Top 10 Best Menstrual Cups For Women in India 2023

Do you feel that Menstrual Cups are a little uncomfortable and unconventional as far as your hygiene issues are concerned?

Have you been wondering about giving it a try but not sure about the outcome? Then, I can offer a clear understanding of these menstrual cups so that you stop getting messy anymore and do whatever you feel like, even on your periods!

Menstrual Cup is a small yet flexible rubber cup that comes in fennel shape and you need to insert it into the vagina to collect a specific amount of period fluid. You can wear this cup from 6 – 12 hours, depending on the flow.

I can give you the 10 best menstrual cup options to choose from and give a try.

List of 10 Best Menstrual Cups in India 2022

1. PEESAFE Reusable and Leakage-Proof Menstrual Cups For Women

PEESAFE Reusable and Leakage-Proof Menstrual Cup

Peesafe Menstrual Cup is made using medical-grade silicone which ensures no infection at all. It is free from any kind of BPA, latex, or harmful toxins. Being leak-proof, it provides upto 12 hours of protection.

The menstrual cup is available in a 42mm size range and can collect up to 21ml of period blood. It stays firm inside the vagina and does not irritate when used for long hours.

And the best part is, you do not need to remove the cup while peeing or doing any other activities such as running, swimming, etc.

It is designed with a rim and has holes to release suction properly. The cup also features volume markings and a firm base.

The stem is offered with a round tip for easy removal of the cup from the vagina. It comes in pink colour and is most suitable for teenagers and women above 18 years who have not given birth or given birth via C-section.

How To Use?

First, you need to wash your hands and fold the cup for easy insertion into the vagina. Then gently move the cup inside until it opens up and fits your comfort.

When full, just pull the stem to remove the cup easily. Then, wash the used cup with plain water and insert it again following the same process.

Why Choose It?

The Menstrual Cup is eco-friendly and reusable. It offers hygienic and mess-free protection for long hours. This single-piece cup can be used for the next 5years and you do not need to invest in any other hygiene product at all.

The cup is toxin-free which keeps your internal area safe. It is comfortable for wearing during the active hours of the day as well as when you are sleeping at the night.

This small menstrual cup is an FDA approved product that can be availed from Amazon and the link is given below.

2. Sirona Eco-Friendly Silicone Menstrual Cup

Sirona Eco-Friendly Silicone Menstrual Cup

Sirona Menstrual Cup offers you a leak-proof period with up to 8hours of protection. It can be easily inserted into the vagina and its super-soft medical-grade silicone material guarantees an odour and rash-free experience everytime.

Being eco-friendly, the cup ensures no harm to our planet.

It is designed with a flexible rim that creates a vacuum seal to prevent any kind of leakage during the hours when you are active physically or travelling.

The cup features a curve shape for a perfect fitting inside and its grooved type stem offers an anti-slippery grip.

The menstrual cup is available in a 45cm size range and can be used for managing normal to heavy flow periods. It is most recommended for women between 25-35 years of age, who have given birth.

You can use it for up to 10 years and carry on with dancing, swimming or any other daily chores easily.

How To Use?

Wash your hands with soap and then fold the cup in C-fold or punch-down fold pattern as per your convenience.

Now hold the folded sections firmly in between your thumb and forefinger in such a way that the curved edge is facing away from the palm.

Then, be comfortable enough while sitting or standing to insert the cup gently into the vagina while the vaginal muscles are relaxed.

It needs to be placed few inches below your cervix point. Now, rotate the menstrual cup to spring it open and create a leak-proof seal for a safe period.

Why Choose It?

Cup comes in a medium-size range that can handle the heavy flow which results in a leak-proof and rash-free period. It can reduce the rate of sanitary waste that is usually generated from pads as well as tampons.

This menstrual cup can be easily removed as a specific part of its stem sticks out of the vaginal opening area.  When you grip the cup base, the vacuum seal gets released for easy removal.

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3. Safecup Flexible Menstrual Cup with Perforated Ridges For Women

Safecup Flexible Menstrual Cup

Safecup Menstrual Cup is made using medical-grade soft silicone which is platinum cured to ensure the safety of usage. It features a unique fortified rim for perfect fitting and prevents any kind of leakage.

The menstrual cup is available in a proprietary bulb-shaped pattern for easy insertion and opening and you feel comfortable all day long.

The cup is free from any kind of colours or dyes and comes in a small size range of 10cm. It has a mid-length stem and protects for upto 12 hours. It is reusable and offers perfect flexibility.

You can wear this menstrual cup while doing various physical activities as well as overnight. It is ideal for use during travelling, sports, swimming, diving, ng trekking, cycling, dancing, etc.

How To Use?

Wash your hands and insert this flexible cup by folding it with your hands. The enhanced rim helps you with a proper fitting.

After insertion, see if is comfortable or not and carry on with your regular activities. The round short stem allows you to remove the cup easily after use.

Why Choose It?

The Menstrual Cup has not too hard or not too soft texture so that you do not get hurt while inserting it. It pops open after the insertion.

It expands easily so that you can easily place it inside and relax. The cup allows you to do any kind of physical activities or chores freely.

4. i-activ Soft Menstrual Cup for Long Term Protection

i-activ Soft Menstrual Cup

i-activ Soft Menstrual Cup allows you to move freely and do exercise, dance or swim without worrying much. It gives you protection from stains for 8 to 10hours. The cup is odour-free, rash-proof and can be used overnight too.

The menstrual cup is made from medical grade pure liquid silicone which makes it soft and flexible. It has a stem with rings to ensure easy removal after use and the air holes help to release the vacuum properly.

The rim perfectly fits inside for a leakage-free experience. It is reusable for upto 10 years.

How To Use?

Wash your hands and fold the menstrual cup in a U/C fold pattern. Then let your muscle relax in any comfortable position, be it squat, stand, lie down or sit.

Now, gently insert the cup inside so that it opens up and try to feel the cup base as round or oval without any folds. For that, softly grip the cup base to let it rotate.

Now, pull the stem and if it is resistant, then suction is generated and you inserted it properly. For removal, pull the stem again until you get the cup base and press it to release the suction and take it out.

Why Choose It?

This menstrual cup provides a leak-free period for a long time and its soft texture ensures optimum comfort. It comes in a medium-size range and can be used by women after C-section or with medium-flow.

5. Finest Cup Small Transparent Menstrual Cup For Beginners

Finest Cup Small Transparent Menstrual Cup

Finest Cup Menstrual Cup is ideal for teenagers, first-time users, and those women who have not given birth yet.

It can be used during strenuous physical activities such as cycling, swimming, running, sports, climbing, dancing or any other chores and even overnight.

This menstrual cup is hygienically processed using pure medical grade and platinum-cured silicone with no added colours or dyes for safety.

The cup has a flexible rim which creates a vacuum seal for no leakage during various activities. The bulb-shaped pattern offers easy insertion and proper fitting.

This cup protects for upto 8 hours and can be used for 10 years long. Being eco-friendly, the cup creates no hassle for the environment.

How To Use?

Wash your hands and insert the cup with C-fold or punch-down pattern. Then adjust it well and see if it perfectly fits or not. For removal, gently press the cup base to release the vacuum and pull it out.

Why Choose It?

The cup is transparent and free from dyes, BPA or toxic materials. The flexible rim creates a seal around the vaginal wall to prevent leakage. The stem comes with rings to ensure easy removal of the cup.

It features a marking point for properly measuring the amount of menstrual fluid and has two holes for a mess-free period.

6. Everteen Large Size Menstrual Cup

Everteen Large Size Menstrual Cup

Everteen Menstrual Cup offers upto 12 hours of protection without any smell or discomfort. It is hygienically processed from quality grade silicone which makes it reusable for up to 10 years.

The cup is free from toxic materials and its large size facilitates a good amount of menstrual fluid storage.

The menstrual cup is provided with a suction seal for perfect fitting inside and the vacuum that is created by the seal ensures lesser cramps.

This pink cup is designed to give you a rash-free period with no dryness and infection.

How To Use?

First, relax and sit in a squatting position and now fold the menstrual cup by specifically punching down the opening area and hold it using one hand with an open mouth-end facing the vaginal opening.

Then push the cup at a 45-degree angle toward the pubic bone. Now release the cup in such a way that the cup fold pops open. Continue pushing the cup until reaching a comfort level.

Why Choose It?

The Menstrual Cup is provided with a storage pouch for ease of handling. Its large size offers good storage, so you do not need to remove and reinsert it several times. It can be used overnight also to handle the heavy period flow.

7. Namyaa Medium Size Menstrual Cup For Women

Namyaa Medium Size Menstrual Cup

Namyaa Menstrual Cup fits perfectly inside and offers you an active life even during your periods. It comes in a bell-shaped pattern that can collect the menstrual fluid and it is inserted like a tampon to work healthily and hygienically.

It is made from medical-grade silicone and is free from latex, harmful toxins and BPA. The cup provides odour-free leakage protection for upto 12 long hours.

It is available in medium size of 120ml diameter and collects period liquid in 16ml to 20ml range.

How To Use?

Insert this cup in your vagina while maintaining hygiene and let it sit there comfortably. Remove the cup, empty it at least twice a day and wash it.

Why Choose It?

The Menstrual Cup is a vegetarian product that is made from optimum medical grade silicon. You can run, swim, dance, and sleep and wear this cup, with no leak, odour, or rash.

The cup is soft and causes no dryness to your intimate area. It is ideal for adults as well as teenagers.

8. Stonesoup Wings High Capacity Silicone Menstrual Cup

 Stonesoup Wings High Capacity Silicone Menstrual Cup

Stonesoup Wings Silicone Menstrual Cup is offered in rim-less design which ensures easy cleaning.

The cup has a u-shaped pattern to facilitate more storage capacity and can collect 20ml periodic fluid. It protects 8hours and is ideal for medium to heavy bleeding women with a moderate to a high level of an active lifestyle.

The cup is made of medical-grade and non-toxic silicone which is safe for the skin of your intimate area. Its no-stem design ensures no risk of injury or pro-lapse.

How To Use?

Wash your hands and U fold the cup and then fold it again in U shaped pattern. Then push down into the centre of the inside base for forming a triangle for easy insertion.

Insert the cup in a squatting position and push the curved edge of the folded cup into the opening for easy fitting. For removal, you need to press the base of the cup so that the vacuum seal is released and remove it by the pulling down method.

Why Choose It?

The cup is eco-friendly and reusable for up to 10 years. Being stemless, it allows you to move freely and enjoy your activities like running, dancing, swimming and yoga without worrying about staining.

The soft texture gives you ultimate comfort and it comes in a 45mm size range.

9. WOW Freedom Soft Menstrual Cup For Beginners

WOW Freedom Soft Menstrual Cup

WOW Freedom Menstrual Cup is made from optimum grade silicone, giving it a super soft texture to give you ultimate comfort. It is eco-friendly, hygienic and safe to wear for upto 12 hours. The specially designed rim offers easy insertion and removal.

The menstrual cup gives you an odour free and leak-proof period while ensuring no dryness to your intimate area. It can be used twice a day. This pink cup is perfect for wearing in the morning and before bedtime as per individual requirements.

How To Use?

Wash your hands and fold the cup using both hands to form a C pattern by pressing the two sides and folding it by itself.

Then, insert the cup in a squatting or sitting position at a 45degree angle towards the back area of your spine. Stop inserting it when the stem is invisible. Twist the cup at a 360-degree angle to form a tight seal secure it in one place.

Why Choose It?

The Cup is soft and can handle the heavy flow when changed on being full. It has a storage capacity of 60ml and is ideal for women below 30 years. It is compact and reusable for years.

10. Hiccup Environment-Friendly Menstrual Cup For Women

Hiccup Environment-Friendly Menstrual Cup

Hiccup Menstrual Cup is made of optimum quality silicone and can be used for up to 10years. It provides leak-proof protection for a maximum of 12 hours. It is small in size, apt for teenagers, or women with a high cervix or who have not given birth yet.

The cup is eco-friendly and saves you from the hassle of leakage, staining and odour during the period. Its soft texture is ideal for first-time users.

How To Use?

First, fold and insert the menstrual cup horizontally into your vagina in such a way that it moves towards the tailbone.

Continue the insertion upto half an inch to your vagina and see if it opens up inside before complete insertion. The cup can be folded in C-fold, punch-down and 7-fold type patterns.

Why Choose It?

This cup comes cheaper when compared to the pads and tampons. Being eco-friendly and a silicone made product, it is safe to use. It comes with a storage pouch to easily carry with you.

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