11 Natural Ways of Hair Smoothening at Home: 10 Best Hair Smoothing Creams in India 2023

Silky and smooth hair is the dream of every girl. Isn’t it? The answer to this question will always be YES, no matter the girls have curly, wavy hair or straight hair.

With the increasing amount of pollution, hair care is one of the ongoing struggles these days for most women. Everyone we fight a battle against frizzy hair to dry hair.

The more our hair gets exposed to different weather conditions like excessive sun exposure, humidity, hair styling and smoking, the more it loses its shine and smoothness. Nutritional deficiency may be another reason for rough and dry hair. 

Dry hair does not absorb enough moisture and is therefore unable to retain its shine and texture. It may look unhealthy and may be fragile.

But with a few methods and a little bit of extra effort, these issues can be resolved. By these methods, say goodbye to frizzy and dry hair and start looking beautiful by having good hair days each day. 

11 Naturally Ways of Hair Smoothening at Home

  • Taking proper vitamins and nutrient supply coconut milk along with lemon juice
  • Using eggs along with olive oil and honey
  • Hair smoothening with aloe vera and yogurt
  • Hot oil massage
  • Banana avocado hair mask
  • Avoid flat ironing of wet hair
  • Regular trimming of hair 
  • Comb with care
  • Don’t wash much more than needed
  • Amla mask

1. Taking Proper Vitamins and Nutrients:  As we all know, certain minerals and vitamins nourish our body; similarly, certain vitamins contribute to healthy and smooth hair.

These are Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Biotin( also called Vitamin H). Many mineral ions also contribute to healthy hair. 

2. Apply Coconut Milk Along With Lemon Juice: According to the experts, lemon juice is a natural hair straightener. If you mix coconut milk along with lemon juice, it acts as a hair conditioner.

Take half a bowl of coconut milk and mix it well with one tablespoon of lemon juice. Make a smooth paste and refrigerate the mixture overnight.

Apply the mixture gently on your hair the next morning. Leave it for 30-35 minutes. Rinse it off with cold water and apply a mild shampoo. 

Coconut milk contains all the minerals and nutrients that provide proper nourishment to hair and make it shiny, smooth and silky. It also repairs all the dry and frizzy hair and makes them smoother. 

3. Using Eggs Along With Olive Oil and Honey: Since eggs are a great source of proteins, they are widely used as a hair mask for hair smoothening. Separate an egg white and add one tablespoon each of olive oil and honey. 

Make a paste and apply it all over your hair, from the roots to the top of your hair. Leave the paste for 30-40 minutes and rinse it off wild a mild shampoo. 

Egg yolk contains vitamin A and hence it prevents breakage of hair and repairs the hair. They treat brittle hair and split ends very well. 

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4. Hair Smoothening With Aloe Vera and Yogurt:  As aloe vera has great moisturizing properties, it is widely used as a hair conditioning element.

Take half a bowl of aloe vera gel along with a tablespoon of coconut oil and three tablespoons of yogurt. Make the paste and mix it well. Apply it all over the hair. Leave it dry for half an hour and then rinse it off with an organic shampoo. 

Aloe vera adds shine and lustre to the hair. It makes the hair smooth and healthy and repairs the dryness all over. 

5. Hot Oil Massage:  Treatment of your hair with hot oil is the main method to smoothen your hair texture. Apply hot oil all over your hair from the scalp to the tip.

Massage it gently for 15-20 minutes. Leave it for about an hour and rinse it off. Wash your hair with mild and dry shampoo. 

Repeat the process once a week. This will strengthen your hair from the roots and thus promote healthy hair growth along with smooth hair texture. 

6. Banana Avocado Hair Mask: According to the studies, banana contains amino acids that help your hair moisturize and hence become healthy. Mix one pulp each of banana and avocado.

Add one tablespoon of rose oil and mix the paste very well. Apply the paste gently on your hair, taking a small amount of paste at a time. Let it dry. Rinse it off after 35-40 minutes with a mild shampoo. 

7. Avoid Flat Ironing of Wet Hair: One of the most important parts of hair smoothening is flat ironing of hair. After blow-drying your hair, always flat iron it to make your hair sleek and smooth.

But make sure that you use this method only if you are going out somewhere for an event or when you are in a hurry, else avoid it. 

8. Regular Trimming of Hair: Regular trimming of hair is always necessary for proper hair growth. Even if you have beautiful polished hair, then also go for hair trimming so as to avoid the split ends spoiling the awesome look of your hair. 

9. Comb with care: Brushing your hair when it is wet leads to breakage of hair. Use a brush with wide teeth on damp hair, which leads to smooth strands. Start detangling your hair at the ends and go vertically upwards. 

10. Don’t Wash Much More Than Needed: Wash your hair only when it is super oily and dirty. You probably don’t need to wash your hair daily. Over-shampooing your hair may lead to the destruction of essential vitamins and minerals.

This can even lead to spoiling the shine of your hair and may damage it. Always use an organic shampoo or a dry shampoo and style your hair like your own choice. 

11. Amla Mask: As amla has the property to nourish our hair and moisturize it, it is used as a hair mask to bring natural softness and shine to your hair. 

Take dry amla powder and mix a tablespoon of coconut oil with it. Mix it well and apply it to your hair from the roots to the tip. Wash it after 10-15 minutes. Amla makes our hair strands strong and prevents breakage of hair. 

A Few Tips To Maintain Smooth Hair 

  • Avoid making a tight ponytail as it may give stress to your hair as well as to your scalp. 
  • Don’t use excess hair styling products as they may absorb all the moisture from your hair and leave your hair dry and damaged. 
  • Don’t use extra cold or extra hot water for your hair wash. Always use normal water at room temperature as it helps you reduce the frizziness of hair. 
  • Over combing and over-brushing, your hair might lead to a lot of hair fall and it may affect the overall texture of your hair. Also, never comb your hair when it is totally wet. Pat dry it before combing. 
  • Avoid going for hair smoothening by chemical methods. It may lead to breakage of your hair.
  • Always leave your hair for air dry. Avoid using hairdryers now and then. 
  • If you are going for chemical hair smoothening treatments, make sure that you go for it not more than three times a year. Treating your hair to chemical methods makes your hair much more susceptible to breakage. 

Does hair smoothening have any side effects? 

According to many researchers, it has been found that prolonged use of chemical hair smoothening method leads to headache, nausea and hair loss as these products contain formaldehyde, which causes such health issues.

But you can surely use homemade methods for the regular treatment of your hair. It is completely safe. 

Which one is better – Hair Smoothening or Hair Straightening? 

According to the studies, it has been found that hairstylists prefer smoothening of hair over straightening in order to re-texture your damaged hair. Smoothening makes hair look like they are naturally soft and shinier.

On the other hand, straightening leads to a fake look. Even experts advise the customers to go for smoothening of hair rather than its straightening.

Straightening of hair involves many heat treatment processes and hence it leads to hair damage, but smoothening fulfils all the needs of your hair without any damage.

The Hair smoothening process lasts for about 2-5 months and is usually preferred for wavy frizzy hair. 

Is Keratin smoothening treatment correct and a safe method? 

This method takes near about 3 hours. It includes shampooing of your hair along with hair drying. After completing the treatment, all you need to do is leave the hair set for a couple of days and do not wash it and allow the serum to set.

Not all hair is the same, and therefore, not all hair is best suited for Keratin smoothening treatment. This method is ideally suited only for those who have curly and frizzy hair and those who cannot tackle with their hair.

It is also suitable for those people with thin and dry hair having split ends. The Keratin smoothening process lasts for about six months, and further, it depends on how you care for your hair. 


Everyone likes smooth and soft hair, but all you have to take care of is always using those products that do not cost your health. Organic products always help you attain super soft and healthy hair besides a smooth texture and long-lasting hair.

You can spend as much as you like to help you get your desired smoothening effect but make sure that it makes your hair manageable in adverse environmental conditions.

But in the end, it all depends on the result you want and your hairstylist will suggest you a proper method to accomplish that result.

Finally, all you need to focus on is the three R’s: Right Process, Right Expert and the Right Product, which will lead you towards the best hair you have ever dreamed about. 

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