How To Make Nail Polish on Your Own at Home- DIY Hacks To follow in 2022

Being or becoming beautiful by using several cosmetics is a woman’s nature. Every woman has a dream to look more beautiful, shining, and attractive every day.

Nail paints are a kind of product that makes girls and women feel beautiful and charming. Nail paints are sold in liquid form in small glass bottles and are applied using a tiny brush.

After the application, a shiny counting appears on the fingernails, making them attractive and beautiful. Nail paints have a pungent smell and are available in different vibrant colours. 

Nail paints are popular among women because this product helps them to find some creativity in their free time. Using nail paint, women can make beautiful nail arts that look very attractive and enhance their hands’ looks.

They can put any colour on the fingernail matching of their dress and shoes. It is a trendy style statement among women of nail art. 

Nail arts are the most significant trend nowadays; using simple methods can create beautiful designs on the nail surface.

But sometimes there are many colours that one doesn’t like or doesn’t match any of the dresses, or sometimes a person doesn’t find the required shade in the market.

To escape from this problem, there is a simple way. An individual can make her nail paint at home just by using readily available ingredients.

Making nail paints at home is very simple. Every woman has an eyeshadow blush palette at home, which she can use to create fabulous nail paint of any colour.

Now the lady doesn’t have to face the problems related to colour non-availability. She can create her colour by using eyeshadow or mixing two different colour nail paints to make one vibrant colour.

Here are some DIY hacks that every lady can use to make the nail paint colour of her dreams quickly in just a few moments. And then enjoy that colour by using it in different nail art designs to look attractive and pretty.

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2 Methods To Make Your Nail Polish At Home

Method 1 Using eyeshadow and clear nail paint

STEP 1: Select the eye shadow according to the choice.

To make the nail paint, one should pick an eyeshadow that she doesn’t plan to use again. By using eye shadow, many nail paints can be made of any colour. One can use either a single colour or mix two or three eyeshades to create a new colour.

STEP 2: Use the polybag or Ziploc bag to crush the eye shadow

To make the eye shadow into the loose powder, one has to crush the solid blocks. If the eye shadow is already in the form of loose powder, one can skip this step. The block can be crushed using a rolling pin or makeup brush.

Crush it until it converts into a fine and consistent powder with no lumps. The powder should not contain any lumps and take care not to puncture the bag while crushing.

STEP 3: Pour the eye shadow into the bottle

The crushed eye shadow is transferred into the bottle of clear nail polish by using a funnel. If one doesn’t have the funnel, he can sniff the corner of the bag.

Take care of the quantity of eye shadow as it decides how rich and dark the color is. The white nail paint can also be used to add opaque texture to the nail paint.

STEP 4: Replace the cap and shake, shake and shake!!

It is required to shake the bottle until the eye shadow is evenly mixed and evenly distributed. To stop the ingredients from separating, shake the bottle regularly. Before the use of nail polish, it is advised to shake it correctly for excellent pigment.

If possible, one must add a small metal ball. This helps to mix the nail paint and increase longevity. 

Method 2 Mixing two different colours of nail paints

STEP 1: Choose any two colors of nail paint

One should at least choose two nail polish colors, and those nail paints should be of the same composition and same brand. If not, then there must be some problem in mixing or making the combination of two colors.

STEP 2: Pour a small amount of nail paint

The first step is to choose the darker shade, pour the nail paint into a cup or palate, and then add a lighter shade. 

STEP 3: Add another color 

If one mixes more than two colors, use either a paintbrush or a toothpick to combine the different colors to the nail paint. One can adjust the color by adding more of the same color or other. One can even add glitter or sparkle to make it shiny and sparkly.  

STEP 4: Store the nail paint 

Pour the newly made nail paint into the empty nail polish bottle. Put some metal balls or steel mixing balls to mix the polish and to increase the longevity. 

These are the two DIY hacks that one can use to make many different color nail paints just by sitting at home. Just by using these simple ingredients that are available in the market or even at home.


Nail paints can be a way for women to bring their creativity out in their free time, and it can also be a way to look attractive on several occasions. Many women love to decorate their nails with different nail paints to beautify their hands.

Nail paints and other beauty cosmetics can make a woman feel pretty and confident inside and out. Women can create their nail paints by using their other cosmetics and can beautifully keep their nails.

This can become a way of a confidence booster and also a great way to feel good about one. This can be an excellent activity for a bored person and feels like she has nothing to do in this dull pandemic period.

Nail paint making is an entirely new and fun activity that one can try and make some extraordinary design out of it.

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