HealthifyMe Review: A Complete Review of HealthifyMe Application in 2022

When you begin a part of your fitness journey, it can be quite difficult to stay on track and be motivated till you attain your fitness goals.

When the goal line starts to look undefined in the distance, it can be super inspiring to revel in other people’s victories and be reminded that if they can do it, then so can I.

Why are Fitness Goals So Important?

Having sensible and attainable fitness goals is essential for your wellness journey.

By setting goals, you are better able to keep yourself accountable, show yourself what you are capable of, and can also help you push through the more difficult moments to make a longer-lasting change.

How HealthifyMe Assist in Your Fitness Goals?

At HealthifyMe, they want to see you succeed and meet your fitness goals with more passion.

To help you stick with your fitness goals this year, they have put together some tips from our experience that will help you set realistic, sustainable fitness goals for a happier, healthier yourself.

Work on Each Goal at a Time

You need to set small and attainable goals. With this, you need to strive to reach each goal one at a time, so you are not overpowered, and you can keep yourself motivated as you achieve your fitness goals.

When setting goals, people tend to accomplish a lot in one go. Whether you want to go to the gym every day or cut out on using too much sugar, work on getting into a routine at the gym and then change your diet, rather than trying to overwhelm yourself and do it all at once.

At HealthifyMe, experts curate a personalized diet for you in accordance with each fitness goal that you have in mind.

Prioritize Your Goals

When you scroll through social media, you may become inspired by top athletes or fitness gurus and what they do to maintain their fitness lifestyle, but you need to remember that some features may not work for you.

You must try different things and find out what you enjoy doing for exercise. If your favourite fitness buff does Pilates or HIIT, but you dread going to the class, it’s time to choose something different that you enjoy.

This will help you stick to your goals and reach them more quickly. Our experts and fitness curators at HealthifyMe set out an entire fitness plan for you, and they outline your goals in accordance with your fitness plans.

Start Small on Your Fitness Journey

When you are on your journey to reach your goal with something more manageable and more attainable in mind, you are more likely to work through any mental blocks that can cause a slight delay in your progress.

A smaller and much more achievable goal, such as going to the gym twice a week, is more realistic than setting the goal to go to the gym each day when you are just starting your journey.

Through HealthifyMe, the smart way of curating fitness objectives has become easier and much more affordable.

If you set an overwhelming goal, it can cause a decline in your confidence, making you less likely to stick to it, but when you set and achieve small goals, you can start with a few important victories. So ensure that you set some realistic and attainable goals.

Think of the Long Term Goals

It is crucial to play the long game and think of benefits in the long term when working towards your goals.

Quite obviously, we all wish for instant gratification, but it is important to be realistic about how long it will take you to reach your goal and accept that lasting changes take time.

Enjoy Your Healthy and Wellness Journey

Evolving into a healthier, more fit you is a long journey, with many small wins along the way. Many people dream of living a healthy life.

Allow yourself to enjoy learning new things, eating and trying new cuisines and foods, and gaining new conviction in yourself.

Self-improvement should be fun, and it will show you what you can achieve when you put your mind to it and work on your goals.

Allow yourself to enjoy working towards your fitness goals, and be sure to reflect proudly on your accomplishments, be it big or small.

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Don’t Let a Setback Throw You off Track.

At HealthifyMe, the fitness experts provide you with a timely routine of goals and help you realistically achieve your goals.

If you have been occupied and have avoided the gym for a week or two, or you’ve overindulged on sweets, and now you are feeling down about yourself, don’t feel like a failure and be disheartened. Remember what goals are motivating our journey.

Whether you want to complete a race or become healthier for your family, don’t forget your reasons behind it and don’t allow a setback to derail your journey completely.

Even if you are a regular at the gym or are just starting to build a fitness routine, listening to your body and avoiding overwhelming and over-working yourself is important.

Doing too much too fast can lead to injury, which can cause setbacks in your journey towards fitness.

It is essential to pay attention to your body’s needs and how you are feeling to determine if you need to take a break to avoid wearing yourself out or causing injury.

HealthifyMe is a trendy Indian website and digital health and wellness platform that provides countless services such as calorie tracking, one-on-one nutrition and fitness coaching, and diet and workout plans.

Since it is developed for both Android and iOS platforms, the app takes a holistic lifestyle tracking approach to keep users engaged and motivated as they achieve their fitness goals.

Users with premium subscriptions of the HealthifyMe app get to choose from a team of in-house certified and expert nutritionists, fitness trainers and yoga coaches.

Alternatively, the users can access Ria’s Artificial Intelligence-driven assistant for help. HealthifyMe also integrates these services with wearable technology as the app syncs with activity trackers.

At HealthifyMe, they love to celebrate wins and hear the success of individuals who have decided to put their health and happiness first.

Through HealthifyMe, they have come across several inspiring weight loss stories that show how individuals, armed with determination, self-love, and motivation, set, reached, and often exceeded their goals in leading healthier, fitter, and more satisfying lives.

The company was founded by Tushar Vashisht, an alumnus of the University of Pennsylvania, Mathew Cherian (MIT graduate) and Sachin Shenoy (former Google engineer).

HealthifyMe is based out of Bangalore, India, and it operates on a freemium model, providing nutritional and fitness advice from certified nutritionists and fitness coaches to users with premium subscriptions.

The company successfully contends to have access to the world’s first and largest Indian food database. It has also developed a calorie counter for regional foods and an exercise tracker for logging in physical activities for the day to day records of clients.

It also shows the count of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fibre. The AI-driven digital nutritionist Ria can create customized and personalized diet plans and workout routines.

Ria had reportedly handled 80% of user queries and was integrated as an Alexa skill for Amazon Echo speakers and Alexa built-in devices in 2019.

Fitness goals are challenging to reach as it is. To top it off, dietary restrictions, lifestyle constraints & food choices make fitness goals even harder.

HealthifySMART was created for the digitally savvy millennial users for whom fitness is a transformational journey with the right tools at their disposal 24×7.

HealthifySMART gives you an AI-powered Personalized Diet Plan based on cuisines & food that you enjoy. The diet plan also learns from your likes & dislikes & keeps evolving to give you the perfect plan every day.

When you reach the website, HealthifyMe will prompt you to answer a few basic questions for you to begin your fitness journey. They will ask your name, email address, current weight, and height.

Next, you are asked to select the fitness goals and vision you need. All of this information is crucial to ascertain your current body mass index so that they can formulate and develop an appropriate fitness plan for you.

The HealthifyMe smart plan includes various useful features and elements. It is personalized for you and only includes foods that you would like to have in your diet plan. As it is completely flexible, it changes and evolves as per your needs.

The AI-based health assistant is always there next to you to guide you on your fitness journey.


Their workout plans and fitness routines are personally tailored for you. Along with this, HealthifyMe also aims to provide you with regular insights that are sent daily and on a weekly basis.

Their nutrient tracking efficiently displays the required intake for both macro and micronutrient based diets, and they display a variety of healthy recipes for you to follow each day.

Several individuals have reported a wonderful experience with HealthifyMe and the smart fitness app.

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