Top 5 Best Elica Kitchen Chimney Review in India For 2022

The kitchen chimney is a very useful appliance in the kitchen, as it allows you to eliminate cooking odours and vapours.

These, if they remain in the environment for a long time, can stain the walls, ageing them. 

In the worst cases, the onset of real condensation spots is not uncommon, which can easily degenerate into the mould.

The Elica kitchen chimney also effectively eliminates cigarette smoke from the air which, in the long run, produces yellow stains on the ceiling and walls and impregnates the curtains and fabrics with its acrid smell.

How to choose the best Elica Kitchen Chimney? What are the characteristics to be evaluated before proceeding with the purchase?

5 Best Elica Kitchen Chimney Reviews

1. Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney

60 1200 elica kitchen chimney

WDAT HAC 60 NERO/ A / 90 is an Elica kitchen chimney for wall installation with a width of 60 cm and a depth of 45 cm.

This Elica kitchen chimney can be installed in the extractor version with a 150 mm diameter outlet to which the exhaust pipe can be connected.

Suppose no outlet is available to the outside. In that case, it can be converted into a filter by applying the appropriate deflector on the outlet and mounting a pair of activated carbon filters (not included in the supply).

The cover is made using a stainless steel sheet with a shiny effect, which has a fairly thin thickness. An aspect that mainly affects vibrations, making operation annoying at maximum speed.

The very classic design brings to mind models of a few years ago. At the same time, the LED lighting with double 3 Watt light is not particularly intense, and in any case, it is advisable, in case of replacement, not to exceed this power level.

Apart from the judgment on the aesthetic aspect that depends on personal tastes, this WDAT HAC 60 NERO/ A / 60 Elica kitchen chimney offers good value for money and simple operation thanks to the slide switches.

Even the cleaning operations of the metal grease filters require a minimum waste of time. The extraction capacity of 390 cubic meters per hour is not the highest value found in this size model.

However, it is more than enough to extract steam and cooking fumes without particular difficulties.

To underline the reduced consumption of 57 kWh per year even though an energy efficiency class D. The weak points are represented by poor lighting and thin walls which, at maximum power, cause unpleasant vibrations and noise.


  • Low cost
  • Operation in both suction and filtering mode
  • Easy cleaning of grease filters
  • Low consumption


  • A little old-fashioned design
  • Fairly thin sheets
  • Annoying noise at maximum speed


In addition to fulfilling a very important function, namely that of effectively filtering and extracting vapours and odours while we cook, the hood can also prove to be an object of modern and elegant design.

This is precisely the case with Bosch island hoods and is made of high-quality stainless steel with black glass details

They are super quiet thanks to the brushless EcoSilence Drive motor and extremely efficient in capturing odours and vapours thanks to the PerfectAir sensor.

2. Elica Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney (60 cm 1425 m3/hr)

60 1425 elica kitchen chimney

Elica 60 cm 1425 m3/hr Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney is an extractor hood for wall installation with a square shape and a high profile where the control buttons have been inserted.

A solution that may not be aesthetically pleasing, but it ensures considerable practicality, being able to select the correct speed immediately.

This model has 90 (W) x 50 (W) centimeters, with a minimum height of 60 centimeters which reaches about 1 meter after installing the fireplace.

As usual, it is possible to proceed with an assembly to connect the exhaust pipe from the outside or with a simpler installation of a filtering type.

In this case, it will be sufficient to replace the aluminum grease filters with activated carbon elements.

The maximum airflow rate of 571 cubic meters per hour ensures the effective elimination of steam and cooking fumes even in severe conditions such as during frying.

When it comes to the Elica kitchen chimney, a very important aspect is the noise, especially at the highest speed.

The 58 dB declared by the company is a slightly higher value than the norm, which causes a normal annoyance.

Elica 60 cm 1425 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimneys in light of the technical and construction features, in our opinion, a hood with a satisfactory quality/price ratio.

Without spending an excessive amount, considerable suction power is obtained, operation with acceptable noise, and the only limitation of a pair of LED lights illuminating the hob little.


  • Satisfactory suction force
  • Good value for money
  • Very practical front buttons


  • Inefficient LED lighting


The telescopic Elica kitchen chimney is installed discreetly inside the wall unit. To operate them, remove the flat front panel and then expand the intake area.

Thanks to the EcoSilence Drive motor, they are extremely quiet and efficient in terms of energy consumption.

3. Elica Filterless Kitchen Chimney (60 cm 1100 m3/hr)

60 1100 elica kitchen chimney

EFL-S607 VMS, Motion Sensor Control, Black is an Elica kitchen chimney suitable for wall installation and characterized by rounded edges and a curved front profile.

Aesthetic notes give a modern design but at the same time elegant and able to fit well into any kitchen.

The hood is supplied with a chimney to be used for both suction and blower assembly. Suppose there is an outlet to the outside.

In that case, only the material will be needed to make the connection, but if there is no vent, insert a reduction and closure flange on the outlet and install activated carbon filters.

The model we examined is the version with a width of 60 centimeters, three selectable speed levels and a maximum airflow of 400 cubic meters per hour.

An aspect that often worries the buyer of an Elica kitchen chimney is the noise level. Still, in this case, you can be quite calm considering that the sound emission is only 55 dB at minimum power, which rise to 67 dB by inserting the third level of speed.

EFL-S607 VMS, Motion Sensor Control, Black is a good product from every point of view that ensures a favorable quality/price ratio and combines good suction power with silent operation, always within the limits of this type of equipment.

During the review, no particular weaknesses emerged and the only negative aspect is the presence of two halogen bulbs, poorly indicated in a modern design model.


  • Modern and elegant design
  • Good solidity of the structure
  • Low noise


  • Halogen bulbs


The retractable Elica kitchen chimney is designed for those who want a kitchen with a discreet and essential look.

They integrate perfectly into the wall unit and make the air of your kitchen healthy and fresh every time you start cooking.

Their special grease filter comes in a professional way and offers very high suction performance and excellent fat absorption capacity with a, particularly low sound level.

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4. Elica 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Filterless Auto Clean Chimney

Elica 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Filterless Auto Clean Chimney

WDFL HAC TOUCH 90 MS, TOUCH + MOTION SENSOR CONTROL, BLACK is a wall-mounted Elica kitchen chimney with an overall length of 90 and a depth of 50 cm, while the upper duct reaches a maximum height of 107 cm.

Like all hoods of the German company, this model also offers installation in suction or filtering mode. It will be necessary to have a flue or a passage to the outside in the latter case.

On the contrary, a cap must be applied to the upper opening and exploit the air’s internal recirculation and filtering before putting it back into the home.

The suction force is satisfactorily retained with a maximum airflow rate of 603 cubic meters per hour.

The consumption of 56 kWh / year, I consider them contained and despite an energy efficiency class B, in the standard also the noise level that reaches 69 dB by setting the intensive mode.

A detail that I found very convenient is the reusable activated carbon filter. An advantage that should not be underestimated, thus avoiding the replacement which, in case of intense use, also occurs three times a year.

Also, the inevitable metal mesh grease filter is easy to remove for regular washing operations.

WDFL HAC TOUCH 90 MS, TOUCH + MOTION SENSOR CONTROL, BLACKis an aesthetically pleasing hood, with a solid structure capable of effectively eliminating fumes and bad odors from the kitchen.

However, considering the technical characteristics and comparing the various offers of competing products, I think the list price is quite high.


  • Good suction strength
  • Reusable carbon filter
  • LED lights


  • High list price


To ensure that our Elica kitchen chimney is truly rustproof, we spray them with a brackish veil for 24 hours. If they hold up, we heat the dodecanoic acid under the hoods, to produce a very intense smoke.

Only if the smoke dissolves in a short time leaving clean air can the hood be deemed to comply with our high-quality standards, and is therefore ready for use in your home.

5. Elica Auto Clean Chimney (90 cm 1425 m3/hr)

90 1425 elica kitchen chimney

WD TBF HAC 90 MS NERO, 2 Baffle Filters, Touch + Motion Sensor Control, Black is an Elica kitchen chimney installed on the wall above the hob.

The design has nothing particular but still offers that minimum of elegance and modernity to adapt to any furniture style.

The Elica kitchen chimney has a width of 60 cm and a length of 48 cm, while the total height ranges from 57.3 cm to a maximum of 94 cm depending on how the top cover is adjusted.

In this regard, I did not find the manual’s instructions very exhaustive, and the fixing method is not the most comfortable.

Nevertheless, the installation remains quite simple, without prejudice to a certain familiarity with manual work.

Like most Elica kitchen chimneys, you can decide between a suction or filter type assembly. In the latter case, you need a flue or an opening towards the outside to pass the pipe, which is then covered by the metal lining.

On the contrary, you will have to buy and install a pair of activated carbon filters, to purify the air before returning it to the surrounding environment.

By default, the Elica kitchen chimney is supplied with only the aluminum grease filter, that is, it is designed for extraction installation.

The functions are essential as is the control panel consisting of 5 silver-colored buttons.

The suction is regulated through the three selectable power levels, obtaining a maximum air extraction of 380 cubic meters per hour.

A value that I consider to be normal for a 60 cm Elica kitchen chimney and allows for elimination of steam and fumes while cooking food, as well as bad smells that are released.

The LED light ensures good illumination of the worktop and avoids frequent replacement of incandescent bulbs.

The noise level is more than acceptable considering that it stands at a value of 63 dB with the fan at maximum speed.

WD TBF HAC 90 MS NERO, 2 BAFFLE FILTERS, TOUCH + MOTION SENSOR CONTROL, BLACK is an essential and functional hood to carry out its task without problems.

I believe the favorable price and undoubtedly a recommended purchase in light of the good constructive care and technical characteristics.

The difficulties during the installation and the poorly detailed manual do not affect my positive opinion. They can be easily overcome with a little manual skill and a minimum of DIY knowledge.


  • Very affordable price
  • Low noise
  • Possibility of filtering or suction mounting
  • Led illumination


  • Instruction manuals are not always clear
  • Uncomfortable top cover installation


When asked, customers choose this as one of the best Elica Kitchen Chiney in India and is widely bought a product from online stores.

How To Choose a Wall-Mounted Elica Kitchen Chimney?

Suction Power

A good wall-mounted Elica kitchen chimney once mounted above the hob, must ensure a flow rate of at least 400 mc /h.

It is always good to pay attention, at the time of purchase, that this minimum requirement is guaranteed, for two reasons: one because of the insufficiently powerful Elica kitchen chimney.

The second is that an insufficiently powerful Elica kitchen chimney would not guarantee the result, especially if you use a modern gas cooker with many burners.


It is essential to buy a product that complies with all safety regulations, so as not to endanger yourself and the other inhabitants of the house, as well as the house itself.

Another important thing to know, when purchasing an Elica kitchen chimney, is that it must be installed by a professional plumber, who knows how to mount it correctly, respecting all the rules required by law.

For those who also need to replace the hob, it may be useful to consider purchasing a model with an integrated hood.


The Elica kitchen chimney produces a noise when it is in operation. This is due to the operation of the fan.

It is important to choose as noise-free a model as possible so that you can operate the hood without compromising conversation or listening to music or television.

It is normal for it to produce a little background noise, but the important thing is that it is not unbearable or extremely annoying.

On the market, there are very silent and comfortable Elica kitchen chimneys to use, which reach 40 decibels: a very bearable noise coefficient.


The wall-mounted Elica kitchen chimney is an element that integrates, on sight, into the kitchen furnishings.

For this reason, it is essential to choose one that enhances the beauty of the environment and performs its functions in the best possible way.

There are many models on the market, from the most classic, perfect for traditional style kitchens, perhaps in wood or masonry, very elegant, to the more witty, original and innovative ones, to be inserted in a modern, colorful and youthful context.

It is also good to pay attention to the size and not be seduced by the nice shape of your kitchen without having carefully evaluated the size: the hood must be integrated discreetly into the furniture, becoming a decorative complement.

It is advisable to avoid a too large hood, which would attract all the attention, becoming bulky and devaluing the beauty of the surrounding furniture.

For those who want a model that can blend in perfectly in the kitchen, it may be interesting to read the buying guide for concealed built-in hoods.

Customization of Use

When buying an Elica kitchen chimney, it is good to evaluate it based on the use you think you will have to make.

In homes where you cook several times a day or smoke, the kitchen chimney will work very often. For a long time,

it is, therefore, advisable to choose a model that allows you to adjust the speed and suction power, to avoid keeping it on at full capacity for many hours. Per day, wasting so much electricity.

Suppose you are used to putting it into operation. In that case, it will often be useful to choose, from time to time, the appropriate power, to save money and to have moments when the hood is in operation but does not produce excessive noise.

In homes where, however, the switching on of the hood is occasional and reserved for limited occasions, you can opt for a more basic and economic model, even at a single speed.


The wall-mounted Elica kitchen chimney prices vary greatly depending on the brand, model, design, and raw materials used.

To this must be added the installation price. Elica kitchen chimney can be purchased in online stores, in hypermarkets equipped with appliances or small appliances and online, where convenient offers are often found.

Simplicity in Periodic Maintenance

The Elica kitchen chimney tends to incorporate air dirty with cooking fat residues, smoke and olfactory molecules.

For this reason, the filters must be cleaned or replaced periodically to prevent the hood from spreading bad odors and unhealthy residues into the environment.

Therefore, it is useful to choose a model that is easy to clean, easy to disassemble, and with filters and spare parts that are safe and quick to find.

A choice of this type will avoid having to call a specialized worker a couple of times a year to carry out this operation.

The external cleaning of the hood depends on the material with which it is made and is a personal choice: you can decide to opt for materials that do not need anything else but a sponge and a little detergent or prefer a more refined raw material,

Why Choose Elica Kitchen Chimney?

The wall-mounted Elica kitchen chimney tends to incorporate air dirty with cooking fat residues, smoke and olfactory molecules.

For this reason, the filters must be cleaned or replaced periodically to prevent the hood from spreading bad odours and unhealthy residues into the environment.

Therefore, it is useful to choose a model that is easy to clean, easy to disassemble, and with filters and spare parts that are safe and quick to find.

A choice of this type will avoid having to call a specialized worker a couple of times a year to carry out this operation.

The external cleaning of the Elica kitchen chimney depends on the material with which it is made and is a personal choice:

you can decide to opt for materials that do not need anything else but a sponge and a little detergent or prefer a more refined raw material, knowing that, for cleaning, it will be necessary to use specific products and special attention.


We have come to the final question: how to understand which Best Elica Kitchen Chimney in India 2022? The answer depends on many factors.

In general, we can say that this particular appliance should be made taking into account first of all the size of the kitchen.

If you have a huge kitchen, open space, or cook often and for many people, you should opt for a large enough hood (greater than or equal to the size of the hob) that guarantees high performance in terms of suction and filtering capacity.

In small but widely used kitchens, opt for compact hoods, the same size as the hob, but capable of guaranteeing high performance.

Remember: the cooker hood must never be smaller than the kitchen features will also influence your choice and the presence/absence of a chimney.

You will have to choose between an Elica kitchen chimney or a filter according to your kitchen’s characteristics.

Finally, suppose you think that a chimney is an appliance that you will use very often. In that case, you should opt for models with energy efficiency class A or A +, more expensive, but which guarantee more significant energy savings and in the long term also economical.

One last tip: before proceeding with the purchase of an Elica kitchen chimney, carefully read the energy labels to understand which model is best suited to your needs in terms of power, performance and consumption.

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