How To Perfectly Swaddle a Baby? Essential Steps to Note in 2022

Swaddling is the practice of wrapping your baby comfortably in a blanket or a soft cloth. It is an ancient technique to keep the baby feeling secure and cosy. Swaddling creates a womb-like environment for an infant to sleep peacefully.

But it’s crucial to understand the proper way of swaddling. If you’re curious how to swaddle a newborn, go for silky muslin blankets, which make swaddling babies not only simple but also cute. Your baby will look like a burrito that everyone adores.

The wrapping methods listed below will guarantee that both infant and mother are comfortable throughout naps and nighttime! While swaddling your baby, keep in mind that not all newborns enjoy being snuggled firmly.

Some toddlers find it oppressively hot and restricting, while others find it pleasantly soothing. Follow these instructions for swaddling a newborn, then observe your child’s reaction.

7 Steps To Perfectly Swaddle a Baby

Step I: Place the blanket on a level surface.

The foremost thing to do is place the cloth or blanket at the right place and then fold it in a triangle or a diamond shape.

On a flat surface, lay your baby’s swaddling blanket out in the right shape with one edge pointing to the sky and from the top corner, flip it downwards.

Step II: Put the baby in the centre.

Place the baby’s face and neck above the folded edge of the cloth. You should make sure that your baby is wearing light fabrics, or you can just put on a diaper only. Keep your hand on top of your infant at all times if they are on a higher surface.

Even though newborns who are swaddled lack the agility to roll over, a quick reaction may lead them to do so.

Step III: Wrap the blanket’s left side in.

Try to keep the baby’s right arm straight and then take the same side of the blanket around the chest with care to tuck the blanket beneath the left side of the infant.

Allow some free area around the thighs as wrapping too tightly can cause hips dysplasia.

Step IV: Fold the bottom part upwards. 

Wrap the blanket’s lower part up towards the baby’s face, covering the first fold and hiding their legs and feet. The edges should be tucked beneath the top right border.

It would be best to try to ensure that the child’s mouth and nostrils aren’t hidden as it can cause discomfort in breathing.

Step V: Tuck the right side of the wrap in.

The last thing is to fold the right side of the blanket around the body. Fold the open end under the top fold near their mouth.

It should travel over their left arm, tummy, and back around the newborn. And the work is done!

Step VII: Keep a check on the baby and sleep peacefully.

The last and most important thing to do is monitor your baby for a few hours after swaddling to feel secure that the baby isn’t feeling any discomfort or problem in breathing.

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How safe is the practice of Swaddling a newborn?

The practice of swaddling the baby is not entirely safe. It comes with few risks, but if you wrap with utmost care and make sure that the baby doesn’t feel uncomfortable, it can help both the baby and you in sleeping during nighttime.

The newborn feels the most comfort when swaddled as it is similar to the mother’s womb.

The bottom of the wrap should be flexible enough for your toddler’s feet to stay stretched up and out, as they would in a newborn resting on its back without a wrap, to support good hip growth.

Things To Keep in Mind

  • The wrap must be cosy and not too skin-fitted. You can ensure this by placing your two or three fingers under the chest side of the wrap. If they fit easily, it means that you’ve swaddled the baby properly.
  • You should always put your baby to sleep on your back without placing any pillows or toys beside the sleeping area.
  • Make sure that your baby doesn’t feel hot. You should keep the room temperature perfect for your baby to sleep. It should not be too hot or too cold.
  • Try to ensure your baby’s swaddling cloth isn’t undone. It might cover their face during sleep and make them feel suffocated.

Is it safe to Breastfeed a swaddled baby?

Feeding a swaddled baby isn’t advised by the doctors. Swaddling your baby while milking is not recommended since he or she may become too comfortable and feel sleepy.

While this isn’t always a negative thing, it might become a problem if your kid isn’t receiving adequate nutrients for growth.

If breastfeeding is your preferred method of feeding, remember to keep your baby awake and active during the procedure so that they may get all of the nutrients they require.

The right time to stop Swaddling your baby

When your baby starts rolling over and tries to crawl, you should stop wrapping them during sleep. It usually happens after two or four months.

During this stage, your baby may be able to turn onto their stomach but not back over. This may increase their chances of sudden infant death (SIDs).

Make a quick switch to assist them in adjusting to their new sleeping pattern. You can remove the wrap whenever they show indications of rolling over.

You could use a wrap appropriate for your baby’s developmental stage instead of a proper swaddle.

These days, you can find various wraps in the market or online specially designed for babies. Make sure their arms are free during their sleep. You may switch your baby to a wearable blanket once they’ve finished with the sleep sack.

When they’re older, they’ll be able to sleep with a blanket if they do this. They can freely move their arms and legs thanks to a wearable blanket. The swaddling instructions for newborns aren’t overly long or complex.

Understanding how to wrap a baby is one of the oldest caregiving practices in the world. Practicing to cover a toddler with a blanket is an essential aspect of life with a baby.

Swaddling techniques let you replicate a warm, comfortable environment for infants while also giving you, the parent, peacefulness and maybe a few extra hours of sleep.

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