10 Best Facial Kits For Women in India For 2023

In this world of pollution and constant stress, we are always looking for something that gives us a bit of relief. Getting a bad skin condition, in such a condition is not that uncommon.

It can be caused due to both stress and pollution, or maybe other societal or health conditions. Despite all that, it is our primary responsibility to take care of our health. And when it comes to skincare, facials come to our rescue.

Nowadays, facials are more than just a luxurious investment. Skin is the largest organ of our body but still, people tend to pay the least amount of attention to it. In that case, facials come to our rescue.

Facials have lately come up with a lot of skin-related benefits that are quite handy and affordable. Having said that, people majorly look into the superficial benefits only like radiance and skin glow.

Apart from that, facials have a major role in hydrating your skin, providing nutrition to it, and making it stronger just like any other body part.

There are other benefits of facials too, like deep cleansing of your skin, exfoliation of dead cells detoxifies the skin, reducing stress, and rejuvenates the skin.

Also, it isn’t always possible to visit a parlour or salon for facial treatments, taking into consideration the cost and time.

Things get easier when we can get access to such facial kits at home which gives us equivalent results as that of a salon, and sometimes even better.

To make your pursuit for a proper facial kit easier, here I have a list of the 10 best facial kits for women. So, without further ado, let’s get into it

10 Best Facial kit Brands in India

10 Best Facial Kits For Women in India (Review)

1. VLCC Gold Facial Kit and VLCC Natural Sciences Insta Glow Gold Bleach

VLCC Gold Facial Kit

VLCC has come up with an amazing facial kit product, which offers a plethora of benefits, both external and internal.

Additionally, apart from the facial kit, this product comes along with gold bleach too, a “two-in-one” product! And what more can you ask for? Yet, there is more to offer. Let’s dive deeper into the product features and benefits to know more about it-

Note-This is a combo pack, with two different products, giving you dual benefits.

VLCC Gold Facial Kit

  • It is a gold facial kit, which will provide you with a long-lasting golden glow to your skin.
  • The facial kit product consists of 60 grams of facial kit and 20 grams of creme. It comes in with a comfrey cleanser cum toner gold scrub, and a gold gel. It also contains a gold cream and a gold peel-off mask.
  • Recognizing the skin-enriching qualities and anti-aging benefits of gold, VLCC has curated this best facial kit for glowing skin and harnessing its benefits it.
  • This facial kit will help improve your skin metabolism and nourishment, remove age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation, and prevent premature aging of your skin.
  • Apart from these, this will also help your skin to boost collagen regeneration and strengthen elastin fibers. All these will give your skin a radiant and youthful glow. It also smoothens your skin, increases flexibility, and retains the moisture content of your skin.
  • The contents in this kit are extracts of sandalwood, aloe vera, raisin, and turmeric which are the best suited for skin.

VLCC Natural Sciences Insta Glow Gold Bleach)

  • This gold bleach bleaches the facial hair to get it matched perfectly with the skin tone.
  • This product also helps in purifying the skin through the action of light intoxication.
  • The energy stored in gold helps to impart an overall curative effect to the skin.
  • This product is aimed at giving your skin a golden glow radiance like never before.


  • You will get two products in one package serving two different benefits, at a minimal range.
  • The facial kit is light enough to be carried to any place and is one of the best facial kits for skin whitening


  • There’s as such no drawback, except that if you want a “not-so-golden” glow, you better skip this product and opt for something different.

2. Himalaya Pure Skin Neem Facial Kit

Himalaya Pure Skin Neem Facial Kit

Himalaya is globally acclaimed for its ever-promising good skincare products.

It is an amazing combo pack of the trio (face wash, face scrub, and face pack) that you would never want to miss, especially when it’s so pocket-friendly. Now, let’s look more into its features and benefits-

  • The entire facial kit is suitable for all skin types.
  • Though it’s a list of women’s facial kits, here is the exception with this product. This is equally suited for men as for women.
  • Then comes the neem purifying face scrub (100% natural beads), which further purifies the skin and removes dead skin cells.
  • Additionally, it removes excess oil from the skin, which turns out to be the primary cause of acne. This scrub has extracts of Apricot too, which hydrates the skin.
  • Lastly comes the purifying neem face pack which is made of totally natural clay, which moisturizes the skin, and gives it a final touch of radiance.
  • Though this facial kit is predominantly made of antibacterial neem, it also has extracts of antiseptic turmeric, apricot granules, and natural Multani mitti.


  • You will get three components in this entire kit at one of the cheapest rates, which would otherwise cost higher if bought separately.
  • One of the best facial kits for sensitive skin


  • It is mostly suitable for the daily look. You can opt for other kits for occasional purposes.

3. Lotus Radiant Gold Facial Kit for Instant Glow

Lotus Radiant Gold Facial Kit for Instant Glow

As we all know that Lotus Herbals is a top brand in beauty and skincare products, and with good customer feedback, we can rely on them.

They have come up with an awesome gold facial kit that will give you an instant salon-like glow at home. Its features and benefits are worth exploring, so let’s do it-

  • This gold facial kit comes in with a radiant gold exfoliating cleanser. This creamy cleanser helps the skin to undergo deep cleansing and boosts the radiance and texture of the skin.
  • The key ingredients of this product are- 24k gold leaves (slows down skin aging and gives instant glow), papaya extract (lightens the skin blemishes), and horse chestnut extracts (its powerful antioxidants reduce skin aging).
  • This facial kit will help you get smooth, glowing, and gold-like radiant skin, also helping to relieve any kind of rashes and irritation. It restores the skin elasticity without making it rough and dry.
  • This facial cream will penetrate deep into your skin to give nourishment and improve blood circulation. This imparts a long-lasting metallic effect on the skin, with a touch of youthfulness.
  • This product is devoid of any kind of harmful chemicals that can be harmful to the skin.
  • This gold facial kit is well suited to all skin types.
  • A special feature of this product includes cleaning and removing skin burns
  • Overall, with this amazing gold facial kit, you get- an instant golden glow, polished and clear skin, even-toned skin complexion, and younger-looking skin.


  • You can get the best results out of this product in just 4 easy steps, which reduces your time and effort.
  • You get a long-lasting metallic effect on your skin, perfectly suitable for occasions and it is one of the best facial kits for pigmentation


  • Though the kit is enough for a good facial treatment, it doesn’t have a lot of facial components.

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4. O3+ Bridal Facial Kit for Radiant & Glowing Skin – Suitable for All Skin Types

O3+ Bridal Facial Kit

And who doesn’t want to look flawless on their special day?

Here’s an amazing facial kit, specially designed for brides for instant radiance and glow on their skin. So, without further delay, let’s get into the intricate details of this product-

  • This kit comes in with- whitening cleansing foam, D-tan pack, whitening tonic, whitening massage cream, whitening serum, facial power mask 2030 gel and powder, Arbutin serum and powder, and whitening cream (SPF 30).
  • This facial kit is a perfect go for all skin types, for flawless and seamless skin along with brightening and whitening effects.
  • The active ingredients of this product include- peppermint, cucumber, and glycolic acid.
  • With this product, you will get all the skin benefits like- whitening, hydrating, lightening, brightening, and cleansing effects.
  • This is a 10-step regimen kit, which also offers a well-de-tanning effect, and removes dirt and dead skin cells, thus maintaining good health and brightness of the skin for a long.
  • So, get healthy and glowing skin in the comfort of your home on your special day!


  • This facial kit comes with a lot of components in it, and you don’t have to rely on other products for a replacement.
  • It is perfectly designed for a bridal look, to add more to the gorgeousness of the bridal makeup.
  • This is one of the best facial kits for brides in the market


  • It is not a perfect go for regular use and a natural regular look.
  • Its specific SPF value provides a clear indication of limited protection from the sun’s rays.

5. VLCC Diamond Facial Kit

VLCC Diamond Facial Kit

When it comes to skincare products, VLCC is one of those brands which we can trust blindly.

Previously, we came across its amazing multi-faceted gold facial kit. Now it’s time for the Diamond facial kit. So, without any delay, let’s know more about it-

  • The product comes in with two facial kits, making it affordable and cost-effective for the customers.
  • This facial kit has a creamy texture that must be used through 6 steps- cleanser and toner, scrub, lotion, gel, mask, and moisturizer. Following all the six steps of using it will help you get the best results out of this facial kit.
  • This diamond facial kit is undoubtedly suitable for all types of skin.
  • The key ingredients of this product are- Vitamin E, jojoba, and real diamond bhasma.
  • With this diamond facial kit, you get all the benefits of your skin like a glow like a diamond, brightening effect, proper hydration, and a youthful long-lasting look.


  • It comes in with two same products in one packaging, at a pocket-friendly rate, thus reducing your investment.
  • It can be used through 6 easy steps, which makes the process easier and time-saving.
  • This is one of the best facial kits for oily skin


  • It is not much of a disadvantage though, but if you are trying this kit for once only, two same products might seem like a waste to you.

6. Mamaearth Bridal Facial Kit

Mamaearth Bridal Facial Kit

If you have been familiar with skincare and haircare products, you must have come across this popular brand name- Mamaearth. Yes, it is worth all the popularity and good customer feedback.

This time Mamaearth has especially curated a combo facial kit for brides, to add more to their look on their special day. Let’s explore this product-

  • The three components of this kit include- Mamaearth Ubtan face wash, Mamaearth Ubtan face mask, and Mamaearth Ubtan face scrub.
  • The ingredients include- Aqua, Glycerin, Stearic acid, Saffron extract, Turmeric, Walnut beads, Titanium dioxide, Niacinamide, Cetostearyl alcohol, Vitamin E, Orange oil, Almond oil, Apricot oil, Potassium sorbate, Liquorice extract, Kaolin, Kokum Butter, & FRA Certified Allergen Free Fragrance.
  • This facial kit is free from Sodium lauryl sulfate, Phthalate, and parabens.
  • The walnut beads help to get rid of the harsh sunburn. The turmeric and saffron help in the de-tanning process and give the skin an everlasting glow and radiance.
  • Turmeric which is rich in antioxidants, promotes even skin tone, by rescuing the skin from free radical damage.
  • This dermatologically tested facial kit is free from harmful chemicals and is suitable for all skin types.
  • Apart from the usual benefits of skin nourishment and radiance, this product additionally comes in with the oil control benefit. It controls excess oil on your skin, thus helping reduce acne and dust settlement.
  • Infused with the goodness of natural ingredients, this product makes sure that you get the best glow and nourishment out of it, throughout the summer.


  • Comes in as a perfect combo of three components, at a very affordable price.
  • It will provide you with a plethora of benefits without much difficulty.


  • It’s best suited for summer, though it can be used during other seasons as well.

7. Herb Island Sulphate and Paraben-Free Vitamin C Facial Kit

Herb Island Glowing Facial Kit For Sensitive Skin

This amazing combo pack does not contain contents like Parabens, Mineral Oil, Sulphates, Petrolatum and Paraffin Wax. Now, without wasting a moment let’s explore the benefits of this kit in detail

  • The special key ingredients of this product include – Vitamin C (which is very beneficial and safe for all skin types. It brightens the skin, protects against sun damage, reduces under-eye circles and also hyperpigmentation on the skin)
  • This facial kit will help you in speeding up regenerating new cells and also prevent the aging of the skin
  • With four easy steps (face wash- cleanse, face scrub-exfoliate, peel-off mask- extract, and face pack- restore).
  • This special facial kit has to be followed in 8 steps and is given in the manual. You can have at least 10 facials with this kit
  • There are 8 products present in this kit and they are given below
  • Deep pore cleansing milk
  • Toning and Hydrating Massage Gel
  • Gentle Exfoliating Face Scrub
  • Brightening Massage Cream
  • Relaxation Oil
  • Glow Boosting Face Mask
  • Brightening and Anti-Aging Serum
  • Glow Protecting SPF15 Lotion


  • This glowing facial kit for one solution for youthful, glowing and bright skin
  • You can get the best results out of this facial kit in just 8 very easy steps.
  • This is one of the best facial kits for skin whitening


  • You may feel skin irritation if you use all those products in the kit within a short period of time.

8. NutriGlow Wine Facial Kit

NutriGlow Wine Facial Kit

This revolutionary facial kit is something that we all look for, an all-in-one package. We might be familiar with wine as a beverage, but Nutriglow has made it possible to use wine as a skin-care ingredient too.

Let’s know more about this interesting product, with so many components in it-

  • The components in this facial kit package are- a deep cleanser, exfoliating scrub, nourishing gel, whitening cream, mask pack, serum, and a rotating face massager.
  • One of the chief ingredients of this product is red and black grape extracts.
  • Continuously using this product will help you to get rid of your blemishes and correct uneven pigmentation, due to the presence of lactic acid.
  • This facial kit is a pro at fighting acne, due to the presence of high amounts of lactic acid and zinc. The presence of Linoleic acid makes it suitable to fight against other skin problems like- Eczema, Dermatitis, and acne too.
  • The rotating face massager (5-in-1 face) that comes in with this product has a lot of features- streamlined design, 2x speed adjustment, 360 degrees rotation, and runs on 2X AA batteries.
  • The black grapes are rich in Vitamin C, E, and antioxidants, which impart anti-inflammatory properties to the skin. This helps in curbing sunburns, dark circles, dark spots, and inflammation.
  • With 6 easy steps using each of those 6 products, you are bound to get healthy, glowing, and rejuvenated skin.
  • This dermatologically tested product is sulfate and alcohol-free, suitable for dry and oily skin, fights acne, and is gentle on the skin.
  • With this product, you can get rid of skin issues and get improved skin elasticity, soothing skin, and anti-aging properties.


  • This product comes in with a wide range of facial kit components, each serving a different purpose.
  • It comes along with a free face massager, which is like a cherry on the top of the cake. It will make the entire facial treatment easier, smoother, and time-saving.
  • This is one of the best facial kits for pigmentation


  • Since this kit comes in with so many components, it might not be convenient to carry them to different places.

9. Aroma Magic Bridal Glow Facial Kit

Aroma Magic Bridal Glow Facial Kit

To get the best out of your bridal look, here’s an amazing facial kit for you. Aroma Magic has come up with their magical bridal glow facial kit, which will impart a magical glow on your skin like never before. So, let’s know more about it-

This 7-step formulated facial kit is a perfect go on your special day.

  • It will enhance the natural glow of your skin. Alongside that, it will impart a dazzling radiance to your entire bridal look, and lastly, it will revitalize your skin from within.
  • To get rid of the everyday pollution and stress, and look flawless on your special day, use this and get polished skin like never before.
  • The product has the consistency of a gel and is suitable for all types of skin.
  • This facial kit is made up of organic ingredients which perfectly hydrate your skin and protect it against sunburn.


  • This bridal facial kit is all you need to enhance your overall bridal look.
  • It gives off a natural glow, which won’t feel artificial and is one of the best selling bridal facial kits for women in India


  • This product (specially designed for brides) might not go well with your routine of facial.

10. POND’S Charcoal Anti-Pollution Home Facial Kit

POND'S Charcoal Anti-Pollution Home Facial Kit

With Cleanser, Scrub, Revitalizing cream, Massage Cream, Mask & Finishing Cream. This brand name needs no introduction, a name that’s world-famous for its beauty and skincare products.

This activated charcoal facial kit is a boon for us, for everybody who goes through skin problems due to pollution. And without a second thought, let’s explore our last product in this list and also one of the most amazing charcoal facial kits-

  • This entire package comes in 6 components- anti-pollution face wash, pollution-off scrub, revitalizing cream, deep massage cream, charcoal peel-off mask, and pollution protection cream.
  • Get the best out of this facial kit with six easy steps (cleanse, scrub, nourish, massage, mask, apply cream) using the six components.
  • The product has a creamy consistency, with the scent of charcoal, and is suitable for all skin types.
  • The anti-pollution face wash will remove the impurities and pollution particles from your skin, making it smoother and clearer.
  • The pollution-off face scrub, containing walnut shell powder, helps to get rid of dead skin cells and removes excess oils, thus preventing acne.
  • The revitalizing cream (containing Vitamin B3 and E) hydrates and retains the moisture content of the skin.
  • The deep massage cream (containing Glycerine and oat extracts) helps to moisturize our skin and brings in a healthy glow.
  • The charcoal peel-off mask (containing bamboo charcoal) helps to get rid of the unwanted blackheads and gives you brightened skin.
  • With this promising facial kit, you are sure to get glowing, nourished, cleansed, oil and dirt-free skin in the comfort of your home.


  • It comes in with a wide range of kit components, which helps to give you an extensive facial treatment.
  • It will help you to get pollution-free skin just in the comfort of your home.
  • Though there are a lot of components in this product, each of them serves a unique purpose and benefit.


  • It is best if applied and used at home, as it is designed so.
  • Since it contains a lot of components, you might get confused and overwhelmed at times, which might be time-consuming.


With this, we come to the end of the long list of the 10 best facial kits for women. Now, with all the details handy, you will find it easier to choose the perfect facial kit for your skin type and purpose.

So, go and grab yours, and get healthy, nourished, and glowing skin at home.


Which Facial is Best For Bride Gold or Diamond?

If you are a bride, then it is recommended to use a gold facial kit of VLCC because it gives an instant glow to your skin and makes it a slightly yellowish color.
Under bright lights, you look attractive
While diamond facial kit of VLCC is best suited for all Indian skin types regardless of (Dry, oily or sensitive skin). It is recommended for all women who go to weddings, parties and outings.

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