Dr Physio Electric Full Body Massager Machine Review 2023

About 65% of our adult population goes through extreme stress, making it essential to meditate and adopt massage therapies.

Also, wrong posture and unhealthy lifestyle may contribute to physical body pain, including back, neck, leg, foot, and other muscles.

You can solve it by doing yoga positions and adopting a healthy set of habits. But it takes a good amount of time to adopt these habits. So, you can visit a spa or massage parlour regularly, which will make your wallet empty in no time.

Moreover, visiting the spa frequently is not possible for everyone in nowadays fast pace work-life. So, we need something that comes in handy and is portable to use anywhere.

In this situation, Digital Massagers like Dr Physio Electric Full Body Massager can be your saviour to relieve your stress, pain, chronic pain, sports injuries with each massage session(you name it and get it).  

So, today we will help you with your dilemma for ‘Dr Physio Electric full body massager’ by providing you product research-backed with 10000+ user experience-based guidance. 

Dr Physio is a compact and sturdy electric massager to help you relieve back, leg, and foot pain. It has separate adjustable heads for catering to your distinguished massage requirements.

Moreover, it gives instant relief from discomfort throughout every massage session.

Many regular users of Dr Physio Electric Massager experienced a decline in stress levels, anxiety, and tension after its usage.

The pressure of soothing vibrations on the aching part stimulates the blood circulation in the concerned parts.

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To your surprise, it will also help you lose some extra calories with the pain-relieving massage. 

The quality of any product is the main component while you make a purchase; therefore, I will help you to decide if Dr Physio Electric Full Body Massager is your ideal option or not. 

Dr physio USA is a trusted brand with a wide range of products to alleviate many health problems. 

The making of Dr Physio massager is inspired by the famous ancient Japanese ‘shiatsu’ therapy. Shiatsu therapy is a proclaimed method to relieve fatigue, muscle ache, or lessen pain from any chronic injury through acupressure techniques. 

Dr Physio Electric Full Body Massager Review

Dr Physio Electric Full Body Massager

Product Description

The box of  Dr Physio Electric full body massager includes:

  • One massager
  • 4 Massage heads  
  • One power adaptor for wall plug
  • A protective cover for the top layer of the massager
  • A user manual  
  • For now, it is available in the colour grey only.
  • Also, the available product size is 20*13*24 centimetres.
  • This lightweight massager weighs only 1 kg.
  • 220-watt power consumption and suitable voltage is 220V.
  • Top-quality ABS Plastic material is used for the outer covering.
  • It can be used through corded electricity at any time.
  • 1-year standard warranty + 6 months warranty(if registered on the brand website within 15 days purchase).

Amazing Features in Just One Product

  • Percussion full body massage for pain relief – The most amazing feature of Dr Physio electric massager is that all-in-one massager.

It can massage almost every body part of your body, making it super pocket friendly as you do not need to spend your hard-earned money on any other massagers. 

  • Easy-grip handles –  The non-slippery handle makes it convenient while using Dr physio to get to parts like neck, back, etc., especially when you are doing it by yourself.
  • Tightens Loose/sloppy Skin – The Consistent massage can bring you wonderful results like skin tightening and wrinkle reduction by improving the blood flow and blood circulation in the concerned body parts.
  • Proactive Fabric Coverage- to make the massager long-lasting, the proactive fabric cover is provided to cover the top of the massager. You can easily remove the cover with a slight muscle force and replace it with a new one.
  • Intensity controller with adjustable settings- you can easily change the speed settings of the massager at your convenience.
  • Fat Loss Benefits-  This manipole massager helps you burn that extra fat in your body. You have to sit and relax, and with the pain relief, you will reap the benefits of melting off the fat without losing muscle mass as the regular kneading on the focused areas will accelerate blood circulation. What a simple formula, isn’t it?
  • Four multi-purpose massage heads- The massager has got four different heads.
  • Wave head: you will feel rejuvenated and refreshed as this massage top will help remove the muscle fatigue with instant use.
  • Extra Dead skin Removal head: as the name suggests, this head will scrub the dead skin gently and remove it without any pain.
  • Long cord – This manipole massager has a 1.6M long wire attached to any accessible electrical switchboard. 
  • User-friendly handle – the extremely grip proof handle helps you use the massager on your own without taking outsiders’ help. Also, you can easily knead the difficult-to-reach parts of your body as doing it yourself. 
  • Its sturdy build will leave you speechless, as almost 80% of the users of this product are super happy with the strong and hefty build made of top-notch quality ABS plastic material and comes with a powerful motor.
  • Robust Copper motor- one of the things that make it super user-friendly is the lightweight, strong motor made of copper and will last for a longer period.
  • Durable/ well-built/ long-lasting – if a person uses this kneading machine with proper care, the chances are very likely to long-live with certain maintaining of the machine.
  • Easy to lift / portable/ lightweight- you will never feel an ache due to holding the machine itself as this portable machine only weighs 1kg. This Dr Physio full body electric massager can be a great option to gift for your close ones as it is easy to lift even a 5-year-old or older as 70 years old can easily lift it.
  • Automated Mild Vibrations – The vibrations produced by this digital massager are very mild. While using it on your body, you will not feel any kind of pain; instead, its kneading will cause soothing effects and alleviate sore muscles.

Pros: Why We Feel The Product is Amazing

  • BUDGET FRIENDLY & worth-the-money: Another astonishing advantage is that this digital massager is fair-priced compared to similar products with the same benefits as them, which makes it affordable for everyone.
  • VERY LIGHTWEIGHT: After usage, most users(including us too) realize that this product can be brought into use by everyone at home. 
  • NOT-AGE-SPECIFIC: what makes this product cooler is that the product is suitable for any generation and age.
  • DURABILITY: If you are someone who takes proper care of your valuables, then this is a great fit for you. Its excellent quality outer ABS plastic covering.
  • IDEAL FOR ANY PERSON IRRESPECTIVE OF AGE: Another attractive feature of this product is its age flexibility. You can be from gen-x, gen-y, or gen-z and easily utilize the massager to chill and relax. 
  • WARRANTY EXTENDED UPTO 18+ MONTHS: generally, every brand provides a 1-year standard warranty on the products, but Dr Physio gives you a 1-year warranty with six months extended warranty which gives the right to ask for a repair, replacement, or compensation on the product in case.
  • MULTI-HEADS FOR DISTINCT KNEADING: the wonderful four distinguish tops give you equal treatment like a massage parlour with just this incredible Dr Physio Electric Massager.


  • Dr Physio offers great quality ergonomic wire with a well-built cord. However, a few users are discontented with the length of the cord and felt it should be a little longer.
  • It can be intense, so set the regulator carefully.

Buying Guide: How To Choose a Full Body Massager

Initially, you have to decide whether you are looking for a special massager or a full-body massager. 

To buy a full-body massager, you need to consider some qualities to pick the best massager according to your requirements.

Suppose a person is suffering from leg strains must consider buying a leg massager rather than a  massager.

Likewise, if you want to replace those spa sessions with a massager, be required to purchase a Full Body Massager for better results.

Another essential quality of a good massager is that mostly the modern digital massager is based on ancient kneading therapies like acupressure, shiatsu, etc. so, it’s wise to choose a product based on such ideas.

 Always purchase a massager which comes with a manufacturing warranty of 1+ years.

Make sure before buying a full body massager that it is portable and compact. Some are heavy massagers and cannot be used conveniently, whereas others can be easily accessible at any hour of the day.

Last but not least, always check for the product specification before buying a massager, especially for the types of massage heads, motor strength, performance, and material-built quality.


Our overall experience and research were done on the side by judging from various reviews of customers for the Dr Physio Electric Full Body Massager. The product is affordable compared to other similar products in the market. 

There is no need to spend a lot of money to feel relaxed, less anxious, and energetic. As you can rejuvenate and alleviate your sore muscles with this massager in regular use.

Also, as a cherry on top, it comes with weight loss and skin tightening benefits with no extra money or effort.

The extraordinary features at this price range make Dr Physio a trustable brand with millions of satisfied users worldwide.

Despite being a superior quality product, it does not cost you an arm and a leg. So, you must try this product and say goodbye to those expensive spa sessions once.

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