What Does Cinnamon Do For Your Hair? 6 Common Benefits

Cinnamon is a condiment very well known for its flavour and taste. Researchers have found that it can significantly control hair loss and can also reduce the chance of balding.

Cinnamon is extracted from the branches of trees of the Cinnamomum family. It has many incredible health and medicinal benefits. Besides its use as a spice, it is also rich in antioxidants and has antimicrobial properties.

These antibacterial and fungal properties can treat various problems related to health and especially hair. 

These antimicrobial properties of this magic ingredient can help an individual control the growth of dandruff, leading to massive hair fall. When applied to hair, it improves blood circulation, stimulates hair growth, and reduces hair loss. 

Cinnamon has great stimulating properties that help the new hair strands to grow. When applied to the hair in the form of a mask or any other state, it increases the circulation near the hair follicle, leading to hair growth.

Many people suffer microbial problems, and cinnamon can help these infections to go away like magic. 

6 Cinnamon Benefits For Hair

Since ancient times, cinnamon has been an ingredient for many health-related problems like sinus infections and inflammation due to cold and cough.

The condiment has a rich nutrient composition in it, due to which it also promotes good hair health. Here are some benefits that will astonish anybody.

  • It prevents hair loss and signs of balding: 

Many types of research worldwide show that it significantly helps prevent hair loss and balding of hair.

  • It has antioxidant and antibacterial properties:

Cinnamon has polyphenols in it, and these act as a natural antioxidant. Due to this, it also has antimicrobial properties, which help to prevent scalp and skin infections.

  • Improves hair density, growth, and length:

The application of the essential oil of cinnamon improves hair length and density. It contains cinnamaldehyde that enlarges or widens the blood vessels and boosts blood flow in the scalp, stimulating hair growth faster.

  • Prevents hair damage:

Cinnamon has procyanidins that promote anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-fungal properties in this ingredient. These properties help and protect scalp and hair from free radicle damage, irritation, and inflammation. 

It also has pyocyanin that helps to induce the anagen phase of hair. It also helps hair growth in the condition of alopecia.

  • Treats head lice: 

When cinnamon oil is mixed along with shampoo, it can help to reduce headlice very quickly.

  • Has Vitamin, Minerals, and Proteins:

Cinnamon contains Vitamin C and some minerals that help in hair growth. It also has thiamine, niacin, vitamin A which also somehow helps to enhance the development.

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Common Myths of Cinnamon Benefits

  • It is a miracle cure for hair loss- much research shows that it can help in hair growth, but it doesn’t happen instantly. All-natural products take time to show results, and one has to remain consistent with the process.
  • It helps to cure scalp acne- the ingredient can help with acne on the skin and reduce the acne scar and blemishes, but it is not proven that it also works for scalp acne.
  • It helps to reduce split ends of the hair- cinnamon may increase hair length and density, but there is no research regarding the prevention or reduction of split ends.

How To Use Cinnamon For Your Hair 

Before following any of the uses listed below, try a patch test to ensure that the skin is not allergic to cinnamon powder or oil. Otherwise, itching, redness, and irritation may occur.

  • Cinnamon Oil Massage 

One of the most significant methods of using cinnamon for hair is massaging along with the leaves of the plant. It is the best and easiest way to promote hair growth as the oil is available in the market.

One has to mix the cinnamon essential oil with a suitable carrier oil and regularly massage for 20-25 minutes before washing the hair.

  • Mask of honey, olive oil, and cinnamon 

When it is mixed with honey and olive oil, it significantly reduces hair loss. Olive oil consists of triglycerides, tocopherol, carotenoids, and monounsaturated fatty acids that help to hydrate hair.

The mask is also rich in squalene, which acts as an antioxidant and prevents hair damage. Honey act as an emollient and has anti-inflammatory properties that help to soothe dandruff and scalp infection.

  • Hair Hair Mask

Turmeric is a well-known antiseptic used to heal wounds. Turmeric mixed with coconut oil can significantly reduce dandruff. Turmeric and cinnamon mask helps to promote hair growth and density.

  • Egg and cinnamon hair mask

Eggs are a good source of lipids, carbohydrates, and protein. The nutrients present in the egg are good for hair health and growth.

It also contains Vitamin A and B12, riboflavin, choline, zinc, and calcium, which help induce hair growth and moisturize and strengthen the hair.

  • Coconut oil and cinnamon hair mask

Coconut oil is a great hair care product; it penetrates the hair fibers and nourishes them from inside without any protein loss.

The mask will protect the hair from free radicle damage done due to UV rays and pollution. It also contains proteins that help to nourish and repair the damaged hair. 

Side effects 

  • Though cinnamon powder is considered safe sometimes, it may cause allergic reactions, irritation, and redness. Before applying any mask, first, test it by a patch test.
  • Overconsumption of it can lead to liver damage, low blood sugar levels.


Now, one knows that there are many benefits of cinnamon for hair growth. When applied to the scalp, it helps in circulation around the hair follicles leading to hair growth in some time.

The properties of cinnamon keep away all scalp infections as it has many antimicrobial properties. Using this magic winter condiment can make their hair beautiful and silky. One may have an allergy to oil or powder, so it is advised to start with a patch test.

One must try these natural masks and oil to reduce or kick away all the hair-related problems rather than using the expensive products that claim to work instantly by damaging other parts of the scalp. 

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