Top 10 Best Hand Blenders in India 2022

If you are looking for the best hand blenders online in 2022? If yes, you are at the right place to know the best hand blenders which are sold online.

Who wouldn’t want a multipurpose multi-functional invention that could make life simpler?.

Hand blenders are one such invention that helps you complete your kitchen cooking and baking tasks easily without putting many efforts.

Hand blenders are a creative and helpful device to rapidly make the perfect milkshakes, purees, sauces, and smoothies in your mug or a container without requiring any extra tools.

Regardless of whether you’re in a surge or basically need to be productive, hand blenders are a great alternative. 

If you want to buy the best hand blender to make your kitchen tasks less tiring, then keep on reading to know the ten best hand blenders in India.

List of Top 10 Best Hand Blenders in India 2022

1. InstaCuppa Electric Foam Maker 

InstaCuppa Electric Foam Maker

InalsaCuppa Electric Foam Maker has made it to the best hand blender list as it makes the lending process simple.

It is light in easy and easy to carry. Its sharp blades work efficiently to make purees for soups, sauces and yummy smoothies.

It is made up of stainless steel and it has a shelf that can be removed for easy cleaning. With a speed control regulator, this product is an absolute need for your kitchen. 

Product Features

Unique Whisks – This milk frother has two elite whisks FROTHER WHISK – ideal for adding foam to your milk or espresso coffee. Mixer WHISK – ideal for beating eggs, blending mixed drinks, or protein powders. 

Make Barista-style Coffee easily- With this foam wand, you can make bistro-style espresso at home immediately. Dazzle your loved ones with your new enchantment wand! 

Get creamy froth easily  – with this milk frother, and you will begin making smooth foam for your morning espresso in just 15 – 20 seconds. 

Battery Operated – A battery operates this Blender, so there’s no need to keep looking for plugs.

Beautifully styled- This espresso mixer accompanies exquisite tempered steel remains to find a way into any cutting edge kitchen. 

Why do we recommend it? 

It has been made with high-quality steel, which is quite durable. It is totally protected to use with cold/hot drinks.

Purchase this and there will be no compelling reason to pay for costly espressos bistros coffee anymore.

2. Kent Hand Blender (400 W) 

Kent Hand Blender (400 W)

KENT brings to you a smooth tempered steel hand blender to make your cooking experience simpler and efficient. This advantageous and helpful kitchen apparatus speeds up your day by day kitchen tasks.

It has a detachable shaft which makes it simple to clean. With its snappy treated steel body, this hand blender from KENT is outstanding amongst other kitchen machines to bring home, which you can love for eternity. 

Product Features

Variable speed controls – It has five variable speed controls. You can pick and change the speed of your device effectively for giving a smooth surface to your smoothies and sauces. 

Incredible 400 W Motor – It has a powerful 400 W engine that offers higher speed and hence it consummately whisks and mixes the fixings according to your necessity.

Likewise, it very well may be utilized effectively for both hot and cold blending ingredients. 

Hardened Steel Body – The smooth hardened steel body design of this product consumes minimal space in your kitchen. It was made with the intention to make it both durable and sturdy. 

Low Noise Operation – It works with minimal noise, so you can utilize it at whatever point you need without upsetting anybody. 

Why do we recommend it? 

This gives simple mixing and offers wonderful outcomes likewise has a copper motor that guarantees sturdiness and long life.

3. Maharaja Whiteline Hand Blender 

Maharaja Whiteline Hand Blender

The Maharaja brand has been probably the best brand with regards to kitchen apparatus. This hand blender is on every homeowner wish list and has the most convenient, sleek design and comfortable hold.

It accompanies a loop that can be utilized to hold tight the wall. Its super-sharp cutting edges make it the ideal right Hand in the kitchen. 

Product features

Ice Crushing Blades – Exceptionally planned with an overly sharp treated steel edge and it has crushing blades which smash the ice pieces and blending of hard ingredients effortlessly. 

130-watt power for lasting Performance – It has a 130-Watt motor that doesn’t consume much power and gives a long-lasting performance. 

Separable Plastic Foot – It includes a detachable plastic foot that adds to its strength while offering additional comfort of a simple cleaning. 

2-in-1 Powerful Operation – Make your family’s morning euphoric by astounding them with great smoothies! Maharaja Turbomix Plus has a hefty mix limit with a low clamour engine that guarantees quiet yet amazing execution. 

Why do we recommend it? 

Maharaja Turbomix Plus hand blender is a one-stop answer for all your mixing requirements. Outfitted with a 130-Watt engine, it guarantees powerful performance. The kent brand has been one of the best selling hand blenders online in India 2022

4. Inalsa Hand Blender 

Inalsa Hand Blender

This Inalsa hand bank gives you the necessary flawlessness with its different variable capacities. The interesting rotating blades help you in giving the ideal surface to your recipes.

The item won’t baffle you in securing the ideal consistency. To experience modern cooking feel this is the item you ought to have in your kitchen alongside different things. 

Product features 

Make Instant delicious dishes – Want answers for disentangling rushed life!! Reduce food preparing time and make solid, scrumptious food and beverages with this tough and flexible blender Robot Inox 1000 Plus. Inalsa furnishes you with the correct kitchen machine.

Multi-Purpose – It can be used for multi-purpose tasks such as a chopper, Potato Masher, and Whisker. It comes with a 500 ml mixer jar too.

Get the smooth texture– Variable Speed Setting permits you to control it and causes you to get the correct surface you need for your ingredients.

Modern Design and good quality– It has a Stainless-Steel finish, power pointer light which shows its working situation for your benefit. 

Anti-Splash technology– The stem is made of excellent food-grade treated steel. With a sharp edge shield plan, the company guarantees splash-free mixing. 

Why do we recommend it? 

Get the best results with the ideal ways and the simplest arrangements. Inalsa manufactured hand blenders are worth the cost as it has different adornments alongside them and tops in the event of performance.

5. Kent 150W White Hand Blender 

Kent 150W White Hand Blender

Meet the particular requirements while making any recipe with the KENT Hand Blender and appreciate hassle-free cooking each day.

This machine is accessible with numerous mixers, which are not difficult to eject and makes cooking simpler and quicker.

The amazing copper engine guarantees the life span of the item, while the auto cut-off element saves it from over-warming. 

Product Features 

Variable Speed Control – With the five variable speed controls, you can blend various sorts of Ingredients by basically turning the handle—this aids in accomplishing the best outcomes for baking and cooking. 

Various Beaters for Easy Cooking – Regardless of whether you need to prepare a cake, whip eggs, or blend a few liquids, its numerous mixers and mixture snares can do everything for you. 

150W Copper Motor – The superior 150W copper engine won’t just meet all your blending and mixing requirements adequately yet additionally guarantees a long life span. 

Overheating Protection – It has a special feature of an automatic switch off, which naturally cools down if there is an occurrence of overheating. This likewise expands your item’s life. 

Why do we recommend it? 

This machine promotes blending, mixing, and whipping and accompanies different mixers and mixture snares. It comes with 300 W power with speeds up the cooking process and saves your time in the kitchen. 

6. Philips Hand Blender 

Philips Hand Blender

This product is made up of stainless steel which ensures durability and safe to use.

The item accompanies two unique cutting edges that permit you to whip beverages just as eggs and cream. It helps you to mix large amounts of ingredients within minutes. 

Product features 

Blades are removable – It comes with two sharp blades for whipping cream, eggs and your everyday cooking task a lot simpler. 

High-Performance Power – The item comes with 250W power. This creative item can even blend the harsh ingredients easily and gives a smooth texture.

Single Button – It has a single button for On/off, which makes it easy to use the item. 

Novel Body – Has a novel body shape which makes it easy to clean. 

Why do we recommend it? 

It is an incredible motor and interesting design that makes tasks fast and simpler. This is lightweight and covers minimal space in your kitchen and can be mounted easily on the wall. 

When surveyed online, people reviewed that Philips brand hand blenders as one of the best hand blenders in the market.

7. Orpat Hand Blender 

Orpat Hand Blender

With a wide public and global presence, Orpat is a well-known organization that deals in en-number of apparatuses all through the world.

Orpat is ceaselessly associated with accomplishing innovation for various items and believed in giving the best electric Blender to its clients. 

Product features

Durable– It has an equitably adjusted force and breaks the hard ice instantly. Consequently, the Orpat hand blender has long haul sturdiness and could be utilized for quite a long time with less maintenance. 

Simple to clean–All the parts of the product are separable. This aids in the cleaning of the Blender. Likewise, you can eliminate the slip grasps prior to washing in the dishwasher. 

Hardened steel Blade– It has excessively sharp blades and is made of treated steel. The sharp edges crush every last part consummately. Accordingly, it gives you the best mixing results. 

Portable– the Orpat hand blender is light in weight and small in size. Consequently, you can carry it from any place to all over the place. Because of its small size and consumes less space in the kitchen. 

Comfortable hold – It has a comfortable grip to hold during the mixing of ingredients and can be used for an extended period of time without any effort. 

Why do we recommend it? 

This hand Blender can likewise be mounted on a wall, and due to its conservative size, it takes no space in your kitchen. It is likewise very light and convenient.

8. MJN Multifunctional Electric Hand Blender 

MJN Multifunctional Electric Hand Blender

These MJN hand blenders make your kitchen work lighter and simpler. With the multi-useful activity, you can feel convenient to use it for various tasks.

Presently you can set up any mouth-watering dish in your home with this convenient hand blender. This is probably the best Blender you will have in your kitchen. 

Product features

High Speeds: Combine fixings at speed one for gradually mixing, speed four for crushing potatoes, speed seven for beating egg whites, and whipping meringue 

Removable edges– This hand blender gives you the comfort of eliminating the sharp edges that can help you in racing cream or any refreshments and along these lines, making your cooking a lot simpler. 

Simple to clean– It accompanies a hardened steel pole which makes it a productive item for your kitchen.

Additionally, it is not so difficult to clean. This is extraordinary compared to other blender blenders in India. 

Why do we recommend it? 

MNJ hand blenders consume no power and give a ground-breaking mixing of the ingredients. The cost of this product is exceptionally affordable. 

9. Skytone Hand Blender 

Skytone Hand Blender

The Skytone hand blender has a slick design that makes it more appealing to utilize. With three speed determination.

Additionally, a launch button is there for changing or eliminating batter or mixing connections. Hence this is the best Blender to have in your kitchen essentials. 

Product Features 

Speed control–For amazing mixing results, this hand blender gives you 3-speed controls. You can deal with the speed by low, medium, and high according to your convenience.

Dough Hook- This hand blender brings extra batter snares. In the event that you are making a bread mixture, pizza mixture, or need to blend the hefty player, the batter snare will help you out.

Mixer attachment– It offers you a mixer connection also. If you are not setting up any mixture, you can disconnect it and connect the blender connection to it.

Consequently, you can whip cream or ordinary blend in with the assistance of the blender connection. 

Lightweight–The Blender is light in weight. You can keep it anyplace you need to as it is a versatile machine too. 

Why do we recommend it? 

This hand blender mixes everything in seconds and will definitely add an elegant look to your kitchen with its stylish design.

Likewise, this lightweight hand blender saves your time, exertion, and the cost of a hand blender is also economical.

10. LIOMES Multifunctional Food Blender 

LIOMES Multifunctional Food Blender

With legitimate utility, advancement, and sturdiness, LIOMES is perhaps the most appreciated kitchen machine brand. 

For your simple blending and mixing task, this hand blender is one real answer. With less force utilization, it finishes its task in lesser time and in an excellent way.

Its minimal design makes it viable with any and each utensil. 

Product features 

Speed control: The 5-speed settings mean you can choose the proper speed for the sort of food and make accurate outcomes without fail. 

 800-watt Power – It has an incredible engine that has five rates, so you can begin moderate and finish quickly like blend flour, spread, cream, jam, egg whisk, milkshake, and so forth 

Convenient- In-Built Eject Knob Feature causes you to eliminate connections effortlessly. Its conservative plan and thin grasp make our hand blender machine simple to hold and move in a blending bowl or enormous cup. 

Attachments for all your cooking needs: Beat, Mix, Whisk, Blend, Mash with Quality tempered steel attachments.

Detachable Beaters and Whisker/Dough Hooks will deal with your meal preparations. Now making dough is quite an easy task.

Why do we recommend it? 

This Blender is appropriate for all blending, whipping necessities. Subsequently, it offers smooth working and the handle gives good support, which makes it easy to hold for a user. 


Buying a hand blender for home is a smart choice as it will simplify any cooking and baking task. If you don’t know which hand blender will be suitable, check out the key features we mentioned to choose the best one in your budget.

These items consume less energy and are easy on your pockets. Consequently, if you are passionate about cooking, want perfection in your dishes, the previously mentioned hand blenders would help you.

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