Dr Trust Physio Electric Heat Shiatsu Machine Body Massager Review 2022

Do you have a daunting job where you have to sit in front of P.C all the time, or you are a housewife who is feeling so tired and stressed because of household chores then say bye to your pain and stress?

Then Dr Trust Physio (USA) Electric Heat Shiatsu Body Massager Machine is going to solve all your problems in just a few minutes you will feel more relaxed and happy?

Everyone feels tired and stressed in today’s lifestyle, regular massage is a must to keep your body physically fit and relaxed.

The Heat Shiatsu Dr Trust Physio Electric Body Massager Machine can be used for shoulder pain, back pain this product is helpful for people who have cervical neck they will feel relief after using the massager.

You can order these Electric Heat Shiatsu Machine Body Massagers online from amazon.

Some people use this Dr Trust Physio full body massager Machine not only for their cervical neck pain or back pain some use this for their waist, belly, and legs.

This Body massager also helps them to get relief and relaxation from all body types of body pain. This device is very helpful for those people who have a busy hectic lifestyle.

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Dr Trust Physio Electric Heat Shiatsu Machine Body Massager Review

Dr Trust Physio Electric Heat Shiatsu Body Massager Machine

Product Description

This Dr Trust Physio Electric Heat Shiatsu Body Massager Machine is safe to use and gives an effective massage that revitalizes the tired muscles in our body it is easily available online.

This Body Massager comes in black colour, the material used in manufacturing the product is faux leather and the power source of the Electric heat Shiatsu Massagers is corded electric.

The product is so portable and easy to use. The USA based product manufacturer make imaginative, restorative, wellbeing, and individual care products.

The main feature of this product is to get relief of pain in the neck, shoulder, back, feet, and so on, and accompany a scope of adaptable capacities to suit customers’ needs.

Dr Physio is New York, USA-based company and they work on their products diligently to ensure the product’s accessible and make it worth using and satisfy customer’s needs or demands.

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This body massager relaxes the sore muscles and releases stress from your body, it is very easy to use you can give massage to your body without the help of another person.

 It is one of the best ways to release stress after a long, hard day. Buying this product will solve your many problems like you don’t need to pay a masseuse every time you want a massage, it is a one-time investment.

Product Features

  1. Shiatsu kneading deep muscle relaxer- It adds heat and intensity to hard-to-reach muscle groups for a relaxing massage that will help you to reduce tightness and improve the flexibility of your body.
  2. It has multiple massage nodes- The manufacturing company has created the ideal amount of kneading shiatsu pressure with eight rotating nodes to cradle, support, and relax the muscles.
  3. It has warm, comforting heat from infrared light- The Dr Physio massager for body also offers a soothing heat that reaches deep in your muscle fibers to release tension, stress, and pain, the maximum temperature you can achieve is 40 degrees C through infrared bulbs for your safety and comfort.
  4. Breakage of Massager, water damage, voltage damage, damage due to drops, general wear and tear excluded from the product’s warranty.
  5. Shiatsu massage is an alternative technique that involves manual pressure applied to the specific points of your body to relieve the tension and pain, this massage is also known as acupressure works to reduce tension and fatigue, and to improve the blood circulation in the body as well as to improve the lymphatic system.


There are several benefits of buying Dr Trust Physio Cervical Neck Shoulder Massager some of the benefits are mentioned below:

  • It gives full body massage- We all know that regular massage is a must to keep your body physically fit and relaxed, and to make you stress-free. Dr Physio neck massager is applicable for not only one but for several body parts (like back, foot, calves, shoulder, neck, etc).
  • It relieves severe tensions in the muscles, it also eliminates stress and enhances cell stimulation for healthy skin and it also enhances the blood circulation in our body.
  • It has 8 heatable kneading nodes- Dr Trust Physio Electric Back Pain Relief Massager provides deep-kneading and relaxing heated massage with 8 different kneading nodes.
  • Start the pressure kneading motions of a Shiatsu massage to deliver powerful relief for your body parts (neck, back, shoulder, abdomen, legs, and feet pain) the product is designed for your convenience to use at all times in your comfort zone.
  • Easy Control- Dr Trust Physio Electric Back Pain Relief Massager is extremely easy to operate (easy to use) by users (by the customers) of all age groups, the product has a power button (on/off) button, hear on/off, button to change the direction of massage.
  •  The intensity button. With the simple touch of a button, you can easily reverse the rotation in an instant and turn the heat on or off as required.
  • It has a breathable neck- This cervical neck massager machine is equipped with a multilayer breathable net design, the inner material of the product is soft, breathable mesh to keep your body calm and comfortable.
  •  The product comes with a special overheating protection system for you. The mesh fabric in the product helps to promote heat penetration and keeps the massage nodes flexible for use.
  • Free car charger & adapter- This body Massager comes with an adapter for home use and one for car use, the product is very portable and you can carry the product even when you are traveling.
  • It ensures maximum usage whether, at home, car, or office with a voltage of around 110-24V, this feature makes it easy to carry anywhere you want with yourself.
  • The product comes with a heat protection smart chip- The product has a unique security smart chip to produce heat protection which stimulates muscles to produce the feeling of knocking, kneading, beating acupuncture, tapping, and so on.
  • The massager effectively helps people to alleviate fatigue, relieve muscle ache, body pain, helps to relieve stress and many other symptoms anytime and anywhere. This product makes your body and mind feel calm and happy.


  • Many people who used this product say that this massager only focuses on their neck, they bought the product this product online and said they observed that massager only do proper massage of their neck.
  • The massage rollers are fixed so they cannot use this on the other part of the body mentioned.
  • It provides good massage to your body but it does not provide a proper amount of heat
  • The customer even replaced the product but still doesn’t get the proper amount of heat and it does not live up to all its committed features.
  • Heating features don’t work and it was the most important element of the product. Even after replacing the product customer faced the same issue with the product. The product doesn’t massage the body part properly.
  • Sometimes you feel pain in the nerves, they felt some sort of relief in their muscle but it also caused them new pain every time they used the massager
  • It is not rechargeable you have to carry a junction box for weird connection to use in your desired location, some customers also said they don’t give warranty cards with the product.
  • Few customers also reviewed that they didn’t receive the product, they say the seller doesn’t bother to check before sending the product that the product is good to use or not.


Dr Trust Physio Electric Heat Shiatsu Machine Body Massager is a wonderful product to use which will give you relief from your sore muscles and stressful life.

It will massage your whole body (waist, back, shoulder, belly. Feet, etc). You can get a deep, relaxing spa-quality experience with this product in your home on your own without the help of any other person.

The four to Noda to with soothing heat is helping to release tension, and active muscles that push, pull-push away the stress from your body and you will feel relaxed. Like many other products this massager also has some pros and cons of buying it.

Some customers reviewed that the product doesn’t work properly, doesn’t provide the right amount of heat to their body, and doesn’t massage to every part of the body.

There are some happy customers also who loved the product and are happy from their purchase and find the product it is helping them to relieve the stress and give massage to the whole body.

The product is easy to use and portable to carry to places. If want to know the product is effective or not you have to buy this for yourself and then you will know whether gives massage to the whole body or not.

Consult your physician or doctor before using this body massager

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