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In this era of digitalization and e-commerce, women shopping online is a new normal rather than visiting brick and mortar stores, where nearly everything is just a click away.

Over the past decade, the popularization of online shopping, online businesses, and e-commerce has been a boon to a lot of women, and a blessing in disguise.

With each passing day, we are subjected to new opportunities, and we sometimes create them for ourselves.

Previously, businesses were only meant for the offline mode, but with each new day and each new opportunity, businesses of any kind, have occupied a large position in the online sphere.

On one hand, it is providing women with is constantly fulfilling their product’s needs in a fraction of a second at times.

With the advancement in technology, women’s attitude has drastically changed, for which online shopping has a lot to do.

Retailers are constantly looking into these changes and the factors influencing women towards online shopping to meet their needs more efficiently.

Four leading factors that highly influence women’s online shopping behaviour are- discounts, reviews, lesser prices, and quality of products.

There are other factors too that influence online women shopping, which primarily include- convenience (easy to browse and find), time-saving (one of the major factors), and website design (features, privacy, reliability, customer service, etc).   

Now, let’s put some light on one part of “women online shopping“. Well, you might feel like that how is it different from any other kind of shopping or unisex shopping in particular?

But whether you agree with it or not, there are stark differences when it comes to gender categorization of consumer attitudes.

Gender plays a key role in making some difference when it comes to the quality of online shopping and there have been a lot of studies regarding that. 

Though in the bigger sphere, women tend to be involved in shopping more than men, a study suggests that the area of e-shopping is dominated by male consumers.

The same study regarding the influences of e-shopping in enhancing the “women online shopping” behaviour reveals that young women particularly, prefer social e-shopping over traditional e-shopping.

This, apart from meeting their shopping needs, also helps them to meet their needs of enjoyment and socializing. Women shopping online are always looking for a hassle-free and risk-free online shopping experience, which is quite obvious.

For that online retailers must look into issues of security and introduce various payment methods to make the experience of women’s online shopping better.

Another study published in Emerald Publishing focuses on the point that the online shopping attitude is highly influenced by price, convenience and product variety benefits.

The same study emphasizes the fact that there is a considerable level of a positive relationship between “women online shoppingattitude” and “women online shopping intention” in India.

Among all the benefits mentioned above that influence “women online shopping”, the product variety benefit stands out to be the most important one. This happens especially among Indian women.

Based on factor analysis, seven electronic retailing quality dimensions were taken into empirical consideration.

They are reliability, accessibility, ordering services, convenience, product content, assurance, and credibility, out of which women gave more priority to assurance than men did.

Our lives have evolved with time and people are very busy these days, with hardly getting time for offline shopping.

In this Indian setting, where women are always expected to juggle between house and office work together, it gets tougher for them to visit a shop and buy things offline.

At this time, online shopping comes to their rescue, with quick browsing through various kinds of things, saving time and effort.

Some of the e-commerce websites that have come to their support are- Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, and many more including small businesses that are quite new in this field.

Women shopping for things majorly include household appliances, home decor pieces, books, clothes and jewellery, makeup and cosmetic items, health and fitness items, etc.


Well, who doesn’t want to look and feel beautiful? Everyone does, but when it comes to women the case is somewhat different.

Society has already set standards for women to look beautiful and to look in a particular way.

Some women conform to those norms on their own while some days they are under pressure, and there are women who won’t fit in either of those.

For the former two, the online shopping platform has laid down a number of options and opportunities to select from, to look and feel more beautiful.

While I am not here to discuss the benefits of beauty products, beauty products do play a huge role in the online business world.

Women online shopping for beauty products is not only restricted to the boundaries of shopping websites. Beauty bloggers also play a significant role in influencing “women shopping online“.

Beauty blogging is very trending these days where beauty bloggers come up with collaborations with various beauty brands with the aim of promoting their beauty products.

This in a way acts as an advertisement for the brand and occupies a major role in social media marketing strategy. Popular beauty bloggers tend to influence the audience more, especially women shopping online and offline both.

This not only fetches them a handsome amount of income, but consumers also stick around if they get good results. Also, there are opportunities of getting discounts on beauty products through affiliate links of beauty bloggers.

This plays a major role in attracting a huge mass of women who prefer shopping online.

Apart from collaborations, beauty bloggers share their own experiences of using those beauty products, either by posting a picture or video which again attracts women shoppers.

They even share detailed information about the product in a very convincing way, which tends to restore the trust of women shopping online.

In fact, studies have been conducted to find the influence of beauty bloggers encouraging “women online shopping” for cosmetic products in Jakarta.

The study was conducted via a questionnaire administered to 100 women shoppers who carried on cosmetic shopping tours in that place.

The study finally revealed that the influence of beauty bloggers on their women customers was as strong as 46.5% in Jakarta.

There are many such big and small brands that run their store online, selling their beauty brands.

They conduct surveys, taking data from their consumers, who are predominantly women. This in turn helps them to predict their consumers’ attitudes and behaviour, which in turn helps them to understand the customer needs.

They then can curate their products in a way that gets the maximum purchase and best feedback from their customers. This also helps the women shopping online to explore their beauty needs and their fulfilment.

There has been the latest trend going on their website, where after participating in their survey, consumers get access to free-of-cost lipsticks of good quality. The customer has to pay only the shipping charges.

Even if you want to buy multiple lipsticks, you can simply get the offer of paying the shipping charges for only one lipstick. Apart from that, you get to select the lipstick shade of your choice from their vast collection.

This entire survey cum offer on lipsticks received an enormous amount of response from their female customers and people have reported that the products are of good quality.

Apart from this, Nykaa is another brand that attracts women shoppers across India, to explore its wide range of beauty products. Not only are the products good quality, but their delivery speed also is quite good and so are the other policies.

This makes the process easier for women shopping online and helps to restore the trust for a long-term commitment.

Apart from these big and popular businesses, women online shopping is also finding a significant place of investment and trust in small businesses.

This became more popular during the COVID-19 pandemic when people lost jobs and started looking for new opportunities at home and in online mode. Social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram turned out to be a saviour for them.

Eventually, the spectrum of women online shopping started expanding more and more, giving more choices to the customers and greater income facilities to the budding entrepreneurs.


Well fashion itself has a bigger definition than beauty, even if they are related to each other. To be more specific, beauty is a part of fashion, which is undoubtedly applicable to anybody, irrespective of gender.

When it comes to “women online shopping” and fashion, there’s a lot to explore and a lot to learn.

Fashion not only includes beauty and cosmetic products, but it also includes costumes, dresses, jewellery, bags, shoes, and anything that makes us look beautiful, smart, and confident.

Somewhere down the line, I feel that the perspective toward fashion is very subjective and it depends from person to person. People have their respective definitions of fashion which makes each of their fashion unique and beautiful.

Just like beauty bloggers (who belong to the community of fashion bloggers at large), there are fashion bloggers too. One of the booming social media platforms for fashion bloggers is Instagram.

Fashion bloggers utilize Instagram for various purposes and reasons. The purposes include social media marketing, brand promotion, personal reviews, fashion awareness, product descriptions, and many more.

This helps to attract the audience (especially women shoppers) into browsing and buying. These fashion bloggers are professional models at times who enhance their feed with various kinds of fashion statements.

In fact, the offline fashion stores from where we buy products, have started creating their online presence and stores. Sometimes we might not get some products in the offline stores which we might come across in the online stores.

This is because products under the fashion category have a wide range and not all of them will be available at your nearby stores.

The globalization of online purchases in the fashion industry has led women to discover new tastes in fashion by following trends and fashion bloggers.

Nykaa is one of the leading Indian online e-commerce companies, which sells beauty, wellness, and fashion products and was founded by Falguni Nayar.

“Women online shopping” achieved a new dimension with the greater popularity of this e-commerce company. This company is not only bound to the website and mobile application presence.

It has 76 offline stores and is a unicorn startup. The various sales are discounts that are conducted on their website and app to keep the women’s shopping urge at a peak level throughout the year.

Now, coming to another company- Myntra. They sell fashion products for everyone irrespective of gender, but especially for women.

There are many online stores that sell fashion products of various brands which are affordable and of good quality most of the time. Women online shopping, have a wide range of fashion products be it traditional, ethnic, western, casuals, or formals.

Women online shopping got easier with these facilities and it is not only easy and saves time, but also helps to connect people all across the globe.

Health & Fitness

Now coming to one of the most vital industries of online shopping- is health and fitness. In the past few years, women’s health problems and diseases have risen which is a matter of great concern.

Chemical cosmetics harm our skin a lot of times and that’s mostly the time when skincare products come to our rescue.

Though it’s better to take care of our skin before the damage, sometimes it’s never too late to start.

Skin is a part of our health, which means skincare is a part of healthcare and fitness. Apart from skincare, there is haircare and weight loss and maintenance.

You will come across various types of medicated healthcare products on the aforementioned e-commerce websites that you might have never imagined could exist. The online world brings the entire globe into our hands!

There are health and fitness bloggers who influence women to take care of their health, spread awareness, and promote brands through social media.

This way not only do women get motivated to take care of their health more, but they also get to explore their bodies and be aware of their problems.

Also, I won’t say that all products are good, you need to go through the product details, and reviews, and sometimes even consult your physician before placing the order.

There are sellers who sell fake products under the cover of a brand, which is harmful at large. So, be careful and cautious with your health and fitness.

Apart from purchasing products, there are healthcare and fitness apps that women can get easy access via Google Play Store. In this way, you will not only be physically fit but also mentally sound.


Lifestyle shopping is a big umbrella under which comes a wide range of products. Women online shopping for lifestyle products is very common all across the globe.

It includes clothing, gifts, stationery, housewares, furniture, books, and many more. In short, lifestyle products include anything and everything that is more or less related to our daily life activities, whether it is indoor or outdoor.

Women online shopping for lifestyle products like gifts and books can be purchased from Amazon, Flipkart and many more popular online stores.

Also, women can purchase gifts for their friends, lovers, and relatives for any occasion from these online stores. So, why wait? Go, explore, and fill your cart with the best products and check out!

Women shopping online gives a new definition to the recent trends of digitalization and opens up new opportunities.   

Home & Kitchen Appliances

And who doesn’t want to decorate their home and kitchen with the perfect elements and appliances?

We more or less all do, especially women who are homemakers. In that case, women shopping online must come across websites that sell home and kitchen appliances.

For long-term use i.e. durability with proper servicing services, we always prefer branded appliances that have a good name in the market.

For that, we tend to buy them from reliable online retailers, at an affordable range and general in instalments.

Women online shopping for home and kitchen appliances is a great way to take good care of their household and decorate it on their own.  

Women shopping online can also go for Amazon purchases, keeping in mind to check all the details before placing the order.

The Great Indian Festival of Amazon which generally occurs from the month of October to November is the perfect time to purchase expensive home decor and appliances at a very affordable and cheap rate.

Keep in check with the details of the seller, the customer reviews, and the details of the product, to avoid any complications.

Apart from that, you won’t generally get disappointed. Women shopping online, especially homemakers who hardly get time to go out and visit an offline store, get a great opportunity to explore such appliances via an online medium.

“Women online shopping” is a great way to socialize, learn, and explore a lot of things, investing properly and taking calculated risks in a world where opportunities are less for women even in this 21st century.

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