Country Delight Milk Review in 2022: Referral Codes For Cashbacks and Customer Care Number

Health and Nutrition have been an alarming concern in recent days. With the evolved diseases and fatal illnesses, it has become critical that you take care of yourself by maintaining a healthy body with a strong immune system.

In this article, we will discuss Country Delight Milk Review in detail. Additionally, you can get Rs.150 as cashback on applying referral codes given at the end of the article while installing the App.

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Precautions are better than cures. Keeping this in mind, you should already focus on building an immune system that is strong enough to tackle all the symptoms of diseases and get rid of them quickly.

So, to build a strong immune system, the body must get all the required nutrients at the right time and in the right quantity. A balanced diet that contains all the required elements like carbohydrates.

Fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals are the most basic key to building a strong defence against all diseases.

In this busy world where everybody is so occupied, we ignore the importance of our Nutrition.

Skipping meals in the day, eating junk, and untimely eating habits are very common in the current situation.

As a solution to the problem, we can look up Milk. Milk is one of those key elements in our diet, which contains almost all the essential nutrients in sufficient quantities.

Even if you are a regular consumer of good and healthy Milk, there are strong chances that you have developed an incredible immune system.

Country Delight Milk is one such company that manufactures and delivers milk door to door, ensuring the quality of Milk is maintained, and it is not mixed with any other solvent and adulterated.

Country Delight Milk Review

Country Delight Cow Milk Review
Country Delight Cow Milk
Country Delight Milk Review
Country Delight Buffalo Milk

Country delight is a company started from Indian origin to provide the best quality of Milk in every house and increase immunity by providing Milk that has not been adulterated at any stage.

Not everybody owns a cow to get fresh Milk which has not been compromised directly. The Milk that people purchase from the market is either reconstituted with milk powder or takes a long time to reach our homes post milking, which degrades the quality.

Country Delight was started in 2015 with many engineers and IIM graduates with the mission to restore the basic quality of Milk.

Country Delight promotes natural and unadulterated milk directly to the consumer’s doors. It has developed an advanced yet simple first-of-its-kind mobile application for consumer ordering and servicing.

This mobile application makes it very easy for consumers to order Milk without hassle.

Country Delight Low Fat Cow Milk
Country Delight Low Fat Cow Milk

Features of Country Delight Milk

There are a few exquisite features that Country Delight ensures that help them provide the best quality milk and other related products. Using these features, the company has been able to gain the trust and delight of the consumers successfully.

Country Delight is very specific about the quality of its products and does not undertake any compromise in delivering the best products. The features that Company Delight offers and ensures in maintaining the quality of their products are:

  • Milking twice a day

Country Delight confirms that only fresh Milk obtained is delivered in quick succession so that the quality remains unaffected and the consumers get it in the most natural form.

Milking twice a day helps the company to have fresh Milk for packaging and delivery. In this duration, the quality of Milk is tested and then supplied to the consumer.

Milking twice a day is also essential to maintain a fresh milk stock for other milk-based products. Milk-based products only give the best advantages when made from fresh and unadulterated Milk.

  • 26 Tests Everyday

Country delight carries out 26 different tests to ensure no adulteration at every stage, right from milking to packaging.

These tests are carried out by experienced scientists and nutritionists using advanced mechanisms for testing.

At every stage, the test results help determine if the Milk is fit to proceed to the next stage if it has been degraded. The batch of Country Delight Milk that passes all these tests is finally packed and delivered to the consumers.

The testing techniques and pass parameters are stringent because quality is the main parameter for Country Delight.

  • Pasteurization and packaging at 3°C

Pasteurization is when packaged and unpackaged Milk is treated with mild heat. This heating ensures that the pathogens are killed and extended shelf life.

This process helps destroy or inactivate microbes that cause spoilage or disease risk. Spoilage enzymes are also deactivated during Pasteurization.

After that, the Country Delight Milk is packaged at 3°C, which helps the Milk to retain its freshness and prevents an increase in bacteria count.

  • Doorstep delivery every day

Country Delight delivers fresh Milk to your doorsteps. This helps the company maintain the proximity of consumers who do not have the chance or time to go out and purchase fresh Milk daily.

The door-to-door delivery system has greatly helped consumers order fresh and tested Milk. The delivery is very timely, and the intent is to deliver it within 24 to 48 hours when the order is placed.

  • Hassle-free management

The advanced mobile application has made management easy for both companies and consumers. A consumer can order Country Delight Milk and other products through the application and get the delivery status.

The application is quite easy to use. It is available for both Android and IOS users. The company can track the quantity of demand through this application and adjust its manufacturing rate concerning the demands.

  • Self Test kit

Country delights offer a complimentary test kit free with your trial order.

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Country Delight Referral Code Latest

Country Delight Offers Rs.150 cashback on applying the referral code while installing the Application From Google Play Store/Apple iStore.

Application NameCountry Delight App
Referral CodeMILKREF6RX6W (If not working use list of working codes given below)
Google Play StoreDownload App (Current Version 6.0.1)
Apple iStoreDownload App (Version 4.4.37)

Country Delight Referral Codes From App Users

Referral Codes For Country Delight App For Cashbacks

Terms & Conditions To Get Cashbacks/Referrals

  • One user can refer only 10 other persons only and referrer cannot be from same address
  • To get referral amount of Rs. 150 into your wallet, the referrer should add Rs. 150 into his/her wallet.
  • The referrer will get 100% cashback on adding Rs.150 into wallet
  • The new referrer has to recharge a minimum of Rs. 150 in first 30 consecurituve days or have added minimum of Rs.1500 into the wallet
  • Country Delight may change the cashback/referral percentage or amount at any point of time, so take advantage of this offer quickly
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Country Delight Low Fat Dahi (Curd)

List of Country Delight Products and Benefits

Country Delight offers a range of dairy and bakery products to choose from. Using the mobile application, you can get all of these products delivered to your doorsteps. The main products are:

1. Cow Milk:

The natural sweetness of cow milk is an evident proof of purity and quality. It has become increasingly popular among kids also.

This Country Delight Milk is sourced from Desi Gir cows, desi Sahiwal cows, crossbred Holstein and Jersey cows directly from the farmers. The Milk is then taken to the testing phase, where it goes through 70 stringent tests for impurities and toxins.

The delivery takes place within 24-36 hours of milking. No adulteration in milk powder, cream or preservatives is done. The Milk delivery is connected to the best cold chain passage nearest to your home.

  • Benefits:

The Milk is highly enriched in Vitamin D, B, B12, calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium and amino acids. These many nutrients make this a saviour of your diet plan with only a small glass of Milk.

2. Buffalo Milk

The Country Delight Buffalo Milk is the best choice for those who prefer thick and creamy Milk from the countryside. The farmers directly sourced the high content protein milk from Murrah Buffaloes.

It then goes through the testing process, where it is made sure that the Milk is in the best natural form. The delivery process is swift after the testing phase, and you can have your order within 24-36 hours of milking.

  • Benefits

A glass of buffalo milk is a great source of calcium essential for improving bone strength. It also contains potassium, which is good for controlling blood pressure and many other essential nutrients.

3. Low Fat Cow Milk

Made from pure Cow Milk, this balances fat loss with a higher amount of proteins and other nutrients. It is made to adjust your diet requirements better by reducing fat and increasing protein and minerals.

  • Benefits

It completes your daily diet by adding more proteins and minerals and cutting fat content simultaneously.

4. Ghar Jaisa Dahi

The purest form of Dahi is made from fresh milk within 36 hours of milking. It has great taste and is made with traditional and authentic ways to ensure its top-notch quality.

  • Benefits

Regular consumption improves immunity and helps the digestive system as well.

5. Low-fat Dahi

It is a lighter variant of normal Dahi as it contains a lesser amount of fat, is very light for consumption, but it is essentially enhanced in proteins and minerals.

  • Benefits

Reduces fat content from your diet and adds more to vitamins and minerals.

6. Fresh Paneer made From Cow Milk

The purest form of paneer with a great taste and so nicely fabricated that it melts right into your mouth. It is made from fresh cow milk using the best techniques for production. It is then packaged and delivered to your doorstep in 26-48 hours of milking.

  • Benefits

A great source of calcium and other minerals that helps indigestion.

7. Desi Danedar Ghee

One of the most nutrient-rich and essential parts of the diet is Ghee. Country Delight focuses on producing fresh, aromatic and “Danedar” Ghee.

Made from Cow Milk fat converted into butter and all the impurities are removed to enhance the aroma and shelf life of the product. It comes in a transparent jar symbolizing purity and health benefits.

  • Benefits

Improves digestion, maintains the immune system and is highly rich in Vitamin A and E.

8. Fresh Preservative-Free White Bread

It is baked with perfection. The bread is soft, spongy and has a great taste. It has minimal water content, is fresh and contains no preservatives.

  • Benefits

It is a crucial source of instant energy for the human body.

9. Fresh Preservative-Free Brown Bread

Made from fresh and natural ingredients, this bread is made from whole wheat flour, making it a healthier alternative to white bread. It is free of any impurities and perfectly fits a healthy diet plan.

  • Benefits

A great source of dietary fiber which keeps our digestive system healthy.

10. White Eggs

These eggs are a higher protein source than regular eggs. The yolk inside the eggs is orange-coloured, indicating the egg’s quality.

The eggs are free of chemicals as the birds are kept in a healthy environment, ensuring the better quality of eggs. The eggs are very tasty and give a perfect start to the day in a healthy breakfast.

  • Benefits

Great source for protein, calcium, zinc, Vitamin D, E and B6.

11. Fresh Preservative-free Homestyle Whole Wheat Bread

The bread has a flavour of sweetness and sourness, which makes it a delight to the taste buds.

The whole wheat slice of the bread indicates the dense texture and freshness of the bread. Sourdough bread is naturally fermented, prebiotic and has a lower sugar level.

  • Benefits

It is easy for the body to digest this bread, and it is very rich in dietary fiber, which improves the digestive system.

Country Delight Milk Price List

The price of the cow milk/buffalo milk may be slightly varied from location to location since many factors are involved in the determination of the price, like transportation, availability and coupons/referrals/cashbacks.

ProductPrice (***Subject to change)
Cow Milk (500 ML)Rs.34
Buffalo Milk (500 ML)Rs.39
Desi Danedar Ghee (1 L)Rs.649
Country Coconut Water -1Pc (Quantity 270-300 ML)Rs. 55
Coconut OpenerRs.89

To know the exact price of Country Delight Milk, then download the App from Playstore/istore and install it and check the latest price of 2022

How does the Country Delight Application work?

The application is very useful and helps manage and order dairy products from Country Delight. The application has a friendly User Interface, making it time-saving and easy for consumers to place their orders and use it frequently.

Consumers can manage their subscription to Country Delight hassle-free by following these simple steps:

  • Download and Install the Application from Play Store or App Store
  • Create your account by filling in the basic details like name, contact number and delivery address.
  • Recharge your wallet based on your needs. You can either get a monthly or weekly subscription at different rates.
  • Subscribe to the products that you want to order in the application. You can add as many products as you want based on your wallet balance and subscription type.
  • The products are delivered to your doorsteps as quickly as possible, maintaining the quality and freshness of those dairy products. You can add special options for delivery like ring the bell or not, and the home delivery is free.

Country Delight Customer Care

  • For Customers All over India (+91 965 057 8884)
  • For Bangalore, Chennai & Hyderabad Customers (+91 636 623 5177)
  • Contact time: 6am to 9pm everyday
  • Email: [email protected]


It can be observed from the quality of production and customer reviews that Country Delight has been successfully able to complete their desired intent which is providing fresh and unadulterated products door to door.

The feedback from nutritionists solidifies that it is a good and healthy deal to order your dairy and bakery products from Country Delight for a healthy and hassle-free experience.

The application is also a great initiative towards consumers to help them get their order subscribed and delivered on time, retaining the freshness.

Country Delight thrives for the betterment and does not compromise on production quality, which makes it a trusted source for your healthy diet.

Hope. you read all the important points in the detailed Country Delight Milk Review, Thank you!

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