powder on the close to your eyes.

The powder ingests oil and even overabundance kajal. Along these lines, you know no smudging!

Prep Up Your Eyes

Much like your face, your eyes likewise should be prepared before applying any sort of cosmetics, including the kajal.

Subsequently, using an eye primer will accentuate your eyes and prep them up. If you prep up your under-eye before applying kohl, this will not allow your kajal to budge.

Additionally, it permits the kajal’s shades to remain on the skin for a more extended time.

Pair It with Other Eye Cosmetics

Kajal is best left with some eye shadow or other eye makeup. Guarantee that the kajal and eyeliner don’t cover one another.

Apply kajal, and afterwards, along the external boundary, apply a thin line of eyeliner. This would help you in keeping your kajal unblemished.

Apply your #1 mascara on your lashes and let it dry appropriately. This also will assist you with keeping your kajal away from smearing.

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Dab Some Loose Powder

Makeup artists suggest you dab some loose powder before applying kajal. Apply just a little amount of loose powder to keep your under-eye portion oil-free.

Thus, before you begin using your kajal, touch some loose powder under your eyes. Similarly, dust it on the tops just as around the corners (both inward and external) of the eyes.

This will ingest any abundance of oil to keep your kajal set up for quite a while. You can generally get over the abundance powder later.

Pick The Perfect Brand

It is essential to choose the right brand of kajal. Various luxe and drugstore brands have a vast range of all kinds of kajal pencils.

They are smudge-proof. Smudge-proof kohl pencils are the best and are available in different variants and colours, and you can choose any one of your choices.

The essential things to remember To Prevent Kajal From Smudging:

  • Decide on a notable brand.
  • Search for “budge-proof” and “long stay” feature while picking your kohl pencil.
  • Waterproof kajal will, in general, remain for extended periods without smudging.

Use The Right Technique To Apply

Always use the correct application to apply kajal. If you are a first-timer, check out a blogger’s youtube video on how to apply kajal.

Here are the steps that will help you apply kajal perfectly:

  • Utilize a sharp pencil to make fine and exact lines.
  • Start from the external corners and advance inwards.
  • Try not to apply it to your lower eyelid’s inward corners as it causes the most extreme smudging.
  • Draw more obscure lines on the eyelids’ focal point to make a dull and striking look.
  • Apply short and monotonous strokes to control the thickness of the lines.
  • Apply two coats or more to make a perfect smokey look.

With these tips, you will surely be able to choose the right brand of kajal, and you will be able to apply it correctly. So go girls, flaunt your bold eyes.

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