9 Amazing Benefits of Beetroot You Didn’t Know: Best Beetroot Products For Skin

I guess you are quite familiar with Beetroot. Let me guess- on some cosy Sunday evening you had ordered for some Beetroot cutlets or while returning home from the office, you discovered that Beetroot juice and cutlet shop which added more to the relaxation after a day-long work.

Yes, I am talking about that Beetroot- the purple-pinkish vegetable, the colour by which you generally recognize it! But, while giving a bite to that cutlet or sipping that juice, did you know that Beetroot has some amazing health benefits?

Well, let me start from the very beginning then. Beetroot is a large flesh vegetable. It’s the taproot of the plant of which it is a part.

The pulp of beetroot tastes sweet. Besides being used as an edible vegetable, it is also used as a food colour (because of its bright colour) and as a medicinal resource.

Beetroot has a wide range of nutritional values, starting from Carbohydrates, Fat, proteins, Vitamins(A, B, and C), and Minerals(Calcium, Magnesium, Copper, Sodium, Iron, Phosphorus, and a lot other antioxidant properties).

Along with these, it holds a good quantity of water (87.58g).

So, it is very evident from its nutritional importance that it can be used to benefit the different aspects of our health.

A study published in Science Being Journal revealed that Beetroots possess the quality of treating a wide range of diseases like skin problems, heart disease, cancer, blood pressure, inflammation, anaemia, etc.

It has been found that Beetroot improves sexual health and helps in preventing osteoporosis (a physiological condition in which the bones turn brittle and fragile).

According to Oregon State University, Vitamin C (both tropical and dietary) has many benefits for skin cells. This eventually implies that Vitamin C is good for the skin.

It is found that both the epidermis (outermost layer of the skin) and dermis (layer of skin under epidermis) contains Vitamin C, so undoubtedly a deficiency in Vitamin C won’t be good for the skin.

Do you know why Vitamin C is found in anti-ageing skincare products? It is because of its antioxidant properties, role in collagen synthesis, and finally, its repairing and preventive capacity of dry skin.

Apart from all these benefits, Vitamin C is good at curing acne, skin pigmentation, and is also a source for photoprotection! And every 100 grams of Beetroot contains 4.9 mg of Vitamin C.

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So, now you can equate the relationship between Beetroot and its benefits for the skin. Also, Beetroot juice is again very beneficial for the skin. So, here we go. Let’s dive deep into the Beetroot benefits on the skin.

9 Amazing Beetroot Benefits For Skin

  • Anti-Aging Benefits– Well, is “age is just a number” applicable equally when it comes to the skin? Though it’s natural to have wrinkles with age, sometimes some people tend to get wrinkles from an early stage.
  • And honestly, who doesn’t want to get back to the younger skin! It’s a part of skincare too.
  • Beetroots are a good resource for your anti-ageing purpose. They are good at protecting the skin from ageing, like wrinkles.
  • The antioxidant properties, the repairing, and prevention of dry skin, also the collagen synthesis helps in the process of anti-ageing. Lycopene and Squalene present in Beetroots can enhance the skin’s elasticity which prevents the skin from sagging.
  • Get Rid of That Irritating Acne– Vitamin C in Beetroots also possess anti-inflammatory properties. It is that property that is used to treat acne problems.
  • Beetroots are good sources to help you prevent your acne breakout, and it also helps to get rid of pimples. Oily skins are often considered to be the breeding grounds for acne and pimples.
  • And beetroots will help you to get rid of that excess trapped oil in the pores, thus giving you clear skin, free of acne and pimples.
  • Since Beetroots have antiseptic and anti-microbial properties, it helps to soothe the itching and inflammation surrounding the pimple and acne.
  • Bright Rosy Lips– Worried about the colour of your lips? Want those rosy lips naturally without using harmful chemicals? Turn to Beetroots for a guaranteed natural rosy colour on your lips.
  • This is because of the bleaching properties of Beetroots. You know what? Beetroots are often added in lip balms for the same reason.
  • Apart from this colouration, Beetroots will also nourish and moisturize your lips, a special requirement for the winters.
  • Photoprotection– Vitamin C in Beetroots protects our skin from the harmful ultraviolet radiations of the sun. This further helps us in preventing skin damage, excessive skin burn, and redness.
  • Vitamin C’s major role in collagen synthesis helps it to protect our skin from sun damage.
  • Get Rid of Your Dry Skin– Again, come back to the collagen synthesis properties that facilitate the Beetroot to keep the dry skin away.
  • It also increases the secretion of barrier lipids and the moisturizing factor of the stratum corneum (a skin layer).
  • This ensures soft and supple skin, by helping you get rid of roughness, dryness, and flakiness.
  • Beets and Skin Pigmentation– A study of 2013 reveals that Vitamin C can be utilized in treating hyperpigmentation to decrease melanin synthesis.
  • It is seen that since Beetroots contain Vitamin C, hence it can be used against hyperpigmentation of the skin.
  • De-tans Your Skin– Worried about the tan formation on your skin due to over-exposure to sunlight? No more worries as you are just a teaspoon of Beetroot juice and 1 tablespoon of sour cream away.
  • Prepare a face pack with these two ingredients and you will see the results. Apply this pack at least twice a week on your skin to get the best de-tanning results out of it.
  • Say Goodbye To Your Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes– The daily stress and exposure to gadgets (also overnight works) have made significant changes on our face, whether they are dark circles or those bags under the eyes.
  • But, Beetroots are at your rescue again! Get rid of your ever-exhausted puffy eyes and dark circles with the antioxidative properties of Beetroots.
  • No More Hair Fall– Lastly, comes the solution to your hair fall and hair breakage problems. These are very common problems these days, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t work to improve them.
  • Beetroots have a lot of minerals required for a healthy volume of hair, along with no or minimal breakage. So, why wait? Incorporate Beetroot in your routine to tackle better with your hair problems too.

Well, in this pollution-driven world, keeping your hair and skin safe from pollutants is next to impossible. And, why only pollution?

The increasing work stress, personal life issues, and many more are affecting our daily lives, which are quite evident on our faces and hair.

We either fall prey to it directly or indirectly and somewhere it results in a lack of care for our skin and hair too.

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Best Beetroot Product Brands For Skin in India 2022

Beetroot BrandShop
TAC – The Ayurveda Co. Beetroot Lip Lightening Balm Buy on Amazon
Purify Beetroot Handmade Soap For Smoother SkinBuy on Amazon
MR Ayurveda Beetroot PowderFor SkinBuy on Amazon
R pure Chemical Free Handmade Beetroot LIP SCRUBBuy on Amazon
Nat Habit Beetroot Lip BalmBuy on Amazon
VANAM Handmade Beetroot SoapBuy on Amazon
Puranex Pure Beet Root Powder For Healthy Pinkish SkinBuy on Amazon
Organic Grocery Organic Beet Root Powder For Face/SkinBuy on Amazon
Barbers Crew Organic Beetroot Powder for Face Pack Buy on Amazon
DESICREW Natural & Pure Beetroot Powder For Shiny SkinBuy on Amazon

5 Best Beetroot Products Online

1. HerbsLand® 100% Organic Beetroot (Beta Vulgaris) Powder for Face Pack

HerbsLand Organic Beetroot Powder for Face Pack
  • It is a 100% organic beetroot powder, with no toxic chemicals to harm your skin and hair. The ingredients with which it is made are entirely vegan and raw. Vegan products ensure lesser skin irritation and also it’s eco-friendly.
  • This product is manufactured by Satyam Enterprises. It is an Indian product (of Indian origin). The item part number of this product is HL-beetroot-100GM.
  • The dimensions of the package are 23 cm x 14 cm x 5 cm and it weighs 100 grams, which means the product is very lightweight. It means that if you wish to carry it with you somewhere, it can easily be done!
  • This beetroot powder is rich in antioxidants, which help in reducing the damage of healthy skin cells, refreshes our skin, reduces pigmentation, fine lines, dark circles, and wrinkles.
  • It also contains other nutritive elements like- fiber, calcium, iron, potassium, folate (Vitamin B9), manganese, and many others.
  • This beetroot powder is hugely used in cosmetics, from giving a rosy glow to your cheeks, to adding highlights to your hair.
  • Apart from being a highlighter for the hair, it also helps in reducing dandruff, and itchiness of the scalp. Other hair benefits from this product are- It prevents hair loss, ensures hair growth, and makes it soft and manageable. Also, if you want to get a natural dye for your hair, this can be the perfect pick.
  • It’s a non-GMO product which means there’s no harmful chemical in this product which further implies that it is a great product for your skin and hair.
  • This product comes with a very affordable price.
  • Lastly, this product is gluten-free too!

2. Nuerma Science 100% Natural Beetroot Powder Face Pack

Nuerma Science Natural Beetroot Powder Face Pack

●     Nuerma Science 100% Natural Beetroot Powder Face Pack is 100% organic, natural and comes with guaranteed satisfaction.

●     This product has another striking feature too. It is paraben-free as well as free from SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate). It shows that this product is free from some dangerously toxic chemicals, which could harm your skin and hair heavily.

  • The product is manufactured by Green Earth and the brand name is Nuerma Science. The item part number is 12g and the net quantity is 100grams.
  • Use this on your lips and you will be rewarded with healthier, smoother, and softer lips for a long time. Additionally, you will also get rosy pink lips!
  • For your face, it will help you to get rid of your dark circles, wrinkles, and pigmentation. It will also impart glow, and radiance to your skin.
  • And for your hair, apply it as a hair conditioner, or hair color and you will get lustrous and smooth hair. The results will surprise you! Also, for the hair wash, you can mix the powder with warm water and apply it to the roots.
  • This product comes in a powdery form with a beautiful aroma of coffee. You will love it!
  • And to conclude with the price- it is cheap and affordable.

3. Alps Goodness Beetroot Powder for Skin & Hair

Alps Goodness Beetroot Powder for Skin & Hair

●  Alps Goodness Beetroot Powder for Skin & Hair is an amazing product, manufactured by Raj Herbs

  • The brand, packer, and importer of this product are Alps Goodness. The item weighs 272 grams. The product dimensions are 16 cm x 5 cm x 23 cm.
  • It is a 100% organic and natural product. It’s free from pesticides and preservatives. This ensures that the product is completely toxin-free.
  • For your skin- imparts glow and brightens up your skin, removes dark circles, and also diminishes the intensity and appearance of your scars. You can simply mix the powder with water and apply it on your skin for 2-15 mins and then rinse it off to get the best results.
  • For your hair- It nourishes the hair follicles, makes it strong, shiny, smooth, and soft. Additionally, it prevents premature hair greying and helps to retain your hair’s natural color. For getting the best results out of it, make sure to make a paste by mixing it with water. Apply it from roots to tips and keep it for 6 minutes, and then rinse it off.
  • It comes in a powdery form, with a beetroot color, and a very alluring scent.
  • Lastly, this product is cheap and affordable.

4. Aegte Beetroot Hydrating Face Wash

Aegte Beetroot Hydrating Face Wash
  • This amazing face wash is manufactured by Aegte Lifescience and the brand name is Aegte. It comes in the form of a gel and is suited for all skin types, and can be used by both men and women. The package dimensions are 18.5 cm x 5.2 cm x 4.2 cm and it weighs 230 grams.
  • It is a refreshing and hydrating face cleansing wash. It is very carefully formulated with the natural powers of Beetroot, raw honey, and aloe vera.
  • This face wash will give you a fresh feeling that you would love. It will also leave you satisfied with benefits like removing dead cells and impurities effectively.
  • This product is enriched with some naturally beneficial ingredients. They are- Aloe Vera, Raw Honey, Hydrolysed Wheat Protein, Beetroot Extract, Almond Oil, Coconut fruit, Vitamin-E, Rose Extract, Apricot Kernel Oil, and Wheatgerm Oil. It will provide complete hydration to your skin throughout the day, making it soft, and supple.
  • Some amazing benefits of this face wash are- unclog and clear your pores, help you get rid of breakouts and blemishes, cleanse dead skin cells (anti-aging property), diminishes the appearance of fine lines, and improves the texture of your skin. It’s like an all-in-one face wash.
  • If you have sensitive skin, this hydrating face wash (with no harsh ingredients) with a non-comedogenic property will help you to get rid of the excess oils but won’t deprive you of the required moisture or nutrients it needs.
  • Stay rest assured that you will be getting fresh and glowing skin after using this.
  • Though it doesn’t come with a very cheap price, the product is cost-effective and you won’t regret spending your pennies.
  • To get the best results out of it, start with splashing some lukewarm water on your face and neck region.
  • Then apply the required amount of face wash on your skin and massage in a gentle circular motion. Finally, rinse it off with plain water and have a good day with your fresh and rejuvenated skin.

5. HERBTONIQ Natural Beetroot Powder For Face Pack and Hair Pack

HERBTONIQ Natural Beetroot Powder For Face Pack and Hair Pack

Description- As we all know that, Beetroots are the storehouse of various nutritive elements, it is undoubtedly beneficial to health.

But when it comes to our skin and hair, the Beetroot benefits are sort of never-ending (because of its rich Vitamin C and Mineral content).

So, to make your experience with Beetroot benefits more special, HERBTONIQ is here with their very beneficial Beetroot product- HERBTONIQ Natural Beetroot Powder For Face Pack and Hair Pack (Beta Vulgaris).

So, why wait? Let’s get into the intricate description of this awesome product, and know the secrets behind restoring healthy acne and pimple-free skin with healthy hair-

  • Completely natural- One of the most promising features of this product is its natural content. This product is 100% pure and is made up of natural ingredients (read- no chemicals).
  • This ensures the safety of the skin compared to the other products which are made up of harmful chemical substances/ artificial agents/ preservatives.
  • It will help you cure your acne, pimple, hair damage issues, and dull lips in a very natural and soothing way. Therefore, we can consider it as a safe alternative for the costly anti-blemish chemical-filled products.
  • Universal nature- One of the best parts of this product is its universality. This product is suitable for all kinds of skin types and hair types.
  • So, from now on you won’t have to go from place to place in search of the perfect product for your skin and hair types. You have this amazing product handy!
  • Item form and features- The package dimensions are 24 x 10.01 x 8 cm; and it weighs 150 grams.
  • As it is a face and hair pack product, the product comes in the powdery (Beetroot- Beta Vulgaris) form. This also ensures a long shelf life of the product. The maximum shelf life of this product is 24 months i.e. 2 years which is quite a long time.
  • This product has an added advantage. It is ideal for both men and women. And that means it is a money saver product.
  • The male members of your house can also use this to get rid of their skin and hair problems. It comes in a pack of 1, in a bottle-like container.
  • Skin-friendly material- By now, we already know that HERBTONIQ Natural Beetroot Powder For Face Pack and Hair Pack (Beta Vulgaris) is a completely natural product that is good for our hair and skin. But there is one more striking feature about this production material. It is paraben-free.
  • Parabens are a wide range of preservatives that are heavily toxic for our skin and hair. They are generally used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. Apart from these, they are also used as food preservatives.
  • Parabens are known to disrupt the hormonal functions in our body by mimicking the estrogen hormone. And too much estrogen can lead to increased breast cell divisions, leading to the growth of tumours.
  • Thus, links have been found between parabens used by human beings and the occurrence of breast cancer and other reproductive issues.
  • And the biggest problem is- paraben is very easily absorbed by our skin, causing various skin and hair problems, even leading to skin cancer at times.
  • HERBTONIQ made sure to keep customer safety as their priority and made this product entirely paraben-free and natural.
  • Cost-friendly product– This product is extremely cost-friendly and affordable. Such a useful product at such a reasonable and affordable price is bliss for the customers.
  • Also, since it has a shelf life of 2 years, so now you know that you can buy this product at an affordable range that too for so long! So, this clearly shows the budget-friendliness of the product.
  • Purposes served- The product has a huge range of health benefits and you will be happy to know that it’s more than just pimple and acne-free skin or healthy hair.
  • So let me put some light on the other benefits also- Reduce scars on the face, enhance the glow of skin, bring about a rosy tint on your lips, control oil on your skin, remove tan, and remove pigmentation.
  • A bonus for you- And there’s a surprise for you! You will get a pouch of Multani mitti additionally with the package, which is very beneficial for the skin.
  • This vivid description of the entire product is enough for you to pick up this product, isn’t it? So, why wait anymore? Place your order and get it. You will get spa-like results within 20 minutes of its use, just at the comfort and coziness of your home.

So, waiting for what? Quickly add them to your bucket list and get them for healthier skin and hair!


  • By now, I hope you have got enough reasons to start consuming and using Beetroot! After all, why not when you are getting other additional benefits apart from just skin and hair?
  • Beetroot for skin and also many other benefits will help you use natural resources and help you decrease the use of harmful chemical products. So, without any further ado, you know where to switch to get the best of the skin benefits!
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