10 Best Electric Kettles in India 2022 (Review & Buying Guide)

Are you looking for an electric kettle online but confused about it to buy which one the available because of thousands of options available online if yes?

You are then absolutely at the right place to resolve this issue because here we will discuss the best electric kettles in India in 2022.

With the increase in online shopping, confusion also touches the peak of a mountain in choosing the best worthy product.

Several companies are offering thousands of different-different brands of the kettle with unique offers and features. However, the confusion remains in the mind that which one is the best budget-friendly kettle available online.

Here are some of the listings for the best electric kettle online in India 2022. So, read the article below to resolve your confusion about buying the best electric kettle online in India.

An electric kettle is one of the essential needs of the modern kitchen, which helps increase the look of the kitchen more attractive and helpful in saving time.

List of Best Electric Kettles in India in 2022

1. Butterfly EKN 1.5 litre Water Kettle

Butterfly electric kettle for tea and coffee

If you are looking for a lightweight medium-size kettle pattern electric kettle with superior quality stainless steel body then butterfly EKN 1.5 litre is the best choice for your shopping.

Now, let’s discuss more the specification and the features of this particular product mentioned above;

It is sold by one of the most trusted sellers, namely”cloud tail India” and every requirement is fulfilled by the world “s most trusted eCommerce platform amazon.

Power: The butterfly EKN 1.5 litre comes up with a 360-degree swirl base having a convenient grip and uses a power supply of 1500 watts and a cord length of 1 meter. The operating voltage of this electric kettle lies between 220-230 volts.

Due to the high operating voltage, it heats up fastly.100% stainless steel interior. All the interior parts are designed with internal steel. all the body parts are covered with a stainless steel body. The cool-touch handle is comfortable and easy to use.

Thermo protection: The thermal quality is excellent. The high-quality thermostat is protecting the kettle with the auto cut facility and dry boil protection.

Durability: The durability of the butterfly kettle is long-lasting and a worth of money product. It will also weigh 940 g and swivel the power base to plug it in any of the desired directions.

We get to know that out of 5; we get a 4-star rating on a durability basis.

Easy to use: Due to its high operating voltage, it is very convenient to use and easy to carry. Its flexibility of plugging point and smoothness makes it comfortable and the easiest to use.

Easy to clean: The concealed element makes it too easy to clean as you can spin and move your hand flexibility to clean it. 

The stainless steel makes it shiner and protects it from corrosion. It protects the kettle from any damage. The design of the handle is more robust and more comfortable gripping.

The locking lid is another unique and excellent safety feature of this kettle. The stainless steel filter hole and power indicator glow while operating and turn off when the power is off.

Warranty: it is having a guarantee of the manufacturer for one year. Anyone can avail of the warranty offered by calling the customer support team and resolving the issue instantly.

Warnings: As this is an electric product taking precaution is necessary, follow the following guideline while using this electric kettle

It is being warned that do not pluck it for a long time for extra heating it will cause huge damage to the product. Avoid operating it empty to be safe from any trouble.


  • item weight: 940 g
  • item dimensions l*b*h;19.5*15.2*21 centimeters.

Verdict: This is one of the most recommended products and highest rating products available online.

2. Havells Aqua Plus 1.2 Litre Kettle

Havells electric kettle for milk

Havells is one of the most trusted brands in India. Now, let’s discuss the features and specifications of this product;

The main feature of this kettle is the auto shut off function. Which is thoroughly designed with a stainless steel interior and no plastic is included. The energy-saving mode is the most specified feature of this product.

It is having a wide mouth of ease filling, pouring and cleaning efficiency.

Manufacturers: Havells India Limited is a well known trusted brand in the market.

Packer: QRG towers 2D,sec-126.

Weight: The weight of the item is 1kg 70g and it is easy to use and convenient to carry for travelling.

Dimensions: 22.6*21.4*19.5.centimeters.The component is included in the box while purchasing the item 1N Main unit,1N detachable base and 1N instruction material.

Durability: This product is more robust and most trusted with the highest rating and conducts a useful review on every online eCommerce platform.

Power: it consumes 1500 watts of operational power with a small cord length.

The main features of the product:

  • Thickness
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to carry
  • Cord length

Product Dimension: 22.6*21.4*19.5 cm.

Thermo protection: The thermal quality is excellent. The high-quality thermostat is protecting the kettle with the auto cut facility and dry boil protection. The Thermo protection feature makes this electric kettle a unique product

Verdict: It is one of the most trusted products that are budget-friendly and convenient in use. it has the best review on the eCommerce website. It is the trust of thousands of people.

3. Just 4u Stainless Steel Electric Kettle Online (2L)

Just 4u electric water kettle

Heating water without wasting any time is more comfortable with this electric kettle. This electric kettle is attractive with thousand of appealing features.

Some of its features make it different from another electric kettle. Firstly, its black shining look makes it so beautiful and catchy in look.

Power indicator: it has a power indicator that blows while the power supplies over the kettle and turns off when the power supply is off. This electric kettle operates on a power supply of 1500watt.

Temperature Controller: This electric kettle has the highest temperature controller.1500 watt makes the power supply most powerful and heats the water within a few seconds. It is most efficient in use than a microwave.

Auto cut off feature: This is the most important feature of this kettle. It prevents the extra consumption of the power supply.

It is having a large capacity, i.e. of 2 litres, due to its large capacity, it is suitable for a large family to prepare soups, boil water, tea, coffee and so on.

Based on this product’s customer rating on the eCommerce platform, it is considered the best rated and recommended product available on the eCommerce platform.

360-degree Base: The power base of the kettle allows you to move 360 degrees. The cord winder can be shortened to the length of the cord as per the required distance from the plug point. It is 100% safe, secure and healthy to use.

Warranty: one year of the product warranty is available on the eCommerce platform, which is available from the date of purchasing.

Value for Money: It is one of the most trusted and worth of money products. Based on customer review, it has been given four stars out of five stars.

Verdict: It is one of the best trustable, worth of money and easy to use products and considered to be one of the best selling electric kettles online in India

4. Inalsa Electric Kettle Prism (1.8 L)

Inalsa electric kettle for home

This is the most attractive product available online with several attractive features, making it different from other brands.

It comes up with 1500 watts of power which boils up the water in less than 3 minutes. It is so efficient and convenient in making the tea, coffee, soups within in few minutes.

The easiest to use and the attractive kettle has non-slippy easy to handle with a unique body structure and transparent prism-like body that makes people attracted towards it so easily. now let’s discuss the features of this specific kettle.

Capacity: This kettle’s capacity is 1.8 litre, which helps make tea, coffee, soups, and so on very easily. it is also so helpful in time-saving. It is very convenient for a large family to make multiple cups at a time without any disturbance.

Design: The product’s design is attractive and beautiful as mentioned above that it is a prism-like structure and looks so shiny with its transparency.

Its automatic shut of and dry boil special feature makes it the first choice of the customer. It has a cordless design which allows easy filling and serving.

Cancelled Heating Feature: The cancelled heating process makes this electric kettle easy and safe to use and it also helps prevent the kettle from any damage from the power of thermal supply and helps it be long-lasting.

Superior Quality: This attractive kettle is made with one of the super quality glass, which is well known in the market, i.e. borosilicate. Borosilicate prevents the kettle from any scratches.

LED indicator: The blue light gives the signal about the kettle being on and accepting the power supply and shows the water level indication.

Easy to serve: big mouth and hinged lid allow it to open so easily and efficiently and because of its open and big mouth, it is quite easy to clean.

Durability: Its durability is longest lasting with a few precautions to be taken

Verdict: Overall, customers of eCommerce store have given the highest ratings for this electric kettle online for its cost, durability, attractive design, and service by the seller. You can buy it from the link mentioned below from the world”s most trusted platform.

5. iBELL Premium Electric Kettle (2 L)

iBell electric kettle for tea

As most of the kettles are known for fast heating and instant preparing of tea, coffee, and so on, this electric kettle gives a different attractive and protecting look to attract the customer shortly and instantly.

Most of the features of this kettle may vary from others and a few are similar as well. Now let’s discuss the features deeply to verify which of these is best for buying.

Material: Material is the essential thing that a customer varifies while purchasing any item either online or offline it does not matters.

The material of this firm and attractive electric kettle is that it is having triple safety protection and beautiful colour coating also.

Based on customer review, it is easy to operate and the excellent quality material and product has enough good reviews and ratings.

Capacity: Now, the capacity and quantity are the second most crucial thing the customer goes through to verify. This kettle is 2 litres in quantity.

This capacity will help customers to prepare tea, coffee and so on for large families also. It is easy to prepare many cups of tea, coffee, and so on quickly and quickly within a few minutes.

Power: This electric kettle operates on a power supply of 1500 watts. This power supply helps in heating the kettle too fastly and saves time also. The kettle is being run on a power supply of 220 voltage.

Design: This kettle’s design is quite attractive, and the coating colour makes it more robust and resist it from corrosion.

The interior body of the kettle is designed with stainless steel. The kettle handle is very smooth and easy to hold; it also has a heat resistant feature in it. Because having a big opening mouth; makes the cleaning process very easy.

The 360-degree flexible rotation with lid light and upper plastic body makes it under the top 10 best selling kettles in India.

The best thing about this kettle is that it has 100 per cent filter protection which is most convenient for health. The weight of this attractive kettle is 1 kilo and 30 grams.

Warranty: Warranty is the most trustable thing for a customer on any product either high or low. The warranty period of this kettle is of 1 year, and an additional warranty is also given on this product whose period of warranty is also for one year.

So overall on this kettle the customers are getting two years most extended warranty period.

Warning: The warning guidelines of this particular kettle are that we do not need to run it while it is empty.

We always have to take care of whether the indicator is on or not while operating if not, then switch off the kettle’s power supply immediately.

Taking care of never lifting the electric kettle from its base while working can be very hazardous to humans. Always keep it away from children’s reach; it can be harmful to them as they are unaware of using it.

Value of money: The customer review and rating of this product show that buying this product is worthwhile. It is worth money and best budget-friendly, easy to hold, use and clean essential product best for all families.

Verdict: This attractive electric kettle is highly recommended because of has a good review and ratings. You can follow the link to buy this product from the world’s most trustable platform.

6. La’forte Double Wall Electric Kettle (1.8 L)

Laforte electric kettle

La’Forte products are designed with keeping in mind the customer review and their feedback.

This company has a good testing service before delivering it to their customers. This company is making itself the choice of millions of people day by day.

It gives high competition to thousands of companies in the market world because of preparing wholly safe and high-quality products. now let us discuss the features and the services of this particular electric kettle:

Material: The material of any product defines its long-lasting as well as its durability also. The material of this electric kettle is made up of two types of fibres.

This electric kettle’s outer body is designed with the finest red attractive and bright plastic. This plastic is BPA free, which does not catch the water to provide healthy water.

In the kettle’s inner body, the material used is made up of 100 per cent durable wall liners.

The cancelled heating process makes this electric kettle easy and safe to use and it also helps prevent the kettle from any damage from the power of thermal supply and allows it to be long lasting.

Power: It uses a power supply of 1500 watts and operates on the power supply of 220 voltage. The main features of the product are given below:

Double Chip Controller Feature: It is the most advanced feature of this kettle which differs it from other kettles. Now the question arises in mind that what is the double chip controller feature?

So, a double chip controller means it will provide extra safety and durability for this kettle. The overall dual-chip controller makes the product most durable.

Design: Every customer will see the design later, but they go through the quality and features first, so let’s look at this kettle which gives a bright look in the red colour with easy to carry quality in it.

This kettle’s weight is 1 kilo and 80 grams, which makes it easier to move here and there without any hassle. This product has an impressive neat finish touch up with the high quality of interior stainless steel also.

The design of this kettle is very efficient and easy to carry and handle also.

Warning: This particular kettle’s warning guidelines are that we do not need to have to run it while it is empty. We always have to take care of whether the indicator is on or not while operating if not, then switch off the kettle’s power supply immediately.

Taking care of never lifting the electric kettle from its base while working can be very hazardous to humans. Always keep it away from children’s reach; it can be harmful to them as they are unaware of using it.

Maximum Safety:

The red attractive electric kettle having a capacity of 1.8 litres is a build-up of an anti-slip grip and heat resistant handle.

The customer does not need to worry that the kettle will slide out from their hands or get burned because of the anti-slip grip feature. Its cool touch feature prevents it from scalding hazards.

360-degree Cordless Base: Comfort is vital for any product, so its 360-degree cordless base helps it move in a more comfortable form. Anyone can take this electric kettle around them because of this feature.

Warranty: This electric kettle has a one-year warranty service and customer support system 24*7. Claiming warranty is very simple also, the customer needs to contact the company’s support and the issue will be resolved quickly.

Verdict: This is considered to be the highest-selling kettle and has more than 1000 customer reviews from all over the world. It is easy to carry and easy to clean the kettle easily.

7. Philips MultiColor Electric Kettle Online (1.2 L)

Philips electric kettle

Philips has already made its name in the market and it is the trust of millions of peoples and it always lies in the top appliance serving company.

This kettle is made up of good quality materials and is healthier to use. Now let us have a look at the product; its features are services.

The elegant design of this product is quite classy and convenient in use. Philips always comes up with thousands of products that fulfil the need for kitchens and make them more adorable.

Material: This electric kettle online comes in multicolour, but if we talk about this product, it has a black body made up of stainless steel, which provides rapid boiling instantly, making it safe and easy to use. It is having a flexible lid, which helps in opening the kettle quickly.

The stainless steel body is polished nicely to look more classy because of having polish on stainless steel and a wide opening. It is easier to clean the kettle.

Design: New Philips black colour uses food-grade standard stainless steel to give a healthier touch to their family.

It has a concealed heating element and cord winder, which is quite beneficial for the customer to use it efficiently. The kettle seems so classy and decent. 

capacity: Capacity is preferred to be one of the features while choosing any product.so, this new Philips electric kettle’s capacity is 1.2 litre and has the item dimension 22*16*19 centimetres. The capacity can fulfil the need for family.

Warranty: As Phillips is known as the most trustworthy brand in the market. It provides a two-year warranty in India at the nearest authorized Phillips service centre. It also gives free home service by calling its toll-free number.

Durability; Based on a survey, people voted for this product for its durability and stability. Its durability is longest lasting with a few precautions because it is a prism body attractive kettle.

Verdict: They can use it primarily to boil water as it is safe and gives a quick boiling result within less than two minutes. It is a very hygienic option for babies also. It is considered the best option rather than boiling water on the stove or any other kettle.

8. Pigeon by Stovekraft Electric Kettle (1.5 L)

Pigeon electric kettle online india

Preparing tea, coffee, boiling water, and so on are possible instantly with a pigeon electric kettle. It is considered to be the top attractive kettle available online on eCommerce platforms.

It has fantastic and advanced features and it is also a well known reputed brand to serve their customers always the best. now let us have a look at the features of this product:

Material: Material is the one thing that shows the lifecycle of the product. If we look at this electric kettle material, it is made of stainless steel body and ergonomically designed handles., this is a well-known good brand, which uses high-quality finest products.

Capacity: This pigeon electric kettle’s capacity is 1.5 litres with a 360-degree cordless design and attractive indicator light. The weight of this item is 1 kilo and 500gram.

Power: The power supply of this pigeon electric kettle is 1500 watts, and it is being operated on the power supply in 220-240 volts only. It heats up fastly, but we cannot boil milk in this electric kettle.

Design: The materials used in the manufacturing of this electric kettle are quite strong. Overall, it has so many features like automatic cut off single touching lid locking, unique classy designs with unique touch up.

Warranty: The most attractive pigeon electric kettle is having one year warranty. It provides customer support service always and home service by calling on their toll-free number, i.e., 180042566666.

Rating based on features

  • Easy to use-4/5
  • Value of money -3/5
  • Easy to clean-4/5
  • Temperature control-4/5
  • Quality of material-4/5
  • Durability-3/5

Verdict: It is one of the essential things for the kitchen. Based on rating and review, it is also one of the top-rated and best selling electric kettles online in India

9. Bajaj Majesty KTX 15 Kettle (1.7 L)

Bajaj electric kettle hot water

Bajaj is a well famous and good servicing brand in the Indian market. Preparing boiling water and so on are possible instantly with this electric kettle’s help.

Bajaj majesty comes up with a black and silver body that looks so classy and attractive and its stainless steel coating of silver color gives it a good finish up and makes it easy to use. It is also having a dry boil safe and heats protecting feature.

Bajaj electric kettle offers you to prepare coffee, tea and boil water quickly. The Bajaj electric kettle comes up with a two-year warranty. Here, its warranty period shows that the quality of the kettle must be fine and long-lasting.

Material: It comes up with a silver stainless steel body with a black handle. All the materials are of the finest quality.

A concealed heating feature is also given in the bajaj India kettle. Stainless steel in the interior body protects it from corrosion.

The plastic involved in making the handle is heat resistant and does not catch water. Overall it is a stainless steel body with a polypropylene enclosure.

Design: This electric kettle does not need any installation. It is a silver body kettle with a red indicator in the middle of the body and has a cordless body for its convenience.

A black stainless steel body with a fantastic plastic base creates a high attention level in the kitchen. The design of the handle gives it a good grip for safe holding. The automatic off function activates when the kettle dries up to prevent accidents.

Capacity: 1.7 litre capacity of this bajaj electric kettle with the automatic or manual switch off for safety and 360-degree connector with a detachable base. The weight of this item is 920 g.

Highly Durable: The stainless steel body of our bajaj majesty KTX 15 1.7 litre makes it more stylish and attractive. A highly durable and spillproof lid comes with a single touch looking mechanism.

Warning: While handling an electronic product, we must follow the precautionary guidelines.

> Do not keep the lid open when you are using it or power is supplying in it.

> Never overfill the kettle. It will cause damage to electronic items; otherwise, due to overflow or leakage, it will give up the mark on the product and a burning smell.

> Never wah the base of your electric kettle or never get the power cord of your electric kettle in touch, or it will cause severe damage.

> Never touch it with wet hands while operating. It will cause an electric shock.

Warranty: Bajaj India gives a two-year manufacturing warranty on this electric kettle to keep the customers assured of the quality and durability. It is also imported by bajaj India and marketed by bajaj electricals limited.

Verdict: Bajaj India manufactures this electronic kettle. Bajaj India also provides after-sale service that’s what customer needs. The rating and review of this product are impressive. This can be purchased by following the link below

10. Prestige 1.5 Litre Kettle 1500 Watts

Prestige electric water kettle

Prestige is the name heard mostly in India for serving in many electronic appliances. It becomes the customer’s first choice and is considered the most convenient electronic kettle with many modern features like automatic cut-off, single touch lid locking.

The smartly designed handle and sleek body make it look more adorable in the kitchen. Prestige is a kitchen appliance brand that fulfils many needs of the kitchen by its different-different electronic product.

Prestige plays a significant role in the innovation of electronic development and creating high comfort to the people through their advanced gadgets and good support system team.

Material: It is a steel body having a plastic base and the silver coating on the body resists the electric kettle from corrosion. This kettle ensures convenient use and safety while carrying and lifting it. The material of this product defines the long-lasting of the product.

Power: This kettle has an illuminated power indicator that glows when the power is on and darkens when the power is off. This electric kettle runs on a power supply of 1500 watts and operates on a voltage of 220 only.

Design: The electric kettle has a redlining that adds elegance to this beautiful kettle. This appliance will increase the look of the kitchen and makes it more adorable also.

360-degree swivel base: Swivel power base allows the kettle to pluck it in any direction with the desired jug handle of red colour.

This electric kettle is detachable from its base area for convenient usages and portability. A cord winder is given to shorten the cord’s length as per the required distance from the plug point.

Concealed Element: The hidden element makes it easy to use, clean as you can spin your hands throughout the kettle easily. It has a wide mouth with an easy opening lid for cleaning too.

Warning: As this is an electric product taking precautions is necessary. Follow the following guideline while using this electric kettle.

  • Do not keep the lid open when in use. Auto cut off will not work with the lid open.
  • Do not wash the base of the or the power supply. The cord of your electric kettle will damage.
  • Keep it away from the use of children.
  • Avoid using it from wet hands.

Value for money: It is one of the most trusted and worth of money products. Based on customer reviews, it has given four stars out of 5 stars.

Verdict: It is known for being the best-recommended product available on the eCommerce platform. 

It is having a high rating and excellent reviews from the customers. This is considered the best electric kettle with thousands of customer reviews from different parts of the world.

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